7 couples confess how they got caught while making out

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Updated On: March 12, 2024
couples confess how they got caught while making out

Drop-dead horny can turn to drop-dead embarrassed real quick when you get caught while making out.

There is no greater embarrassment than getting caught while doing the nasty. One minute you’re French kissing your man and things are getting hot and heavy, and the next, you are staring down at the flushed face of your mother. Oof, the embarrassment is real.

Things sometimes tend to go south when we let out libido get the better of us. Sometimes we are too lax in locking doors before getting down to do the deed, and sometimes it is fate. Sexual activity is cut short by a prying eye who has no business being there. Read on to find out jaw-dropping stories of how these couples got caught while doing the unspeakable.

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7 Couples Confess How They Got Caught While Making Out

No matter the reason – be it parents, cousins, policemen, roommates, or some random guy, getting interrupted while making out is frustrating. And not to mention, super embarrassing.

However, it does feel somewhat better to know that we are not alone in this. Almost every couple has gotten caught making out in public and lived to tell the awkward tale.

So, here are a few stories told by couples who were caught making out

1. Caught by the parent

“I was at my girlfriend’s place. We were in the bedroom. Her parents did not know their daughter was a lesbian. For them, I was just a friend. We were lying on the bed under the pink lights that she had put up. Her parents were out for the night and wouldn’t be back. So we weren’t worried about locking locks doors before getting it on. We were making out intensely and our clothes were carelessly discarded here and there.

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All of a sudden, the door opened and I see my girlfriend’s mother at the door. My girlfriend is working on my boobs then. I froze, my girlfriend froze, her mother froze. After a second of silence, her mother says “Oh, alright then, never mind” closes the door behind her as she left.

Thankfully, she is a sweet person who was much more open-minded about her daughter’s sexual preferences than some other parents. Although she found out about us in the middle of a make-out session, she never brought it up again. Whenever I was over at her house after that, she announced “Hello, I am coming in the room in a minute”, before entering the room.”

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2. Caught by the nosy, tiny cousin

“It was my cousin’s wedding. My long-term boyfriend was invited because he is basically family. We snuck out and went to the terrace of the reception banquet. We meant to steal a sly kiss but things got out of hand, and he started pleasuring me down there. The terrace was mostly dark so no one could see us.

Caught by the nosy, tiny cousin
Caught by the nosy, tiny cousin

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While in the middle of the act, I could feel a tiny presence nearby. In the shadow, I could see my cousin’s six-year-old boy. Before we could fix our clothes, he asked, ‘What are you doing? Why are you making noise?’ I ran to him, asked my boyfriend to stay in the dark and told him my feet hurt so I was crying.

Thankfully he bought it and did not realise that there was another person with me. I took him downstairs and bribed him with chocolate not to tell anyone that I was crying. He didn’t.”

3. Red-handed in the parking lot

“My ex-boyfriend and I parked in an underground mall and made out. Like clothes on, handjob kind of making out. We heard a security person blowing his whistle and asking us to move. My boyfriend panicked, started the car and drove past the guard, with my hand inside the pants. Needless to say, the mood was killed and we couldn’t stop laughing the entire way back.”

Red-handed in the parking lot
Caught in the Parking Lot

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4. Caught by another couple-in-crime

“In our campus, there is this dark patch of land that we had discovered near the administrative block. It had a huge fountain by its side and boulders. Once we felt really horny and wanted a nice quiet place. We got on the bike and I was kissing his neck while he drove and got to that place.

We were kissing and undoing our clothes while sitting down on the grass. While I was sitting on top of him and dry humping, I hear a voice say “Would you mind doing that and not making so much noise? Passers-by can hear you and they will throw light on this place to catch people.”Related Reading:9 hottest erogenous zones for women

It turns out this person was also there with his girlfriend to make out. After saying that, he went back to kissing his lady, but we felt weird after getting caught making out by this couple so we decided to find our own spot.”

5. Roommate and the dorm room

“We had co-ed dorms. So having sex in the rooms was not illegal but looked down upon. Once my boyfriend had come over and we were making out. My roommate was out but came back while my boyfriend was under the covers, giving me oral. It was winter so we had really thick blankets on. My roommate came back to ask for my scooter keys. I could feel my boyfriend under the sheets, stopping in mid-action and breathing through his nose very silently.

I could feel him under the sheets
I could feel him under the sheets

My roommate took the keys and gabbed about the movie they were going to watch and asked if I wanted to go or not. Before leaving, at the door she turns and says, ‘Oh, by the way, your legs are visible from underneath the blanket, Jobin.’ Jobin was my boyfriend.”

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6. Caught by an old lady


“We were caught making out in the kitchen by my girlfriend’s neighbour who was a sweet old lady. We were standing behind the kitchen counter and my girlfriend was giving me a blowjob. In the middle of it, the front door opened and in came the lady. There I was, behind the counter, my pants pulled down to my ankles, my girlfriend, also behind the counter, on her knees.

The sweet old grandma had come to return a culinary book she had borrowed. I told her to place it on the table. My girlfriend stopped blowing me and hid behind the counter. I conversed with the old lady, cursing her and myself. When finally she was gone, my girlfriend leapt to her feet and burst into a fit of laughter.”Related Reading:The best places for outdoor sex

7. Caught by the older sister

“I live in a joint family and there was no prospect of making out in my house, except when the entire family was out for a movie or something (which was rare). On one of those rare days, my whole family was out for a Puja in a temple. I stayed back with an excuse of menstruation. (Girls on period are not supposed to enter temples). My boyfriend came over. We had a pretty big house with many rooms. Since everyone was out, I took my boyfriend to my parents’ bedroom.

Caught by the older sister
Caught in the act

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We got under the blankets and proceeded with the business until I heard a flush in the bathroom. Realising someone was there, we frantically tried dressing up. Turns out it was my elder sister who didn’t go because she had an upset stomach. She stood staring at us while we were in our underwear.

She laughed uttered a ‘Sorry’ and ‘I am going to tell Maa’ and went away. Needless to say, she did not tell anyone and she makes fun about it till this day.”

These stories definitely made us gasp and laugh out and hopefully taught us some lessons.

So, what to do if you get caught making out? Well, according to what we’ve read, you either make excuses, act candid, run away or just cross your fingers and hope for the best. The biggest learning here would be to never repeat our mistakes and stay safe from getting caught making out in public!

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