Space in the relationship

What could be some easy ways to give space in a relationship? I feel sometimes space can become something that drives a couple apart. Instead it can be something that keeps one longing and interested in the other, while maintaining their individuality. 

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June 7, 2017


  1. Clinging wives can be irritating at times but mostly if the lines of duties shared in the household are clearly demarcated one can find some time for oneself. The best way is to talk out of it explaining properly the need for your personal space. Lot depends on individual situation.*p*

  2. Withholding a thought like this, isn't good for relationship.*p**p*Offer her the same liberty and you may be pleasantly surprised how she allows you to be on your own.*p*

  3. This is going to be a difficult point to communicate to your spouse. *p**p*Maybe you could explain that it's you who has this quirk and needs to be alone from time to time.*p**p*Try explaining  [good luck ] that spending alone time will improve your lives. *p**p*Also make sure you are spending enough time with her so that  she doesn't feel left out. *p*

  4. Yes all need to spend sometime for himself or herself but after marriage the chances became low . Certainly you think for your freedom but don't cheat each other . Clear your view , be honest and confess if there is sometime wrong .Sometime a small talk help you to find a way .*p*

  5. It's very easy for a man to get his own space in our social atmosphere .It seems, you both are clinging with each other. Follow -give and take policy and be happy.*p*

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