5 Ways Exercise And Fitness Improve Your Sex Drive

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Updated On: September 26, 2023
does working out increase sex drive
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We all know that working out and maintaining a fitness regime has many benefits. From keeping you in shape to warding off a host of lifestyle-related diseases and boosting your mood, the advantages are truly wide-ranging. What if we told you workout and fitness are directly related to a healthy sex life too? Did you read that twice, wondering ‘does working out increase sex drive?’

Well, yes! Sex and physical fitness are closely tied to each other. If you have been struggling with a bit of a dry spell, hitting the gym or going for that morning run could well be the solution you’re looking for. Which brings us to another important question: How does exercise help sexually? Let’s find out.

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5 Ways Exercise And Fitness Improve Your Sex Drive

You have promised yourself to put on your gym pants and go running on the treadmill from next week. Like me, you have procrastinated your plan over and over. Pizza is the love of your life and anything green on your plate fills you with terror. Sounds all too familiar?

If losing those few extra pounds is not incentive enough to channelize your dormant fitness freak, understanding how does working out make you better in bed could well be. After all, who doesn’t love those intense moments of toe-curling pleasure! Whether we admit it and act on our desires or just put it off to another day because we are too drained out to make the effort is another matter.

That’s exactly where workout and sex prove to be a match made in heaven. Exercise can improve your sex life tenfold. It will lead to better movements, better flexibility, and of course, to bigger, better, louder orgasms. Here’s how:

1. Mind-body connection is improved

Fitness regimes and exercises improve body-mind connection. Moving muscles circulate blood flow, engage hormones and add to the engagement of bodily fluids. Connection of the mind and body is enhanced. All of these factors contribute toward improving your sex life. But that’s not all.

How else does working out increase sex drive? Well, as you become fitter with consistent exercise your energy levels soar. Likewise, the more well-sculpted and toned body boosts your self-confidence, irrespective of whether you’re a man or a woman.

As your mind becomes more confident of the body you have, you are more inclined to give into your carnal urges rather than hide them.

2. Pelvic muscles are strengthened

Fitness and workout are also linked to better sex life because these help strengthen your pelvic muscles. Fitness routines like yoga or strength training actively engage the pelvic muscles. The stronger the pelvic muscles are, the better the sex and orgasms.

Fit women enjoy sex better than their sedentary counterparts for this very reason. This is particularly pertinent in the case of sex in your 40s and beyond. This is the time when men begin to grapple with erectile issues and premature ejaculation, and women with loosening vaginal muscles, along with the hormonal flux due to perimenopausal or menopausal stages.

Regular yoga or exercises like squats, glute bridges and leg raises can help retain the strength of pelvic floor muscles, preventing your sex life from nose-diving as soon as you cross a certain age benchmark.

3. Blood circulation is enhanced

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Better circulation results in enhanced libido

How does working out make you better in bed? The increased heart rate and improved blood circulation may have a role to play. With a regular exercise and fitness routine, your arteries, including the ones in your legs and genitals, become healthier.

Improved blood flow naturally ensures the flexibility of arteries that can expand easily once turned on. If you are struggling with reduced sex drive, consider dedicating 30 mins each day to working out. Good blood flow increases the release of endorphins which can turn you on easily and increases libido.

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4. Stamina is boosted

Regular exercise boosts your stamina for carrying out strenuous physical activity, and we can all agree that sex fits the bill. The fitter you are, the better equipped you will be to experiment in bed, try different positions, without burning out too quickly. An increase in stamina also makes you last longer and your sex life all the more fun.

If you were wondering to this point does working out make you better in bed, this ought to put that dilemma to rest. A lot of times, couples lose interest in sex owing to the monotony that seeps into the act. With renewed stamina and energy levels, you can make sure that passion and hunger for each other never dies down.

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Grate sex

5. Work out and healthy diet elevates confidence

A fitness plan should be such that we feel hungry after regular intervals. If you take care of the body, the body is sure to take care of you. Exercising well means cutting down on the daily intake of junk food. Everything with a high-calorie value must be cut back on as much as possible. At the same time, you become more mindful of your body’s hydration needs.

As you watch what you eat, make healthier food choices, replace pre-cooked meals or junk food with healthier home-cooked alternatives, supplemented with adequate fruits and vegetables, your skin attains a renewed glow. With that your confidence is boosted – when you look good, you feel good, right?

Now that you know how does working out increase sex drive, why not give it a shot and see your sex life change drastically. After all, the importance of sex in a relationship cannot be undermined. Once you see how good it gets, you would not want to stop. Exercising, I mean!

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