You Will Identify With This If You Are In Love With A Homebody

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Updated On: December 27, 2023
in relationship with a homebody
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People say that when couples have been together for some time, they tend to become like each other. They make the same jokes, have similar habits and sometimes even dress the same. In case you are in love with homebody who would rather curl up and stay at home rather than go partying on Fridays, chances are you too will start preferring pyjamas over being sharply or sexily dressed.

What Is A Homebody In A Relationship?

Dating a homebody and being in love with a homebody has its own pros and cons. But before we dive into that, let’s see what it means to be a homebody.

What makes a person homebody

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a homebody as:

A person who likes spending time at home rather than going out with friends or travelling to different places.

In simpler terms, a homebody could be an introvert. These people love the comfort of their homes and would rather prefer a quiet night in than a raving night out.

When we talk about homebodys in a relationship, specifically, what sets them apart from the rest of the usual dating crowd is their sheer ability to make a relationship work from a couch!

Being in love with a homebody can be a new experience, especially for an extrovert, because they can teach you a lot about finding joy in the little things. Who says Netflix and a homecooked meal can’t be the best date you ever had?

After all, isn’t your home couch more comfortable than those fancy restaurant seats? And arent your PJs and socks so much warmer than that tight dress and excruciating heels?

And it is also not surprising if your friends tend to complain a lot about the fact that you have changed. But if you believe you are quite the same and haven’t taken after your homebody lover, I may have news for you. You have! Especially if you identify with any or all of the following:

How Do You Date A Homebody?

Dating a homebody can be challenging at times and equally fun the others. But, well, you’re in a relationship with a homebody it for the better or worse (mostly for the better) and who are you kidding, you love them with the entirety of their introverted tendencies.

But here are a few things you’ll definitely be able to relate to it you’re in love with a homebody

1. You know how to cook fancy stuff now

When you’re in love with a homebody, you’ll definitely start learning to make their favourite food at home.

…Because actually going to a restaurant is too much effort. And you can watch the TV while you eat at home! Also, it’s way cheaper to cook stuff at home, right? So you have learnt to cook both of your favourite foods.

You know how to cook fancy stuff now
Cooking together can even bring you closer together

2. You don’t remember the last time you watched a movie as soon as it was released

‘My boyfriend is a homebody and I’m not and when I asked him if we could go out to watch a movie he literally told me, “When you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and literally all the streaming apps at home, why do you need to go out?” – This is what Nina told us when we asked her what’s it like having a homebody partner.

You never go to the movies anymore. Unless it is a really special occasion like a new Marvel movie being released. So you seem to be always waiting for the perfect print to be released online so you can watch it at home. Cheaper and comfier.

And you can eat as much popcorn as you want without burning a serious hole into your pocket! Perfection.

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3. You have a huge collection of books and games you can play at home

Because you never seem to be interested in going out anymore, you have become an expert at-home entertainment. Be it books, shows, board games, games to play online, you’re well-stocked in all aspects when you’re in a relationship with a homebody.

This isn’t bad actually since we all know that sharing a book can bring you closer to your partner and playing an online game as a team can make you feel like a power couple.

4. You are always stocked up on wine

Books and wine are the best. Movies and wine even better. Cooking and wine, fabulous! In short, wine it is!

Also, drinking at home can be 50% cheaper than drinking outside and that’s always a pro. Instead of drinking watered-down shots at the bar, at home, you get to drink your favourite alcohol at a cheaper price and a larger quantity!

dating a homeboy
You’re always stocked up on wine

Besides, wouldn’t you rather make a drunk fool of yourself at home, in front of the person you love, than in front of 200 other people?

5. You are used to being the host

So, are homebodies boring? Hell no! They don’t mind hosting parties at home and having their friends over. They’re pretty much a-okay as long as they don’t have to step out. We were all living in the past while homebodys were living in the year 2020 all along!

Lifehack: You don’t have to get out to go to a party if you are the one hosting. This is why, when you’re in love with a homebody, you end up hosting a lot of house parties or get-togethers.

Stories about dating

6. You are always in your pyjamas

Suits and dresses are overrated. These days you choose comfort over style.

Comfort, warmth and love, all while snuggling in your favourite blankie with your favourite human. Not so bad, is it? Being in love with a homebody will also make you fall in love with your soft fleece PJs and your very comfy bed.

7. You have stopped buying fancy clothes

It’s obvious that when you date someone who isn’t always fond of going out, you spend more time indoors. The homebody personality does not care about you dressing up fancy for them just to spend some time at home. They love you the way you are.

This is why you don’t feel the need to buy fancy clothes because the ones you bought before are still in their original packaging. Pro: you’re saving money!

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8. You have the numbers of all the restaurants that home deliver

When you crave for something and don’t want to cook, home delivery is a life-saver! Especially in this day and age, when you can order food at the click of a button and not have to cook just because you’re staying indoors.

These food delivery apps really make it easier being in a relationship with a homebody. Especially if your partner is a foodie.

food home delivery
Home delivery is a life-saver!

9. Your back kinda hurts

Who knew all the lying around and chilling will one day make your back cramp up? Well, you know the best way to deal with it. More couch and chill.

It doesn’t sound so bad now does it? A sign that being in love with a homebody has low-key (or high-key?) made you one too..

10. Your friends keep complaining that they hardly see you anymore

Unless they come over, that is. You pretend to be apologetic but you are already secretly deciding to cancel on the next plan so you can cuddle up with bae.

Yes, you do try to find adequate time to give your friends too but you’re not as up for impromptu nights on the town as you used to be before. It might make them feel left out but you know what your priorities are.

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In case you are still in denial, let me tell you that the deed is done. If you relate to any or all of the things on the list, then your favourite homebody has already successfully dragged you to the dark side.

I know, I know. It’s hard to resist its charms. After all, the dark side has couches, cookies, chips and cheese. Also cuddling. How could you resist that? You are only human, after all.

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