7 Indians share their most intimate outdoor sex experiences

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Summer months are here. Longer days with longer evenings and windy nights for some outdoor love making. Outdoor sex is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is the risk of getting caught in the open, by a random person. But the thrill of the risk makes it hotter and better somehow.

1. Isn’t pool sex the best?

“When in college, we used to have an election-end party, after every college election. So a group of 20 people would book an apartment in Vedic Village and have a party there for one night. This was in my final year of college where all 20 people got together in a duplex and boozed and got high for a night. There was a pool on the terrace. My boyfriend and I mostly stayed in one of the bedrooms. In the morning, I went to the pool for some morning freshness. My boyfriend joined me after a few minutes. We just looked at each other and we knew instantly we had to do it. He got in the pool, ripped his clothes off and mine and we had sex at 7 in the morning. It was the horny, crazy thing we did. It was only when we came out of the pool that we realised there was a couple who had passed out on the other side of the terrace.”

2. The great Indian romance with the terrace

“When I went for a vacation at my girlfriend’s place, we sneaked to the terrace at night, because we had different bedrooms to sleep at night. The terrace was on the 13th floor and there was no one around who could see us. But occasionally people from the neighbouring building would come up to smoke or enjoy the night breeze and we had to stop in the middle of a thrust to not moan or grunt and be really quiet. It was dark so they could not see us, but they could still hear the noises we made. We sneaked up there every night.”

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3. Parking hanky-panky

“We finished shopping really late at night and walked back to the parking lot. I had come in under budget for all the things I bought and that really gets me going. There were three cars around and I started rubbing my husband’s arms. He looked at me with a grin and said “Here? Now?” I nodded and got on top of him with him saying “This is so hot”. We did not even need any foreplay. We were going at it when one of the cars started moving. I panicked and pressed against the wheel and blew the horn. Even when the car glided past us with the headlights blaring through our window, we kept going. It was when we saw the parking police come towards us that we finished climaxing really quick and got the hell out of there. What a rush!”

4. In the middle of a bonfire

“This was in December. There are these boulders in the clearing of the forest in my university. There was a girl in my class who flirted with me the entire evening. At night, we made out behind the trees and before we knew it, we were going at it like animals. I sat on the boulder and she sat on me and we had sex.”

5. Sex on the beach is not just a fun drink

“In a fishing boat on the beach. The beach was pretty abandoned at night because it is allegedly haunted. After nightfall, we drank Bacardi lemon on the beach and climbed on the boat to make out and later have sex. We could be as loud as possible and the boat kept rocking gently on the sand. The sound of the waves was really something.”

6. Rustic charm can get the blood flowing

“My husband and I went to visit his grandfather in a village in Assam. On one of our nightly walks through the rustic path, we came across this small lake with trees all around. We sat there for a while, in the moonlight. While going back, I leaned against the tree and he came to kiss me. What I thought to be a make-out session turned out more passionate than that. We undid our clothes and had the best doggy-style sex ever.”

If you ever get gutsy enough to try outdoor sex, do mind the thorns! And remember to keep a look out for onlookers. It is not pleasing watching a random man flicking his own by watching you get some.

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Once you know the amount of fun in outdoor sex, you will want it even more

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