100 Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend And Make Her Heart Melt Every Time

questions to ask your girlfriend
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Romance isn’t something that develops without putting in the work. You’ve got to put some thought into it, and a bit of energy for it to bloom. Perhaps playing a game, or maybe even romantic topics to talk about with your girlfriend will help. Of course, there’s no need to do it in one day (she would be exhausted and can actually feel very unromantic).

Split the questions over dinner dates, for emotional moments, or when you are making holiday plans. These romantic questions can be great fun if you use them the right way. It will not only help you understand your girl better but will help you to come closer to each other.

According to research, asking questions is a great method to develop a healthy relationship with another person. If the girl can sense the effort you are making, she will be more receptive to you. So without further ado, here are 100 things to talk about with your girlfriend.

100 Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

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We can already see that you are looking forward to asking about these romantic topics to talk with your girlfriend. You just have to make the effort of going through this article. We have the questions figured out for you.

There’s no need to have texting anxiety or feel awkward if you ask these super fun questions at the right time. The setting is important for these questions so keep that in mind. Ask an intimate question in an intimate setting and not while you are taking a ride on public transport. You just have to find the right time and the right moment to make it work. Here are the 100 Romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

romantic topics to talk with girlfriend
Does she remember the first time you met?

Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

When you have been with someone for a long time, that sense of cute love can disappear after the initial few months. That’s why asking these questions becomes so important. It helps you keep healthy communication going on with your partner where you both can remind each other of the days when you were head over heels in love with each other. Some are perfect romantic topics to talk about with your girlfriend at night, while others can be the perfect segue to start another one of those “remember when…” conversations. Those always keep the conversation flowing, don’t they?

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1. Do you remember the first time we met?

Sometimes people remember this and sometimes they don’t because the first meeting could be inconsequential. But if your girlfriend can tell you about your first meeting then you have something romantic to talk about. But why do you need to ask your girlfriend this question? Because it initiates great conversation and communication, whilst also being a romantic question to ask your girlfriend.

The key to a good romance is good communication. If the romance in your life is sizzling, inquiring about stuff like this is a great way to start nostalgic communication with your girlfriend.

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2. When did you fall in love with me?

This is the cutest question to ask your girlfriend because she will have a lot to say. Then the discussion could veer to when you fell for her and you can talk a lot about love.

3. Do I make your heart race?

If she says yes, you’re allowed to puff your chest out. However, if she says no, you know you have work harder to set her heart aflutter. But chances are she would blush and answer “Yes.”

4. What was the first thing you thought when you saw me?

The answer could be a “moron” so be ready to digest that. If she says “hot” you have reason to gloat. Ask it at the right time and this could be the right romantic topic to talk about with your girlfriend at night.

5. When did you want to kiss me?

This is the cutest question to ask. You could even start blushing when she answers you. But be sure she would keep looking at your lips. And it might even turn into a fun conversation if she replies jokingly with, “never!”.

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6. What did you feel after our first kiss?

The answer could be a “Thousand stars exploding” or she could say a “sloppy kisser” (first impressions aren’t always the best, right?). Be ready to deal with the answer.

7. Where would you like to go on a date with me?

This is indeed a romantic question to ask your girlfriend but be ready to loosen the purse strings. This is a good question to ask your girlfriend after you both have been in a fight. You can pretend that you have just started dating and you can take her to the place where she wants to go. In fact, this question could also be the perfect opportunity to ask a few more follow-up questions like:

  • What does your perfect date sound like?
  • What was the best date we ever had according to you?
  • Do you want me to do something different on our dates?
  • If I had to give you a date you’ll never forget, what would you want me to do?
  • How can I give you a date you’d want to flaunt about on your Instagram?

Not only will these romantic questions to ask your girlfriend lead to her talking about a favorite memory, you’ll also get to learn a lot about what really works with her and what she wants in the future. This is an effective way to communicate your feelings with each other.

8. If I gave you $ 1000 and asked you to get something for us, what would you get?

What she answers will give you an insight into how much “us” she thinks about. It’s indeed a romantic question to ask a girl. From home décor items to naughty toys to spice up the action in bed, this question can elicit a wide range of responses. Keep them in mind and you can draw inspiration from them when buying her your next anniversary gift.

9. What is the best thing you like about me?

Your nose, your eyes, your caring attitude, your sense of humor – the answer could be anything and you would be happy for sure. The question will give you a direct insight into what your girlfriend loves the most about you. Sometimes, we forget to compliment our partner and this question is the perfect way to remind each other to appreciate the person you are with because there is a reason you love them.

10. What cute name would you want to give me?

This is a romantic question to ask a girl but if she is not too imaginative, you could land up with something like “Dingo”. But that shouldn’t stop you from saying Bingo!

Funny questions to ask your girlfriend

Not all conversations need to be cute or serious. Sometimes, you can just stay in on a lazy Sunday afternoon and ask each other questions that make you laugh till you cry. Laughing together is a good way to bond with your partner and deepen your connection, and there’s no reason why laughing together can’t be a romantic gesture. Here are some of the funny questions to ask your girlfriend:

11. If I wake up with a horn one day what would you do?

She could say she would be reminded of the devil but it’s a funny question to ask your girlfriend and have a good laugh. It will also showcase the extent of her love if she answers that she will love you no matter what. Sometimes. humor can be a good form of peeking into the mind of your partner. If you’re looking for fun ways to pass the time with your partner without asking personal questions, this is the way to go.

12. We are on a romantic getaway and I pass out drunk…

We are not even getting into the answer bit. Guess you should handle it. She could actually say she would slap you. This question can change depending on how long the two of you have been together. For example, if you spent enough drunk nights together, you can ask her to share the funniest drunk story of the two of you. You might even hear about a not-so-favorite memory she never told you about before.

13. Who is the supervillain you love?

When you want to steer away from the romantic chat with your girlfriend, ask this question. Loving a villain is fine as long she doesn’t expect you to have his qualities. But if she likes Loki then you will know what you are up against. This is another question that can become your gift-buying guide. Be it her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, action figures as gifts are always well-received. You can use her response to pick out the perfect one. Depending on the occasion, do supplement it with other appropriate gits.

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14. What is the cheesiest compliment you ever got?

This answer can be a really fun one. But be careful how you handle it. Don’t laugh too much though.

15. What is our funniest memory together?

You guys could end up sharing funny memories and that would add to the romance. (What a perfect beginning to a romantic chat with your girlfriend). This question can even open up the gates to get your girlfriend talking by asking her the following follow-up questions:

  • Why do you think that was our funniest memory together?
  • When was one time I made you laugh a lot?
  • How can I be more humorous with you?
  • Do you like it when I joke around about stuff?
  • When did you last think I was being really funny while we were in a group?

When you’re both talking in the same direction, it can lead to a really fun conversation, especially with the follow-up questions. When we have been with someone for a long time, we think we know everything about them. But, sometimes, indulging in a funny yet romantic chat with your girlfriend can open the portal to a world of stories you hadn’t exchanged.

romantic conversation with your girlfriend
What’s our funniest memory together?

16. If you wake up and find yourself under my bed…

That’s fine. As long as you are just “sleeping” on the bed and she doesn’t catch you doing anything else. You don’t always have to ask deep and meaningful questions to establish a healthy relationship with your partner, you know.

17. What would you do if you are in a zombie apocalypse and find that I have turned into a zombie?

Gives her ample opportunity to let her imagination run wild. While you’re at it, ask her what her favorite fictional characters are from any zombie TV shows or movies. You will catch a glimpse of your partner’s creative side and see them from a different perspective.

18. If you and I go to a reality tv show, what would it be?

This one is indeed a funny question to ask your girlfriend. Her choice would say what she wants to do with you. If she opts for Big Brother, you are in for some hard time.

19. What’s your most annoying character trait?

Even if she comes up with an honest confession don’t linger too long on the answer if you don’t want to land in trouble. It’s one of those random questions that you must ALWAYS reply with a “oh no hon, that’s your cutest trait!”

20. Thirty days without your phone and with me only as company…

Don’t be disappointed if she says she could kill you. Sometimes a phone is more important than romance.

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Relationship Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

When indulging in a romantic conversation with your girlfriend, you can ask her questions specific to your relationship. This will enable you to gauge where you and your partner stand in the relationship and decide the next best course for the relationship as well as the two of you. Here are some things to ask your girlfriend:

21. Do you want to move in with me?

This is an important love question to ask your girlfriend if you are planning to take the relationship to the next level.

22. What’s your dream wedding like?

Every girl has a dream about the wedding she wants. Your girlfriend might have a destination wedding in mind. If you do not ask this question, you will never know what she wants. If you haven’t proposed yet, this question is the perfect way to understand what her expectation levels are from you and the proposal. It could lead to a romantic chat with girlfriend.

23. The house you would want to build?

There is scope for a lot of romance when she answers this question. When thinking about a house, the two of you are thinking about a future together. The idea of living together can make the conversation extremely romantic for you and your partner.

24. Children or child-free?

Such conversations are crucial before marriage. This is an important relationship question that every couple must ask each other. Having a conversation about such matters gives clarity about what your partner is expecting and whether the both of you can be together or not.

25. Kitchen works for you or the work desk is better?

Great way to work out who does what if you are looking at a future together. She might not want to be stuck in the kitchen, respect that. This is one of the 100 things to talk about with your girlfriend when you are thinking of moving in together.

romantic conversation with your girlfriend
Is bonding in the kitchen her thing?

26. The one thing you would want your man to do for you always?

She might say chop the vegetables so don’t be crestfallen. She could also say give a tight bear hug. Whatever the answer, this question is a good conversation starter about individual expectations from the partner.

27. Regular parties with friends or Netflix and chill at home?

You will know if she is outgoing or wants to spend all her time with you.

28. Girls’ night out or date night with me?

Another way to know how much she wants to be with her own friends. Or does she expect you to be around all the time?

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29. Spend time with parents or a pet dog?

You get to know what’s her priority. This relationship question will also help you understand her relationship with her parents.

30. What should anniversary celebrations be like?

We feel that this is one of the best things to ask your girlfriend. You get to know what she has in her mind regarding an anniversary. Gives you enough information for future preps.

 love questions to ask your girlfriend

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

If you and your girl haven’t reached the Netflix and chill stage yet, this is the step that is going to help you get there. Depending on the comfort level you share, you can throw some hints through crafty dirty questions which are not crass. These questions are the perfect way to sprinkle some spice into your relationship and take it to the next level.

31. Nightdress or naked at night?

Turn your romantic chat with girlfriend into a saucy one. She could throw you a pillow but the answer will be fun. You get to know about her sleeping habits too.

32. Lacy lingerie or exotic vibrator?

This one is truly naughty. But you get to know if she wants you more or the vibrator.

33. One place you want to be massaged and kissed?

When she comes up with her answer ensure it’s just the two of you sitting on your couch because you could feel like some action after that.

34. A deep French kiss or a long cuddle on the couch?

This one is really cute and the answer will tell you if your girlfriend is all action or needs lots of affection.

35. Cowgirl or Missionary?

What’s her fave position? Let her tell you. So that next time you are in bed together you know what to do.

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36. Have you tried skinny dipping?

This is indeed a dirty question to ask your girlfriend. Not everyone’s tried this but if she has she could tell you a lot.

37. If I ask for a quickie in the lift…

Her answer would say if she is game for fun in all the odd places. Remember that scene in 50 Shades Of Grey?

38. Would you be able to take off my underwear without your hands?

Oh! Gosh, we are not even asking what her answer was. And if you are planning to try it we are already looking the other way. Assuming she says yes, you can take a leap of faith and order some edible lingerie/underwear for the both of you. Use the hands-free stripping game to elevate the pleasure quotient of your intimate moments.

39. What’s your favorite time of the day to have sex?

That’s a good romantic topic to talk with girlfriend at night. Some women like it in the morning and some men too. You get to know if you both like the same.

40. How do you want to make me come?

If she is already not blushing she would give an answer to this ultra dirty question.

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girl
Does she like cuddles or loves action?

Deep Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Not all questions need to be light-hearted. When you are making an attempt to get to know a person, asking meaningful questions can help build a deeper bond beyond the surface level. It also helps gain insight into who the person really is. Here are some deep questions to ask your girlfriend which will help you get to know her better:

41. How much do you value me?

If she is not extremely articulate she would find it hard to frame her answer but you will get the drift.

42. Would you change something about our relationship?

This one is a fascinating romantic topic to talk with girlfriend at night. She might answer with two, or three things though.

43.  A secret you have never told me…

The answer could be a revelation. But don’t be shocked and react adversely. People have secrets, you have too.

44. Something you always wanted to ask me…

Be ready for a question that you would find hard to answer. But think carefully and answer she would love what you say.

45. If we ever broke up what would you miss the most about me?

She could say your car. So don’t cry. But she could your affection and care, then also don’t cry.

46. Do you think destiny always has plans?

This one is a deep question to ask your girlfriend and it will tell you if she believes in destiny in the first place.

47. What’s the philosophy of your life?

Deep, deep…extremely deep question to ask your girlfriend. You can have a deep discussion about this.

48. What’s the most important value you would want to pass on to me?

That will make her think. But her answer will make you think. (Don’t stay up the night though thinking.)

49. A dream that comes to you often.

Prince Charming riding on a white horse who looks just like you. Just kidding! She could talk about a 5-bedroom villa.

50. Do you want to be financially rich or rich in love?

Tricky one, but this is on our list of romantic topics to talk with girlfriend at night because it will tell you how deep she is. If she wants riches you have to work a lot harder.

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Intimate is different than dirty. It is not limited to the sexual aspect and is more about the butterfly in your stomach-romance. Asking such questions helps you gauge where you stand in a person’s life and also increases the romantic intimacy that you both share. So here are some intimate/love questions to ask your girlfriend.

51. What physical aspect about me do you love most?

Could be your nose, could be your hands. Her answer is sure to bring up a few follow up questions.

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
Do you look forward to intimacy with me?

52. Do you look forward to intimacy with me?

You would get to know what she looks forward to. You can work on that aspect even more.

53. What is it I do that turns you on?

Get ready to get turned on actually. When she answers you, you will just love what she tells you.

54. What are our most intimate moments?

Umm…you will love the answer. Think of some that come to your mind and share them with her.

55. Can you tell where I have moles in my body?

You will get to know if she has been noticing you closely. This is a really fun love question to ask your girlfriend.

56. What is my favorite sleeping position?

A fun one this is but an intimate one indeed. Your day will be made if she says cuddling up to you.

57. How do you like to wake up next to me?

We are already imagining things so let us not get further into this one. Her answer could range from cute to naughty.

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58. What makes you feel closest to me?

This is the most romantic and intimate question to ask your girlfriend. Tell her how you feel too.

59. Something you want to do with me in bed?

If she says tie you up then get ready for some awesome action. Some do love exploring BDSM.

60. What is it you like most when we make love?

We are also dying to hear the answer. And we are pretty sure for a woman it won’t be only the climax. This is a romantic topic to talk with girlfriend and increase your intimacy.

Futuristic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
Looking at the long haul

Futuristic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t think about the future, especially when you are in a committed relationship? Sometimes, it is good to talk about the future with your partner to understand if you both are on the same page or not. These questions can seem intimidating but ask them in a manner that makes your partner comfortable and watch the conversation flow to the future.

61. Do you see yourself in old age with me?

This one will tell you if she is looking at the long haul. Toothless, grey, and together – does she think of that? Such a romantic topic to talk about with a girlfriend when you have been thinking about a future together.

62. Is there any place you want to settle down in your old age?

Some people have retirement dreams. Check out what’s hers and do you figure in it?

63. Would you stay with me if I am unable to have children?

This is a complex question but the answer will say it all. She could be practical or emotional in her answer.

64. How would you react if I lose my money and become bankrupt?

She could say she would earn and support you and you could go “Aww”. She could also say you better not do something like that.

65. If I forget a special day like a birthday or an anniversary?

If she is honest she would say she would kill you. If she is nice she would say she would forgive you.

66. In my middle age if I start looking obese with a big paunch?

She would send you to the gym. Sorry, we are presuming she will not like your flab. If not, she could be touring the world all year round with her girl gang.

67. If I want to become a house husband?

She might hate or like that. But this is a question she would like to answer because it’s out of the box.

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68. If I refuse to color my hair?

She could be a fan of George Clooney and swoon over your grey patches all her life.

69. If I want to make love every day at 60?

She would want to look up lubes first before she answers you. But she would like it if you think this way.

70. Would you cook dinner for me or would you expect me to do it?

Cooking together is rather romantic we would say. But dividing the daily job is something you have to figure out.

Travel Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

71. Even after we are in a relationship would you want to travel solo or with a girl gang?

Will give you an idea of how much solo travel she loves. Or she could be all for going out with the girls.

72. The most romantic place you would want to visit?

Romantic travel Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
Most romantic place to explore

That’s a great romantic question to ask a girl, we must say. According to her answer, you would know where to head next.

73. A log cabin by the lake where we make out all day or a hiking trip up the mountain?

Let’s see what she chooses. She could be an indoor person or an outdoor one and would choose accordingly.

74. The mountains or the sea?

You will learn what works for her. It would also tell you if she prefers to be static or dynamic.

75. Would you make the research or bookings or you want me to surprise you?

Being involved or being whisked off her feet, you will get to know what she likes.

76. Is a five-star hotel your thing or do you want to go camping?

Luxury or roughing it out what’s her romantic potion? Or is she the kind who is all for glamping?

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77. A forest/beach/mountain where you want to make love…

We are awaiting a super romantic getaway once she tells you her answer. Hope you have your savings in place.

78. An exotic holiday that you want to plan?

This will be a lot to talk about. That’s for sure. You can give your input as well.

79. Would you want to stay in a tree house or in an underwater hotel?

This question will lead to a romantic chat with a girlfriend, no matter what her answer is. We can almost see romance atop a tree or while you watch the octopus through a glass wall.

80. Exploring local cuisine or having hotel meals?

You’ll learn more about her personality, and just how adventurous she is. She might be the kind who can’t do with her muesli every morning or she might be game for trying anything.

Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
Compassionate and Passionate

Questions On The Past To Ask Your Girlfriend

In order to build a future with a person, you need to know about their past ( more or less). There are so many beautiful memories and stories hidden there which will really help you understand how and what has shaped this person to become who they are. Moreover, it also helps understand their pain and sorrow and helps you deal with their problems in an effective manner.

81. Your best childhood memory?

We are sure she could talk for hours about this. Childhood memories do make us ramble endlessly. But sometimes toxic parents give us a difficult childhood but if she loves you she would want to talk to you.

82. How was life in high school?

More fun talks there. She could also tell you about her high school crush or a dating disaster. She would give you all the details for sure.

83. One lesson you learned from your parents?

She will tell you how her parents are. They could be giving her romantic goals all the time. Or she would tell you how she learned from her parents all the things she would not want to do.

84. Were you the popular kid or the shy one?

You will understand her personality and that we feel is a romantic chat with girlfriend. She could have been a shy one who’s become an extrovert now.

85. Did you have controlling parents or they let you fly?

What she thinks of them she will tell you. She could have loathed their control or loved them for giving her freedom.

86. Did you like the childhood you had?

If she had a great childhood she would talk a lot. You could hold her hand when she does.

87. Something about your childhood you love…

Another lovely question. It could be those trips to the strawberry farm or the Halloween tricks they played as kids.

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88. The cousin you absolutely hate and why…

This one will be fun. We all have cousins we hate. She surely has too. You will have fun talking about them.

89. Have you been hurt by someone in the past?

A very dainty question about the ex we must say. But you are putting it very respectfully here.

90. Something you want to do to re-visit your past.

This is a romantic one. She might just want to take you with her. The question is would you be willing to go?

You should ask cute questions about her past
Some answers will make you really romantic

Questions To Text Your Girlfriend

Maybe you can’t always sit and have a conversation in person. No worries! There are always things you can ask over text! When it comes to texting, you have to keep your questions more open-ended so as to avoid any scope for miscommunication. Here are some easy questions to text your girlfriend:

91. Do you miss me?

She would love that. It is one of the best romantic topics to talk with girlfriend at night.

92. When will you hold my hand?

She could write back, “Who was holding your hand in the car right now?”

93. Do I come in your dreams?

Wow! You are all set. Another great romantic topic to talk with girlfriend at night.

94. When can we go on a date?

Practical but a romantic question to text your girlfriend.

95. I want to buy a gift for you tell me what can I buy?

This one will get her excited. And give you some clear insight into what she truly likes and dislikes. Books, gadgets, perfumes, dresses, accessories, and shoes – the list can be long. This means your gift-buying is sorted at least for the next year or so.

96. Will you wear the same perfume as last time?

This is really romantic and tells her you noticed.

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97. Are you up for dirty texting?

She would tell you yes or no.

98. Do you wait for my texts?

You caught her there.

99. What’s your favorite emoji?

She would send you.

100. Are we soulmates?

You could get a poem in return.

How To Ask These 100 Romantic Questions To Your Girlfriend?

Just don’t sit with all these questions and ask her like it is a job interview. She could run away. There is always a place or time to throw in a few questions. If you are looking for some romantic topics to talk to your girlfriend about then these questions could really help.

Even better, take her on holiday and you can have a great game of asking 100 questions sitting by the fire. Do it over a few days. Write the questions in a chit and put them in separate boxes. She picks one answer and you pick one and answer her question. This is an effective method to get intimate, get romantic. We can already visualize you sitting by the fireplace and playing this game.

Having conversations with her is the best way to build a strong foundation during the initial days of a relationship. We hope these questions help you and your partner to become stronger and grow closer!


1. What are the top romantic questions to ask to get to know someone romantically?

Here are a few questions to ask to get to know someone romantically:
-What’s your favorite nickname? …
-What is your conflict style? …
-Why did your last relationship end? …
-What’s your dream vacation? …
-How would you spend one million dollars? …
-Do you like to cook? …
-Do you sing in the shower? …
-What’s your favorite rom-com?

2. What to Avoid When Asking Questions

When asking questions, avoid being overly direct or getting too personal. Such questions can make another person uncomfortable.

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