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You will identify with this if you are in love with a homebody

In love with a homebody? If yes, you’ll identify with some or all of the following things.
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In love with a homebody?

People say that when couples have been together for some time, they tend to become like each other. They make the same jokes, have similar habits and sometimes even dress the same. In case you are in love with someone who would rather curl up and stay at home rather than go partying on Fridays, chances are you too will start preferring pajamas over being sharply or sexily dressed. And it is also not surprising if your friends tend to complain a lot about the fact that you have changed. But if you believe you are quite the same and haven’t taken after your homebody lover, I may have news for you. You have! Especially if you identify with any or all of the following:

1. You know how to cook fancy stuff now

Because actually going to a restaurant is too much effort. And you can watch the TV while you eat at home. Also, it’s way cheaper to cook stuff at home, right? So you have learnt to cook both of your favourite foods.

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2. You don’t remember the last time you watched a movie as soon as it was released

Because you never go to the movies anymore. Unless it is a really special occasion like a new Marvel movie being released. So you seem to be always waiting for the perfect print to be released online so you can watch it at home. Cheaper and comfier. And you can eat as much popcorn as you want without burning a serious hole into your pocket. Perfection.

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3. You have a huge collection of books and games you can play at home

Because you never seem to be interested in going out anymore, you have become an expert at home entertainment.

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4. You are always stocked up on wine

Books and wine are the best. Movies and wine even better. Cooking and wine, fabulous! In short, wine it is!

5. You are used to being the host

Lifehack: You don’t have to get out to go to a party if you are the one hosting.

6. You are always in your pajamas

Suits and dresses are overrated. These days you choose comfort over style.

7. You have stopped buying fancy clothes

Because the ones you bought before are still in their original packaging. You need to go out to dress up and you hardly go out.

8. You have the numbers of all the restaurants that home deliver

When you crave for something and don’t want to cook, home delivery is a life-saver!

home delivery
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9. Your back kinda hurts

Who knew all the lying around and chilling will one day make your back cramp up? Well, you know the best way to deal with it. More couch and chill.

10. Your friends keep complaining that they hardly see you anymore

Unless they come over, that is. You pretend to be apologetic but you are already secretly deciding to cancel on the next plan so you can cuddle up with bae.

In case you are still in denial, let me tell you that the deed is done. If you relate to any or all of the things on the list, then your favourite homebody has already successfully dragged you to the dark side. I know, I know. It’s hard to resist its charms. After all, the dark side has couches, cookies, chips and cheese. Also cuddling. How could you resist that? You are only human, after all.

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