Compatibility on account of Age Gap

Does the Age Gap between couples play a critical role in Compatibility issues?

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Karthik Subramanian
June 7, 2017


  1. My fiance and I have an age gap of over two years. I am elder to him. But we have never faced a single issue as far as our compatibility goes. In fact, we often forget that he is younger to me in age! I am not sure if other couples face compatibility issues due to age gap, but I think as long as you both can hold a decent conversation and are able to understand each other on all levels, age hardly becomes a hindrance in any way.

  2. Age may seem like just a number but over time it can really take a toll on the relationship. Who is the older one also matters, as society may be more forgiving one way. Age is not the end all but is definitely crucial, especially if the gap is substantial.

  3. It might. Especially on the kind of future a couple sees together. It is not necessary but can become an impediment if things are not discussed well beforehand. However, proper communication can help it not reach such a stage.

  4. Age gap becomes a compatibility issue only if, (a) there’s a generation gap (different value system, priorities) or (b) there’s an issue of poor health or energy levels in the older partner.

  5. Whether you have discussed it at the start of the relationship or not, it will always depend on the girl whether she wants to dump you and when. I am saying this from my own experiences over the years of (N)ever lasting relationships. Sometimes it was this thing or that thing that I thought we had discussed and put it behind which was just a mirage.

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