Being friends with ex good or bad?

Being friends with ex good or bad?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Ahh! there is such a dichotomy of the comfort zone that is ex and reasons for moving on. Its good to be freinds with your ex if you are over  the romantic aspect of the relationship. Also it shouldnt hold you back from moving forward as it gets too comfortable and there is no space for a new friend may be!Also both you and your ex should be matured enought o handle the complexities that this freindship can bring and have proper boundries to stay sane ! :)*p*

  2. How can one remain friends with the ex…very difficult! *p*

  3. Yes…a good point. She needs to find out why she still needs to be friends!  *p*

  4. Entirely depends on how bad the break-up was. Personally I feel, there is no point in holding on to grudges. Also, relationships change and the dynamics change, we all operate in a grey area, there is no black or white about it. If the reason for the split is something worth forgiving and forgetting, it's best to let it go and be civil again. Also, depends on how secure you are in your current relationship status. So long as it doesn't hurt or create complications, it;s not a bad idea at all to be friends with your ex.  *p*

  5. I guess there is no universal rule to follow. I know so many people who are such good friends with their ex and then the same person cant even imagine coming in sight of their other ex. It all depends on the note you broke up on. the intensity of that relationship. what the both of you went through emotionally during the aftermath. a casual fling broken with a mutual consent can easily allow you to stay friends with your ex while a painful, depressing, torturting break up might just make you feel its better to stay off limits with each other. *p*