5 Easy And Fun Workout Ideas For Couples

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Updated On: August 14, 2023
Couple workout ideas

Going through your workout regimen alone is not an easy task! Some creative couple workout ideas are a good way to motivate yourself and have intimate time with your partner. Having a workout buddy is great especially when there are unfavorable conditions like no charge on your phone, when you’re not in a good mood, or just that you left your earphones at home.

God forbid any of these should happen to you, but there’s a sure shot way of keeping these at bay. Get your partner into the fitness groove! And you are assured to have fun and company. And you know the saying – couples that workout together stay together.

Best 5 Couple Workout Ideas

Couple workout at home is the best and easiest way to get blood pumping into your body and get back into shape. Not only is it good for your body, but also fun and rewarding – you get to spend some special time with your partner and maybe even ogle at their taut muscles. There are also some workouts that guarantee better sex!

So if you’re looking to spend some quality intimate time with your partner, here are 5 exercises you can include in your couples workout plan to get started:

1. Ball circles

You’ll need your partner and a ball for this workout. Stand back to back with your partner with feet a little more than shoulder-width apart. Pass the ball over your head and your partner receives it. Both of you bend down and you receive the ball between your legs.

This workout works on your entire core, legs, arms and shoulders. Alternate the movements between you give and they receive and they give and you receive. This couple workout will strengthen your abs as well as your shoulders if you maintain the right posture continually.

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2. Crunching together

This is again perfect for a couple workout at home. This exercise too involves a resistance band. Lie down, back to the floor and your heads facing outward. Your feet are pressed against each other’s. Do a crunch together and high-10 each other. Go back down and up again.

Crunches are great to work your core and make you feel fit and strong. Doing it with your partner implies you’re having fun together and your bond is bettered too. Set a daily target and make sure to take breaks before moving on from one exercise to another. You don’t want to exhaust or injure yourself.

Couple workout
Crunches are great to work your core and make you feel fit and strong

3. Monkey jumps

This is a super fun exercise, and mind you, equally effective and rewarding too. You’re going to be doing jump squats with your partner. Stand facing each other. Start off with one of you squatting and the other ready to jump. One jumps high up to reach the ceiling and the other squats. This exercise is a great warm up before you get into full body workout.

This is also very simple and can easily be done at home. You could even play some music to help motivate you and your partner. Keep the rhythm and enjoy working out. Challenge each other, encourage each other and keep going.

4. Love extensions

You’ll need a resistance band for this. Get into a back-to-back position again. Both of you hold the resistance band over your head. Elbows bent. Stretch the resistance band to pull it down to your chest level. You release and go back to start position and your partner begins to pull next.

Ensure you feel the pull in your shoulders, traps, upper chest, triceps and arms. Remember to talk and co-ordinate to make it happen properly and shazam! An amazing upper body is just a few weeks away. You will notice the changes in your upper body strength gradually but definitely.

5. Turnaround passes

Couple workout at home

Another one with the ball! Continue standing in the same position and pass the ball sideways. You would most probably have seen a lot of basketball players do this. This is great for your external obliques. You need to keep your lower body firm and move only your upper body.

Twist sideways and pass the ball, while the other receives. To make it more fun, alternate the circles. You could also do the same by sitting back to back. If you’re looking for couple workout ideas that will get the adrenaline pumping in your body, ball workouts are the best way to start that will convince your partner to exercise with you.

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These 5 easy couple workout ideas change the way you look. It will make sure to squeeze a few drops of love and admiration into your relationship too. Have fun and always keep in mind that company is great when you work out!

This couples workout plan is the simplest and most efficient way to start exercising if you have been feeling lazy about it, or if you’re eyeing a dress that you need to look absolutely fit for. You need to start somewhere.

Everyone knows, all eyes are always on the fittest couple in the room. It’s true, isn’t it? A workout session is a unique time to bond with your partner and get to know them in ways you didn’t before. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


1. Can couples workout together?

Most definitely! A couple’s workout routine actually motivates people to start exercising because they have a partner. A lot of people don’t like to go to gyms alone amongst a bunch of strangers.

2. What is the best exercise for couples?

The most fun couples exercises are those that involve a ball. Try starting out with ball circles and turnaround passes, with music playing in the background, to build your ab and muscle strength, while also spending quality time with your partner.

3. Which workout we can do together?

Some workouts couples can do together are love extensions or taking turns doing crunches. Another cute idea you can try is by sitting on his back while he’s doing push-ups and really test his strength.

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