Vichitra Goel

Vichitra Goel is a writer, Professor, academic author, an avid reader, and a lifelong learner. Switching between the roles of a University Professor and a writer, she has realized her heart beats for books and the written words- a fascination for which can be seen all over her oeuvre. When motherhood beckoned, she reluctantly let go of a part of herself as a teacher to embrace a newer identity, finding her real self all over again. Dealing with tumultuous relationships during the most vulnerable part of her life when she was grappling with PPD (postpartum depression) has molded her into the person that she is and the words that she pens down. Her inscriptions have helped her in expressing herself, finding solace, and in rising from the ashes. At Bonobology, she aims at redefining relationships from a perspective deeply grounded in reality to assist people in gaining an insight into modern family equations.