7 workouts that guarantee better sex

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To perform your best in the bed, you need to have both mobility and strength. After all, great sex requires you to be flexible and not get a muscle cramp here and there when passion is on a full swing! And no one likes to be stiff while all the good stuff is about to happen. They key for better sex lies in sweating those muscles that are used in bed. Let’s know more!

7 exercises that guarantee for better sex

First things first: you should be working out. With desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles keeping us from working our bodies, we’re beginning to feel older than we actually are. Among other things, it’s our sexual lives that bear the brunt of our lazy selves! If you’re in your twenties, it’s the best time to sculpt the dream body that you’ve been dreaming of! And if you find old age catching up with you at an unholy pace, you, my friend, have got to pick that dumbbell and get things moving.

None of us signed up for a world of lazy couples who have lazy sex. So, why not hit the gym and make sure that every intercourse is better than the last one? Here comes the crucial part! Perhaps all this is old news to you and your bed tales remain bland in spite of shelling out a fortune for the gym. If you find yourself nodding rigorously, you’re not alone. Not knowing how to go about your morning session at the gym deprives you of your time, money, and the possibility of a better body. But we’re here to promise that your 6 am sleepy visits to the gym count.

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We have compiled a list of workouts that help your muscles to perform cohesively even when trying the not-so-basic positions. Read on to understand how to make the best of your time, which workouts to focus on, and how to make those trickling drops of sweat count for better sex!

1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

We don’t mean to imply that you have to be Farhan Akhtar from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag to save your sex life. But once you get into running, you’ll surely notice how magical cardio can be. In addition to burning the calories from your incessant pizza cravings, it gets you firm legs that don’t give in irrespective of how athletic your bedtime ventures are. Start today, and watch huffing and puffing desperately with each thrust become a thing of the past!

2. Work that butt

We can’t stress enough how important your butt is when it comes to sex. Don’t you scroll down thinking that your butt isn’t part of your bedtime ballet because irrespective of whether you put it to use actively or not, it is. Whether you wish to have firmer thrusts to please your woman or take control when on top of your man, squats are your new best friend!

3. Engage in kegels together

Although men have been known to shy away from kegels, surveys suggest that couples who engaged in kegels together admit to experiencing dramatic improvements in their sex lives. There’s also a bonus: they are relatively easy to nail. Practise targeting your pelvic floor and as they strengthen, you, woman, will find yourself having greater satisfaction and more intense orgasms. For the hasty men out there, engage in kegels to have greater control and last longer!

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4. Planks are rewarding

Yes, we’re talking about that easy exercise. You might have seen people challenging each other to hold a plank for a few minutes, and said to yourself, “I could do that!” Contrary to how they seem, planks are as hard as they are rewarding. It benefits your entire body while focusing on your core. Now, missionary fun doesn’t have to mean sore arms for you men, and women can have their legs raised for longer!

5. Stretching makes you flexible

For you athletic advocates of adventure out there, you’d want to read this carefully. While stretching is widely dismissed as an introduction to the real¬ workouts – the sabzi to the meat – it’s a very potent exercise in itself. There’s nothing more unfortunate than stopping mid-sex because of a nasty sore or a cramp. Stretching lets you build flexibility that ensures uninterrupted sex and easy transitions between your favourite positions.

6. Bench press targets multiple muscles

Grab your weights and get your back against the machine; we are doing bench presses! The ability of bench presses to target multiple muscles at once make them an obvious choice. Figure out a bench press routine and, in no time, you’ll feel your biceps, triceps, lats, abs and all that good stuff pay you back in bed. In addition to boosting your general sex appeal, bench presses make sure that you don’t groan when you’re asked to go on top.

7. The good old push-ups

Most of us are introduced to the world of working out through push-ups. Focussing on your arms, your upper body, and your core, push-ups make way for general strength, endurance, and arms that invariably cause double takes. Be regular with your sessions and you will soon be able to toss her on the bed effortlessly after that steaming foreplay session!

Most of us have difficulty squeezing our exhausting gym routines into our busy lives. Make the most of the time you spend at the gym with these 7 exercises. Rest assured: the bedtime rewards are worth the sweat!

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