100 Romantic 1st Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

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Updated On: March 28, 2024
First-anniversary message for boyfriend

Love is a heady feeling that can make hours and days whizz past in the blink of an eye. Before you realize it, it’s time to pen down a special 1st-anniversary message for boyfriend. You have sailed the love boat all year long with your cozy snuggles, mushy talks, dreamy nights, and wistful mornings longing for more love. Cut to the present, it is that time of the year that is already giving you butterflies in your stomach, for it is soon going to be your first anniversary! You might choose to make it a grand celebration, or a humble one by spending quality time with each other, but what makes it an affair to remember is a slew of heart-felt, endearing 1st-anniversary messages for boyfriend.

Anniversary wishes like “I love you” and “Happy first anniversary” are fine, but what’s new about them? Get creative and romantic (hey, it’s your 1st anniversary!) and send a message for your boyfriend that will sweep him right off his feet. We have pulled a rabbit out of our hats with our list of 100 (yes, that’s the number of romantic ideas you’re about to have) short and long sweet anniversary messages for boyfriend to win his heart all over again.

100 Romantic 1st Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

Feeling bummed out thinking about what to write on that cute card you got for your relationship milestone? “Happy anniversary, my love” is too basic. Instead, go for a funny anniversary message for your boyfriend that will bring a smile to his face, or you can heat up the affair with a naughty and racy one. Take a cue from the list below for an avalanche of ideas for a happy 1st-anniversary wish for boyfriend.

Funny 1st Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

Partners who laugh together, stay together. So, tickle his funny bone with this list of witty and humorous messages on your anniversary. Chances are that he would be expecting you to be all love-struck and mushy, take him by surprise with a funny twist to your love. He’s sure to remember this.

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  • 1. On our 1st anniversary, I want you to know how much happiness and satisfaction I get from annoying the hell out of you. And I have no plans of stopping any time soon. Happy anniversary, my love! – Here’s to the joys of being a cute nag
  • 2. Behind every successful man is a loving partner. Without the guidance of their love, he would always sport messy hair and wear sloppy clothes. I am glad to have been that person for a year! – Because some truths can never be hidden
  • 3. Cheers to all the times we have braved the rough patches and bumpy rides, just because you did not want to ask for directions! Happy anniversary my love – Not every time Lights Will Guide You Home, sometimes we women do that too
  • 4. I am so happy that our relationship has brimmed with love, care, and trust since the very first day. On our first anniversary, I would like to thank myself for all the efforts I’ve put in! – This funny anniversary text for boyfriend is sure to catch him off guard
  • 5. Oh my god, did we just complete a year? And we are still together? Happy anniversary, I guess. Love you! – Surprising your bae on your first anniversary is passé, time to act surprised instead
  • 6. Happy anniversary, boy! Today marks the first year of the best decision you’ve ever made. You are one lucky guy! – The perfect anniversary wish for boyfriend from someone who loves themselves and is not shy of flaunting it
  • 7. Happy anniversary to the boyfriend who still looks at me the way he looks at other hotties – Some boyfriends are always guilty of this, we know. But do they know that we know? Now they sure do
  • 8. Okay, so we’ve made it through a year without either of us ending up dead or in jail. I call that a reason to celebrate. Happy anniversary – No matter which stage of a relationship you are in, this funny message will find him in good humor
  • 9. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. I am not completely sick of you yet – This short anniversary wish for boyfriend will surely make him chuckle with delight
  • 10. Congratulations on having completed our first year together. Cheers to another year of suffering and misery, just kidding (or not). Happy anniversary! – Just a funny reminder that all relationships go through ups and downs, and all you’ve got to do is take it in your stride and enjoy every moment
  • 11. Thinking of my life without you makes me think of a calmer life. But, damn, wouldn’t that be so boring? Happy anniversary! – For all the adventurous moments in your relationship
  • 12. Happy 1st anniversary from the reason you stayed in the relationship … You’re welcome! – You are a person to keep, and you know it
  • 13. Happy anniversary. We’ve been through a lot since we first met and most of it was your fault – If you’ve bought funny gifts for your boyfriend on this day, place this note on top of that pile to make him laugh and then melt
  • 14. Happy anniversary! I am surprised that we haven’t stabbed each other yet. XOXO – Which couple doesn’t love to get embroiled in cute brawls?
  • 15. So, um … you’re still around. Happy anniversary then! – Annoy him with this anniversary wish and he wouldn’t stop wondering and chuckling
Funny 1st Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend
With funny 1st-anniversary messages for boyfriend, leave him in splits and a warm smile

Romantic 1st Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend In Long-Distance Relationship

It’s sad to think about your 1st-anniversary message for boyfriend in long distance relationship. You’d love to hug him and wish him personally, but he’s not around. E.E. Cummings rightly said, “Distance is just a test of how far love can travel. No matter how far you two are separated by geographical boundaries, it is your love for each other that holds you together.” Let your first anniversary wish for your boyfriend declare this whole-heartedly.

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  • 16. This one year with you has been a blessing to my existence, you have filled me with peace and love. Happy anniversary to my source of happiness! – Text this to your boyfriend on your special day to remind him of your love. Or write this on a handmade note that you’ve prepared for him. Take a photo and surprise him with it. Or say it in your own unique way, looking deep into his eyes – even if it is on a video call. Nothing can get more romantic than recalling so many wonderful memories you’ve had over the past year with your partner
  • 17. Our love started with a hello, graduated to coffee, and at last, bloomed into I love you. From sending you those good morning and good night messages, everything has just become better and better. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Happy anniversary – Nothing beats a personal message that comes straight from the heart. This will remind your boo of the good old days when you started off as best friends, only to evolve into loyal and faithful partners
  • 18. Being with you is enough; it’s the best gift you can ever give me. I want to be by your side forever. Happy anniversary – Your boyfriend is your biggest asset, and nothing can ever be compared to the love you have for each other
  • 19. Even though we are a thousand miles apart, you are forever in my heart. Happy anniversary, my love! – A generous dose of romantic happy anniversary messages like these can make your long-distance relationship work better
  • 20. If I know what love is, it is because of you. Happy 1st anniversary! – When in doubt, drop a romantic quote that oozes love. We all tend to get tongue-tied at the wrong moments, that’s when you can seek solace (and the right expression of your love) in verse. This quote from Herman Hesse defines love beautifully and is one of the most clever ways to say I love you to your boyfriend
  • 21. Love is not about the number of days, months, or even years we have been together. Love is about how much we love each other with every passing day. And I promise to love you for years to come. Happy anniversary, my BFF! – This is one of the best anniversary wishes for your knight in shining armor, expressing love that is not conditioned by time and distance
  • 22. I love you for the way you are, the way you let me be myself, and for all the other ways you make me feel special every day. May we continue to be this way for years, sailing in our little boat of love and joy. Happy anniversary! – This long sweet anniversary message for boyfriend can powerfully deliver your feelings for him. It is sure to make him swell up with deep affection
  • 23. As long as we share the same skies and breathe the same air, we are going to be together. Happy anniversary! – No better way to define eternal love than this
  • 24. You are my today and all of my tomorrow. I hope we continue to be each other’s rock. Happy anniversary – There is nothing better than a happy today that continues to be tomorrow
  • 25. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. Happy anniversary! – This simple yet poignant quote by Robert Browning is enough to make his heart melt
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Naughty 1st Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

Let’s spice things up – not just in the bedroom, but in your texts to him as well. It’s time to get creative and raunchy. Come up with a short and sexy wish to text him that sets the mood for the night. Or drop it over voicemail in your seductive voice (just make sure he isn’t listening to it at work!) Choose one from these naughty happy anniversary messages and drop some suggestive hints to your loving boyfriend. There is no better way to kickstart your anniversary than sending some spicy anniversary wishes for boyfriend to celebrate your blessed relationship.

  • 26. I will always be by your side. At times, under you, or on top, or on my knees. Happy first anniversary! – Get his heart (and more) racing with this one and spice up your sex life
  • 27. Ours is a relationship where no one wears the pants. You know I love it when the pants come off. Happy anniversary! – If this doesn’t drop hints for the night celebration, then what does?
  • 28. Honey, I did not get a gift for you on our first anniversary. How about you unwrap me instead? – Let us warn you, he’ll jump at this suggestion. Make sure you’re ready to steal some special moments with your favorite human being
  • 29. I love you for your pure heart (but that dick is a huge bonus). Happy anniversary to the man with the best one – Let this naughty thing tell him that you’re the luckiest person to have found such an amazing boyfriend. Let him know how you want him and get him chasing you
  • 30. You are my sunshine and my rain. Because you make me hot and wet. Happy anniversary, my man! – So, how’s the weather looking today? Wink!
  • 31. Our first anniversary together calls for an exotic, delicious dinner. Let’s eat each other up tonight – We bet you’ll have a yummy anniversary
  • 32. On our 1st anniversary, I want to sit at my favorite place – your beard. Have a sexy anniversary! – Okay, so this one goes all out to declare the celebration details
  • 33. Happy 1st anniversary to the man who makes me (and my dick/vagina) happy – A very straightforward and short anniversary message for your boyfriend
  • 34. Happy 1st anniversary! I love you from the bottom of my boobs. I wanted to say heart, but my boobs are bigger – We are sure your boyfriend would delightfully agree with this
  • 35. Happy Anni_ersary, my BFF! (you’ll get the V later) or Happy Anniversary, _arling! (you’ll get the D later) – This 1st anniversary wish for boyfriend will make him want ‘it’ sooner
  • 36. Dearest boyfriend, this anniversary, I want to tell you how much I love you. I love every single bone in your body. But there’s this one that I am particularly fond of – Well, chances are that he knows this already, but a little appreciation goes a ‘long’ way
  • 37. Dear love, you’ve been such an amazing boyfriend! On our 1st anniversary, let me tell you I love fucking you. Oops. I mean … I fucking love you! – Send him this dirty text message instead of the usual sugarcoated anniversary wishes
  • 38. It’s only been a year together, but I already think I’ll keep you forever. You really know how to use your gun – Ah, the truth bomb
  • 39. On our first anniversary together, I just want you to stay happy, and a little bit naked – Way to state your priorities
Romantic first anniversary messages for boyfriend
Express your love with these 1st-anniversary messages for boyfriend

Short Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

Keep it short, keep it simple. Choose an anniversary message for your boyfriend that is short yet profound. Having lived through so many wonderful memories in the passing year, it’s time to tell the world that you have been blessed with the best boyfriend, someone you can’t imagine life without. Send succinct heartfelt anniversary wish to your man of few words who believes in acts of passion. Make a mark with these 1st-anniversary messages for boyfriend.

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  • 40. One year ago, you kissed me good night for the first time. And it has been a dreamy affair since then – Let him know that he is your dream come true
  • 41. Best day of my life! Happy anniversary to you, my dear – Keep it short, keep it simple; because feelings speak louder than words
  • 42. I love you every step of the way, and it is a long one going toward forever – True relationships last forever and yours is one of them
  • 43. I am so totally, completely, passionately, overwhelmingly, life-changingly in love with you. Happy anniversary – Express your feelings like never before
  • 44. Happy anniversary, love! This is all I want to do with you, forever – An anniversary wish for boyfriend that is far from being cliched or cheesy, coupled with sentimental gifts for boyfriend maybe?
  • 45. The most wonderful thing I ever did was share my heart and love with you. And now, I want to share my life with you. Happy anniversary, honey – What can be better than wanting to grow old with him?
  • 46. You will always be my forever. Happy 1st anniversary, love – And the future looks so much brighter and better together
  • 47. Dear boyfriend, you complete me in every way. Happy anniversary, my best half – Here’s to the couples that complement each other
  • 48. I need you like a heart needs a beat. Happy anniversary, my heartbeat – This is also a great 1st-anniversary message for boyfriend in long distance relationship. You are distanced by location, yet inseparable
  • 49. You are the greatest gift of my life. Happy 1st anniversary, love – Anniversary wishes that convey your feelings for him are the most apt
  • 50. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. You are the king of my heart – He has claimed your heart with love, and you have gladly let him

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Cute Ways To Say Happy Anniversary My Love

Nothing spells love more than two lovers being adorable together. Being cute never goes out of fashion. Those endearing sweet-nothings that you whisper in his ears, your little love-smitten acts, or the cutesy quirks of your relationship – these are the cornerstones of your love. Pepper your special day with your same disarming charm that bewitches your boyfriend and make him fall for you over and over again.

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  • 51. Even though forever is a long time, I would like to spend it by your side – This cute 1st-anniversary wish for boyfriend will make him go aww instantly
  • 52. I will never forget the moment I realized I love you. Happy anniversary, sweetheart – Etch that special moment in your hearts forever with this lovely message
  • 53. Happy anniversary to the man who makes me laugh even when I don’t want to smile – He will be smiling for sure when he reads this
  • 54. Love is being insane together. Let’s have an insanely amazing anniversary! – And he’d be singing Love Me Insane
  • 55. You are the only one I want to annoy for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary – Pair it up with a nice 1st-year anniversary present and let the celebrations begin
  • 56. Okay, a year has passed. Good thing you are not suffering from a deficiency of vitamin me. Have a large dosage today for a healthy anniversary – For the love doctor prescribes plenty of you
  • 57. I love you more than chocolate. Happy anniversary, my coco bunny – Sweet and indulgent, just like chocolates
  • 58. Your hugs and kisses make me want to stay with you forever. It’s been a beautiful year being with you. I hope we stay like this for eternity – Watch him shower you with more of such cuddles and kisses on reading this
  • 59. On our first anniversary, I just want you to know that I am never not thinking of you. Get out of my head, you hot lips, fuzzy butt, stud muffin! – If calling your boyfriend nicknames is not cute, then what is?
  • 60. Loving you is like breathing; it comes naturally. And it will continue as long as I live. Happy 1st anniversary, my honeybunch –Cutely innocent, passionately profound, isn’t it?
  • 61. On a day like this, I said yes to the most handsome and intelligent man in the world and it continues to be my best decision. Happy anniversary, Mr. Perfect! – Happy relationships are perfect relationships
  • 62. Happy anniversary to the man who is my spark in the dark – Your guiding light that illuminates your life deserves to be pampered and loved on this special day. Send him this heartfelt anniversary wish (pair it with a homemade anniversary gift maybe?) and see his face light up
  • 63. You are the ketchup to my fries. Let’s stick together! Happy anniversary – We all know how lethal a combo this one is, much like you two
  • 64. Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same. Happy anniversary, my soulmate – This quote by Emily Bronte is apt to express your feelings for your soulmate. Know more about the different types of soulmates and the signs of deep soul connection
  • 65. My home is not a place, it is a person. And that person is you. Today, I celebrate a year of being home – Love can indeed give you the safest and coziest of homes
  • 66. I’ll love you even when you are old, wrinkly, and senile. Happy anniversary, my constant – A 1st-anniversary quote for boyfriend that promises you’ll stay together for years to come
  • 67. I am a little weird and so is my life. Your weirdness complements mine, and together, we have been in this mutual weirdness called love for a year. Happy anniversary, my weirdo – Such an amazing boyfriend as yours deserves a cutely weird wish that is sure to make him smile instantly
  • 68. Will you travel with me for the years to come? Happy anniversary to my travel partner for life – How about surprising your boyfriend with a proposal like this on your anniversary? Unique, creative, and romantic to the core
  • 69. You have beautiful eyes. Anyone could get lost in them. I guess I did too. Happy anniversary, my eye candy – Trust this 1st-anniversary wish for boyfriend to steal his heart
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Thoughtful Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

The special day calls for an extra special way to convey your love for him. A warm message from you will leave an indelible stamp on his heart. Well thought-out and aptly worded messages can precisely sum up the intensity of your emotions. Pick a thoughtful anniversary message for your boyfriend from the list below. Say it to your man in person, looking straight into his eyes, and see the magic of love unfold.

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  • 70. When love is true, it has no end. I hope we get to celebrate ours for years to come. Happy anniversary – True love sees no end. Instead, it marks the beginning of life and happiness
  • 71. I never thought it was possible to love you any more than I did since the day I fell for you, but somehow my love only grows and expands. Happy anniversary – An anniversary wish that suggests how boundless your love for him is
  • 72. The good things in life become better with you. Happy anniversary, my better half! – For his presence is enough to make an ordinary day sparkle
  • 73. In a world where so many things are uncertain, the only thing I am and will always be sure of, is you. Happy anniversary, my constant! – You love each other madly, and today’s the day to express it
  • 74. It started with a dream of having a life together, and the dream keeps getting better with every passing day. Cheers to one year of loving each other! – A happy 1st-anniversary message for your boyfriend that will fill him to the brim with love and affection for you
  • 75. I have no words to describe the love I feel for you on our 1st anniversary – unwavering, tender, and boundless can only begin to sum it up – Well, sometimes an affectionate anniversary wish like this can help you describe it
  • 76. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I will find you. You’ve made my dreams come true. Our relationship is everything I could have hoped for, and more. Happy anniversary! – Write this special love message to your boyfriend and see how it lights him up, for he sure wants to make all your dreams come true
  • 77. I’ll always be in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying things that are true. Happy anniversary – Trust this 1st-anniversary message for your boyfriend to shoot directly into his heart with its straightforward declaration of integrity and love
  • 78. You are my best friend, my lover, and someone I’m proud to call my partner. Happy anniversary! – Couldn’t come up with a DIY, homemade anniversary gift for him? Don’t worry! Send him this simple message with a well of emotions to express how you feel for him
  • 79. From romantic dates to cuddles on the couch, you’ve given me some of life’s sweetest memories. Here’s hoping to spend more such moments together. Happy anniversary! – Reminiscing about fond memories on your anniversary will only make it more special
  • 80. Life with you is much happier and sweeter than it was before you came into my life. Happy anniversary, my sweetheart – A happy 1st-anniversary message for boyfriend to tell him how he has changed your world, for the better
  • 81. Falling in love is easy. What makes it all worthwhile is ‘staying’ in love. Together, we have been able to do just that. Happy anniversary! – Your boyfriend will be enamored by this message that you have so thoughtfully come up with for him
  • 82. We met as different players in the game of life, joined our hands as a team, and are now hitting home runs together. Happy anniversary to my teammate – A thoughtful anniversary wish. You both definitely make a winning team. If you’re both sports lovers, watching a game on TV or in the stadium could be the kind of fun date night ideas that you can opt for on your special day
  • 83. All that you are is all I will ever need. You make my world complete. Happy anniversary, my man – Express your beautiful feelings for him and make him fall for you again
  • 84. The sound of the sea and the echo of our love share two things in common: they are both constant and eternal. Happy anniversary! – You are not just spending days together, you are preparing to stay together for a lifetime
  • 85. I love you, not just for what you are, but also for what I am when I am with you. I love you, not just for what you have made of yourself, but also for what you are making of me. Happy anniversary to the man who brings out the best in me! – This profound and long sweet anniversary message for boyfriend will definitely strike a chord with him, strumming the strings of his heart

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Romantic Anniversary Messages For Boyfriend

Your first anniversary calls for all the romance and mush. It is that day when you can be cheesy, lovey-dovey, and intimate with your partner to declare to the world how madly you love your guy. Ditch the cloak of coyness, go beyond sheepish expressions of love to smother your partner with an unabashed acknowledgement of your emotions. Let your love go wild with a passionate, intimate, and no-holds-barred anniversary message that is strong and confident in its feelings.

  • 86. Darling, I feel so blessed to have found in you one of the most caring persons ever – a person with whom I can cry, laugh, goof around, or even make mischief. Happy anniversary, my partner-in-crime! Love blooms best when you find a lifelong friend in your partner
  • 87. You know what makes our relationship so special? Both of us can be our genuine selves without being judged. Here’s to a year of being sassy, cool, and quirky! – Because strong relationships are founded on mutual respect
  • 88. Your love made my days and weeks whizz past in a jiffy. With you, the last one year went in the blink on an eye. Forever is too short a time to spend with you; I wish to go beyond the eternal, my love. – With the right partner by your side, time is just a number
  • 89. One year down, and I am still crazy, mad, and insane about you. My love for you is here to stay forever, getting stronger and more passionate with each passing day. Happy anniversary, dear – Let your love speak for itself with this intense anniversary wish
  • 90. The last one year, I’ve been crying a little lesser, laughing a little louder, and loving a lot more. And all this has been possible because of you. You have been the reason behind all the happiness and contentment that I’ve ever experienced. – Having lived through so many wonderful memories together, it is time to show a little appreciation and acknowledgement to the wonderful man your mental health has been blessed with
  • 91. Sending my heartfelt anniversary wishes to the best boyfriend one can ever have. You are the one who has taught me what love is. If I know what it means to feel being loved, it is only because of you – you are my definition of love. – Make your first anniversary an affair to remember with a wish that pours your heart out
  • 92. Honey, the last one year spent with you will be forever etched in my heart, for you have kissed not just my lips, but my soul. – For real love transcends physical forms to dig deeper into the ethereal
  • 93. Darling, our first anniversary, though special, is just a momentary celebration of a lifelong union. We will be here, together, for ever. – Celebrate the joy that a lasting relationship brings with this deep, romantic anniversary wish
  • 94. When love is true, there can be no ending. And with a beginning so beautiful, I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us. Here’s wishing you a happy beginning of an eternity. – Gearing up for one hell of a ride that love sets you on
  • 95. For the last one year, every single day has been a celebration with you – starting and ending my days with your love has given me sheer joy. We deserve more such years together. – Yes, The Beatles were right when they sang Love Is All You Need
  • 96. I thought I have loved you to the best of my abilities, but somehow my love for you continues to grow everyday. I love you today and always, dear. Happy anniversary! – Make your special day a gala affair with the right words that express your love
  • 97. Happy anniversary to us. I keep falling for you everyday. You make me feel so special and loved, I can’t thank my stars enough to have found such a loving partner! – The journey of life gets easier when you choose the right partner. Let your man know how lucky you feel to have him by your side
  • 98. On our first anniversary, I wish our hearts continue to fill with love as they did the first time we found a life partner in each other. Here’s to many more years of this togetherness – Raise a toast to your camaraderie with a heartfelt anniversary wish
  • 99. The good things in life have become better with you. Happy anniversary to my better-in-every-way half! – Who said short romantic anniversary messages don’t pack a punch?
  • 100. Babe, we might not be perfect individuals, but our love for each other lies in our little imperfections. Our love seeps in through all the crevices of our hearts to seal our bond and make it stronger everyday. – For it is the little things that matter; it is the tiny nooks where love dwells

Key Pointers

  • Acknowledge and appreciate your boyfriend with your first anniversary wish
  • Pick the right words that express the depth of your feelings to make him feel special and important
  • Be genuine and honest in your expression of love
  • Anniversary is not about presenting him with opulent gifts; the emotions and feelings behind your gestures matter the most
  • Go for a romantic, funny, or sexy anniversary message as per your disposition 

Now that you have an idea, in fact an entire list, of romantic happy anniversary messages for your boyfriend, all you have to do is plan the perfect date night. Brainstorm a few surprises for your date night to sweep him off his feet. Top it up with a romantic anniversary message like the ones listed above, and see Cupid strike once again.

This article has been updated in February 2023.

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