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Updated On: January 8, 2024
good morning messages for her

Do you find yourself struggling with words to text your girlfriend every morning? We feel you – we’ve been there, felt that. After all, it is not an easy task to come up with unique, relatable, and of course, romantic good morning messages for her every other day. 

Fret not. We’ve got you covered on this. Our list of the best good morning messages for her is here to help all the love-struck partners who fall short of words every morning, wondering what exactly can they say to their partners apart from the ordinary ‘good morning’. Add a zing to your texts taking a cue from these. Flirty, sweet, romantic, sexy, long good morning messages for her – you’ll find them all here. 

Loving Good Morning Messages For Her

Imagine your girlfriend waking up to cute good morning messages for her that can make her feel loved and special. Indeed, there is no better feeling in the world than knowing that someone loves you deeply and is thinking of ways to express their love. Make your girl feel exactly the same with our list of loving good morning messages for her. 

loving good morning messages
Send out loving good morning messages for her

1. Good morning, my love. I start each day thinking about you. Can’t wait for the days we wake up by each other’s side

2. Good morning, sunshine! You brighten up my life

3. Good morning, my wonder woman! Ready to switch your superpowers on?

4. Wake up gorgeous, can’t wait to meet you today. Love you so much

5. Good morning to the love of my life. Have a wonderful day filled with love, honey!

6. Your smile is like a shining star. So rise and shine, my sweetie!

7. Good morning to the special and wonderful woman I love. The beautiful morning sun is here to see you smile again!

8. Sending you a little cute note to remind you of my love. Good morning, cutie!

9. Good morning, baby! Your sweet teddy bear misses you a lot

10. Babe, your sweet voice makes my mornings bright and beautiful. How about you calling me up to make my day?

11. Before you start your day, let me whisper in your ear, how precious you are to me, my dear. Love you so much. Always

12. Good morning! *leave her a voice note of her favorite song*

13. Good morning, my love. Here is sending lots of love and laughter your way to make your day

14. Good morning, sweetheart. Have a wonderful day filled with exciting things ahead!

15. Good morning, love. The cool morning breeze reminds me of the freshness you bring to my life. Hope you slept well

16. Babe, you are a blessing in my life. You don’t know how happy I am to be with you. Good morning to the reason for my happiness

17. Even a dull and drab morning like this one becomes better when I think of you. Good morning, dear

18. Hello, gorgeous! It’s a beautiful day today because I woke up dreaming of you

19. Wake up, beautiful girl! A new day awaits, with miracles and opportunities to shower upon you

20. Good morning, hun! It is such a beautiful morning, it reminds me of you

21. Good morning, sweetheart. Have a truly amazing day today!

22. I hope your day is as bright and radiant as you are. Good morning, love

23. Babe, you are the reason I wake up smiling each day. Good morning to the amazing person who never fails to make me smile

24. Good morning, sunshine! May this fresh as a daisy morning bring you luck and happiness

25. Fresh beautiful morning dew, hues of the rising sun, melodious songs of the wonderful birds, cool morning breeze…are nothing compared to you. Good morning, you beauty!

You don’t necessarily need long good morning messages for her to make her heart skip a beat, simple yet meaningful notes brimming with love are enough to do the trick. Put some effort into your relationship, send her a bunch of flowers along with loving good morning messages for her, and see the warmth of love spreading slowly.

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Flirty Good Morning Messages For Her

In the mood for morning fun? Set the mood right with a few flirty good morning messages for her. There is no better way to express yourself than sending some cute, sexy, and unabashedly flirty texts. Romantically flirt with your partner and get her attention from the word go with some of these:

Flirty good morning messages
Up your flirting game with some naughty good morning texts

26. Hey, hun! I wonder what you’re wearing right now

27. Good morning, my love. I kept dreaming of snuggling up with you the whole night long. Can you make my dream come true?

28. Lazy mornings spent snuggling in bed are the best. Let’s have a cuddly, snuggly morning together, babe 

29. Good morning, sweetie. How I wish to be by your side now, hitting the snooze button again and again!

30. Hey babe, good morning. Here is another day when I get lucky enough to hold you in my arms

31. Good morning, you breathtakingly beautiful girl

32. Good morning to the amazing person who I want to flirt with forever

33. The night has come to an end. Say hello to a beautiful new day. And while you are at it, why not come give me a romantic hug 

34. Good morning to my best life decision

35. These virtual good mornings don’t just cut it anymore. I want to wake up next to you every day 

36. Honey, I have been thinking of someone the whole night. So here I am dropping cute good morning messages for her to make her think of me 

37. The best thing to wake up to is a kiss. Here I am waiting to start my day on the best note

38. Good morning to the beautiful woman who makes me a happy man

39. A lovely morning to the lovely lady with whom I’ve created some lovely memories. Now, shall we make some love because I love you so much

40. Good morning, baby. I’ve been thinking of you. Wondering what I’d do to you if you were at my place now

41. Hey, good morning, my sweetheart. Hope you slept well. Just in case you didn’t, I can lull you to sleep tonight (or not!) *wink*

42. Good morning, my love. Here is your biggest admirer sending you lots of love to begin your day with

43. Hey cutie, good morning. I just woke up thinking about you…and thought of making you think of me too 

44. Good morning, beautiful. You probably spent the night dreaming of me, but I promise, I am way better in real life. Why not meet me and see if I‘m correct

45. Good morning, my love. May this new day bring you good health and vigor. Oh, have you heard of the health benefits of kissing, by the way?

46. Good morning, love! It’s a shame we couldn’t start our day by each other’s side, how about ending it together?

47. Good morning, girl. The sun looks a little pale today compared to your radiance

48. Time to wake up, sweetie, and make a wish for the day. Well, for me, I wish to laze in bed all day long with you

49. Have a lovely morning, sweetheart. Since I was dreaming about you last night, I thought of spending the entire day with you

50. Hey babe, good morning! You are what I want first thing in the morning. Love you so much!

Kickstart your day with a few of these vivacious and flirty good morning messages for her to make her want more of you. Healthy flirting will keep not only your mornings fresh and lively but your relationship as well. For couples in long-distance relationships, a couple of raunchy texts a day can work wonders in keeping the spark alive and boredom at bay. For those too shy to work with good morning sexting messages for her, flirty texts are the safest bet.  

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Sweet Good Morning Messages For Her 

The best good morning messages are the ones that not only remind your girl of you but also convey your feelings for her, the moment she opens her bright eyes. So, you’ve been seeing each other for quite some time now and you want to let her know how you feel for her. What is the best way to do so, without coming off too strong? Think of or look for some sweet good morning messages for her to express yourself. Make her fall for you every morning by slipping these sweet nothings into her inbox. 

sweet good morning messages for girlfriend
Express yourself with some sweet good morning messages

51. Good morning, my special and wonderful woman. Hope the lovely morning hue is as radiant as you are

52. Wake up, honey. Sending a sweet good morning message to the person who means the world to me

53. Good morning, my sweetheart. Love, luck, and happiness await you today. So, get up and get going

54. Good morning, my love. The very thought of you brightens me up on even the most hectic and tiring days

55. Good morning to the beautiful woman who can make me smile every day

56. Morning, dear. I just want you to know that I feel really blessed to have you in my life. You are a blessing, dear

57. Good morning, babe. I hope you have a lovely day ahead, dear

58. Good morning, sunshine! You are the reason I wake up smiling every day. You have taught me what true love in a relationship is. I hope to become the reason for your happiness too

59. Good morning to my sweet princess. I believe you are my reward for everything that I have done right in my life

60. Good morning, my shining star. You are a true friend who has motivated me, standing steadfastly by my side during difficult times. I hope to be there for you, too. Always!

61. Good morning, my love. Here is a flurry of kisses and hugs to keep you going through the day

On Romance

62. You are the one who brings out the best in me, making me a little better every day

63. Lovely morning to the amazing person who always wishes only the best for me

64. Good morning, love. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am grateful to God for having brought you into my life

65. A bright sunny morning with you by my side – that sums up my idea of heaven on earth. Good morning, my angel

66. Honey, you are the sun that shines on me with all its warmth, driving all my dark, gloomy days away. Morning to my source of love and warmth

67. May this morning bring you good health and happiness. Good morning, beautiful

68. Hope you have woken up after a good night’s sleep to keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day

69. Hun, you don’t know how amazing it feels to wake up knowing that I have you in my life

70. Hey sweetie, just dropping in to tell you that I’m sipping on my morning cuppa, sitting by my window sill, thinking of you. Good morning, my love

71. Good morning, my best half! In you, I have found my weird and unusual soulmate. You are the Yin to my Yang. So happy to be called your partner

72. Babe, sliding into your inbox every morning is my favorite thing to do

73. Good morning, my princess. Slept well?

74. I can only imagine how beautiful you look this morning, darling

75. Have a great start to a new day. Good morning, my love. Counting down to the time until I get to see you today

The girl you’re going to send these is sure lucky to have found a partner as loving as you. And as for you, it is absolutely adorable of you to think of such good morning love messages for her. 

Romantic Good Morning Messages For Her

Thinking of your partner first thing in the morning? Let them know! Nothing can be sweeter than a romantic good morning message for her that can make her blush. Irrespective of whether you’ve just started dating or are in one of the stages of a long-term relationship you guys are in, this one notification on your partner’s phone can still give them butterflies in their stomach. 

Romantic good morning messages for her
Nothing can be more adorable than a romantic good morning message

76. Good morning, babe. Just dropping in to tell you that I love you

77. Honey, I miss you so much. Let’s catch up over breakfast?

78. Wake up, dear. Sending you a reminder that I am always there to love and support you. Yours, forever!

79. Good morning, my love. Texting you because you have to be the person I start my day with

80. Good morning to the beautiful woman who is the definition of unconditional love for me

81. Babe, you are my favorite person in the world

82. Good morning, sweetie. Can’t wait to hold you in my arms again

83. Good morning, sweetheart. Here’s to another beautiful day of this amazing bond that we share

84. Hey, beautiful. I never knew what true love was until I experienced your love

85. Good morning, love. Let this morning mark the beginning of something magical, just like our love for each other!

86. Hope you’re up, beautiful. I couldn’t hold myself back from texting you since you’re on my mind 24*7

87. Hey, good morning, my love! Today is going to be a truly amazing day for me because it begins with YOU

88. Morning to the person who gave meaning to my life

89. Girl, you are way hotter than my morning coffee. I love you so much! 

90. A very good morning to the woman who always leaves me wondering, “How can someone be so gorgeous?’’

91. Good morning, my angel. I was sipping on coffee when I heard a few bluebirds sing and it instantly reminded me of you

92. Babe, I might not always be the perfect boyfriend  but know that I am truly, deeply, passionately, and crazily in love with you

93. Can’t think of starting my day without sending you a text, my dear

94. Hey, honey. Good morning from this truly smitten boyfriend of yours!

95. Good morning, my sugarplum! You always make me feel at home. Thank you for showering me with so much of your love and care

96. Morning, baby. How I wish to see your cute morning face!

97. Good morning, darling. That smile looks amazing on you. Keep it on all day long, my princess

98. Honey, I have everything with me when I have you by my side. Thanks for always being there for me

99. Morning, beautiful. The day looks dull when you’re not around. Why don’t you meet me and brighten it up with your smile?

100. Hey, good morning, my sweetheart! Woke up to the beautiful sight of flowers blooming in my garden and was reminded of you

You don’t need to try too hard to impress your girl and woo her. Just pick up your phone and type away any of these romantic good morning messages for her. Remember, it is the little things that matter the most. 

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Sexy Good Morning Messages For Her

When it comes to talking dirty, nothing beats a slew of good ol’ sexy good morning messages for her. Seduce your woman with texts, or drop ‘em over voicemail in your sexy morning voice, these will set the mood. Be it a cheesy message or a sultry pick-up line, a lovey-dovey text, or a risqué rhapsody, you will find something or the other to suit your love language.

flirty good morning texts
Dirty and flirty good morning messages can make anyone’s day

101. Honey, there’s nothing good in the morning without you. How about making the night ‘good’ together?

102. I wish I could be there to give you a good morning kiss

103. Hey, hun, good morning. I‘m going in for a hot, steaming shower. Want to join me?

104. Babe, I know what lazy mornings do to you. You need some help in getting (un)dressed?

105. Morning to my sexy siren! You were pretty naughty in my dreams!

106. Good morning, sunshine! I’m finding it hard to get out of bed today. How about you join me in bed, instead? 

107. Hey, babe, good morning. I got you breakfast in bed. You can eat me up! 

108. Good morning, beautiful. Hope you have an amazing day. And an adventurous night 😉

109. Darling, ours is a love that will last forever. I want to be with you forever, in everything that you do. For now, let’s just shower together, shall we?

110. Wake up, sweetie. I hope it’s another day for some power-packed action. Between the sheets, I mean

111. Good morning, darling. I woke up with you in my mind. Probably, I’ll hit the bed with you later tonight

112. Babe, I got up so hot today; I must have been dreaming of you!

113. Darling, I woke up while I was still dreaming of the sexiest woman I have ever seen. You won’t believe how stunning that woman was. I just had to send a sexy good morning text to her!

114. Darling, the night seemed incomplete without you. Can’t have my morning be the same. See me for a quickie?

115. Hey, good morning, gorgeous! Had a really hot dream last night. Let’s make that dream come true tonight

116. Morning, hun. Hope you’re well-rested because we really need to work hard tonight 😉

117. Kickstart your day with a sweat-out session, dear. How about working out in bed together 

118. Good morning, darling. It’s freezingly cold today. Maybe you could come over to warm me up a little

119. Hey, good morning, sweetheart! Here’s to another day of making love to each other. That reminds me, are you game for strip poker tonight?’

120. Babe, I so wish you to be right here with me, under the blanket, snuggling with me 

121. Morning, dear. Hope to spend all day together with you. In bed. Not sleeping

122. Hun, since you woke so late today, I plan to keep you up all night 😉

123. Good morning, sugar! I hope your coffee is as hot as you were last night

124. Morning to the woman who kept me up all night long. Can’t wait to repeat that tonight

125. Hey, babe, good morning. Counting down until I get my hands (and more) on you tonight. Have a good day and I promise you an even better night! 

Pick one (or many!) from our list of sexy good morning messages for her to get your basics of sexting right. Seduce your woman with your words and watch her swoon. These messages are great for keeping your relationship fun and exciting. 

You now have a number of good morning love messages for her. Your girlfriend is certainly going to love how you play with your words to win her over. And now that you are sorted for the morrow, just hit the bed, knowing well that there is lots of love coming your way. 

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