Why Twerking Is Directly Related To A Full Body Workout

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Twerking, a modern version of an African dance known as mapouka or “dance of the behind” entails the dancer violently shaking their back towards the object of their desire. The rhythmic shaking of your butt has been in vogue for quite some time and now fitness enthusiasts who love dance are deeming it to be an entertaining way to bid goodbye to those extra calories.

Even though dance-based workouts are nothing new (Zumba, anyone), the fact that twerking engages your entire body – starting from core, hamstrings, lower back to your glutes implies that this suggestive dance form can be embraced as a workout regimen if you are tired of jogging, power yoga or gymming.

Experts claim you can burn 300-480 calories by continuously twerk for an hour. That’s almost the same as an hour of yoga or moderate running.

If you have an injury in your body or underlying medical conditions, consult a physician before trying out this dance-workout. As it can strain your lower back, the last thing you want is to land up in the hospital while trying to have fun!

Now, let’s take a quick why twerking is directly related to a full body workout?

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1. Toning your legs and butt

If you desire a round booty with toned legs and somehow hold the illusion that only Instagram influencers can achieve that, you are in for a surprise! Since you’ll be holding a squat while twerking, it can help you tone those glutes and quads effectively.

Your calves will also thank you for that intense workout! The popping of that booty and the workout of the glute will be motivation enough to keep those sexy twerk moves going on and off the dancefloor.

toned legs
While twerking you would be holding a squat for the most of the dance

2. Working on your core

Have you been eyeing those cute crop tops for a while now? Are you hesitant to try them on because you have an unsightly bulge in place of abs? By embracing twerking, you can give your core a much-needed workout. The dance move will make you activate your abs to engage your lower body muscles, which in turn, would give you a solid core.

If you are a beginner, be wary about being sore the next day if you pop your butt forward and suck your belly in!

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3. Gives you strong arms

Tired of the bench press? But still, want to work those bicep and tricep muscles? Trust us when we say that you don’t need to be a gymnast or Catwoman to try out the wall twerk. With practice, patience, and most importantly technique, you will be able to get upside down on the wall. This sex-push-up will not only strengthen your arms but also bring that inner tigress out – the one who doesn’t hesitate to step outside her comfort zone.

4. Booty sculpting

The moment you mix twerk dance with exercises to tone your booty, your workout regimen becomes all the more fun and productive. Get your fitness instructor to start the class with a few toning exercises so that your booty can tighten up.

If you want the booty of your dreams, tweak your routine to incorporate training equipment like fitness bands or gliders. If you get addicted to twerking, on some days you will have the patience of a child…for those days keep five minutes for booty toning and then show off your ass to the world!

booty sculpting
Start the class with a few toning exercises so that your booty can tighten up

5. Rise in your confidence level

If you want to stand out in the crowd and give your confidence levels a push, give twerking a go! Even if you don’t gain a bit of junk in your trunk, (hello, Kim Kardashian!), don’t give up. Popping your booty to the beat might be cathartic and an immense stress buster. Before you know it you will be performing for your partner and who knows things might heat up and a few calories more calories might get burnt. Wink, wink!

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a pro, twerking is fun for myriad reasons. And even if you cannot move like Beyonce or Miley Cyrus just yet, don’t be too harsh on yourself. After all, it’s supposed to be a fun, stress-busting way to burn some calories.

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1. How does one twerk?

You need to squat down and move your butt back and forth. If done correctly, it can be a full-body workout. Watch videos on YouTube if you don’t prefer going to classes. With practice, sooner than later your booty will be the talk of the town!

2. Whart area of your body gets the maximum workout?

Twerking makes every muscle in your body strong. It not only helps increase your hip flexibility but also makes your thighs super strong. With a well-sculpted body, you will be able to attract men who love strong women.

3. How did twerk gain popularity?

The word ‘twerk’ was first used in New Orleans in the 90s. Back then it was a subset of hip-hop style dance called Bounce. It gained popularity in 2013 when Miley Cyrus performed a raunchy dance in the VMAs.

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