21 Zoom Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

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When essentials like offices, schools, and colleges have resorted to the virtual world, dating and romance cannot be left behind. Helping you get on the virtual love bandwagon is our comprehensive list of Zoom date ideas. Let’s bring those lovey-dovey dates closer home! Even though dating IRL does have its own charm, Zoom virtual dates are no less. No more getting stuck in traffic, no more waiting for hours for a table at a restaurant, these Zoom dinner dates can be unique, practical, and fun.

Missing your bae as they are stuck at home recovering from COVID? Try these virtual date ideas for couples. Societal barriers or time restrictions playing spoilsport keeping the love-birds away? Get on a Zoom call. These virtual date ideas are a blessing for couples in a long-distance relationship too. So let’s explore some fun and amazing ideas to go out, or rather go online, with your partner so that you never miss out on your dose of romance.

21 Zoom Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

So near, yet so far, such is the condition of lovers who are forever close to each other by heart, but often separated by distance. Even though you have aced the game of video chats and FaceTime, you might find yourself in a rut when it comes to finding a suitable idea for a night with your bae. What on Earth can you do as a couple to spice things up? Go for Valentine’s zoom dates to liven up your relationship. Make your long-distance relationship work better with our amazing list of ideas for a special night that you and your partner won’t stop raving about.

1. Whip up your favorite meal together

What is a date without some finger-licking food? Just another monotonous Zoom meet. So, what tops our list of Zoom first virtual date ideas is a cook-off. Schedule a Zoom call with your lover, keep the ingredients ready for your favorite dish, and take turns to rustle up a delicacy or cook alongside one another over the call.

You can go a step ahead with your creativity (and culinary skills) and have a cooking face-off. Set the table for a cook-off with the same set of ingredients, get adventurous and experiment with your meal. While obviously there won’t be any Michelin-star chef to judge your dish, you two are sure to have a great time laughing and experimenting your way through the date.

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2. Sweat it out with your sweetie

Get sweaty and physical with your sweetie over a Zoom call. No, neither are we kidding nor are we hinting at lovemaking. With most of the physical trainers and workout experts getting online to conduct classes and workshops, you can attend one live workout session with your bae and get all heated up. Make things interesting with this Zoom virtual date idea where you can focus on your fitness goals with your soulmate.

Rope in a personal trainer for conducting a crazy Zumba session or a calming yoga class, a high-energy training sesh, or an aerobic class. Get your heart racing, not just upon seeing your partner, but also on working out with them. Considering how exercise and fitness can improve your sex drive (yes, it does!), this endorphin-boosting gym date is a must-try.

3. Paint the town red, quite literally

You must have enjoyed partying and painting the town red with your lover on most of your IRL dates. This time, give it a literal meaning with these Zoom dinner dates. Get your hands on a canvas or a couple of adult coloring books (mandalas anyone?), put together some painting supplies, keep that sparkling wine handy, and get on a Zoom call with your bae. Bond over a relaxed and jolly painting session with your partner while sipping on your favorite bubbly.

Add a dash of romance to your painting date by attempting to bring your dating memories to life on your canvas. Portray your memories from the first time you said “I love you” or sketch the place where you two met for the first time. It would sure be romantic to walk down the memory lane with your bae, unwind, and reminisce the good ol’ special moments. The silly strokes might give you a good hearty laugh or a jaw-drop moment as you display your skill with the paintbrush. Either way, this Zoom date idea is sure going to be fun.

4. Netflix and chill one of the best virtual date ideas

Netflix and chill is sure a thing with couples. Snuggling with their partners, munching on snacks, and binge-watching the best Netflix shows – are the essentials for every movie lover’s dream night. Couples in long-distance relationships need not get disheartened for we have the perfect recipe for their Netflix party night with their partner. While you can’t really cuddle with your partner, you can stream and binge-watch your favorite shows to catch up on all the drama together.

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Make it an affair to remember with this long-distance Zoom date idea. Put your heads together to compile your watchlist, pick up a show/movie, get your snack game on point, grab the coziest pillows, and you are all set to have a lovely evening. The chat box comes to the rescue of the lovebirds to share their reactions and live commentary. Get mushy with a romantic watch or laugh your hearts out with a comedy, you will remember this date for sure.

5. A double date to double the fun

When things get monotonous and dull, get your squad on board. Friends can make your date perky and vivacious, by adding a zing to your usual party with your partner. The more the merrier. Get another couple to join you both over a Zoom call, all the better if they are sailing the same long-distance relationship boat as you are. Not only will this add a variation to your Zoom call, but will also help you vibe better with your gang.

When on a double date, the conversation is open and free, giving you ample things to talk about. We understand no matter how interesting any virtual date idea might be, it can get super awkward. A double date is a cool idea where you can play games and have some ice-breaking activities to bond, laugh, and make merry over. It would probably be a good idea to ensure that your friends are on the same page making it easier for you all to connect better.

Zoom first date ideas
Zoom dates can be real fun

6. Play 20 questions

Looking for a couple of game ideas for a virtual game night? Play this super fun, amazing game of 20 questions with your partner on your date. It will be an excellent activity to bond over. This date idea will help you get to know your partner better as you lay your heart bare via these questions. We‘ve got you covered if you are looking for some inspiration for some ice-breaking questions for dating your love interest.

No doubt online games are fun, but the real deal is revisiting your childhood and play some silly and classic old-school games. Play truth or dare, 20 questions, have a heart-to-heart convo, and discuss love and life as you delve deeper into each other’s personalities and likings. This amazing idea will instantly click with its fun banter. Try this when on a double date, and you will have a wonderful time knowing not just your partner, but your friends as well.

7.Go for virtual tours

The one thing that quarantine gifted us with has to be virtual tours. Visit a museum, hop on a safari ride, go on a farm, the possibilities are endless. Go beyond the video chats, and get out of your room, well, virtually. You can go anywhere you wish to, with your partner in tow, while romping around in your PJs. Still wondering what to do this Valentine’s day with your partner? Trust us when we say that any eve with your spouse certainly can’t get better than this. Decide what kind of virtual tours you can go on, and have fun narrowing down the list of possibilities.

With the entire world being just a click away, you can venture out on all sorts of entertaining visits. Discover newer things together while sitting snug in your living room and find love while you travel together, virtually. End your virtual museum tour with dinner, while you chat the night away discussing the tour.

8. Turn up the heat

Time for some steamy action between the sheets! You might be a sexting pro, but it is time to take things up a notch. Put on that lacy lingerie, or that sexy pair of boxers. Dim the lights, create an inviting and sensual ambiance with some scented candles, and get going with that much-awaited Zoom virtual date idea.

Feel your partner, quite literally, even when they are miles apart with some cool app-controlled sex toys. Go for the usual cybersex or opt for sex toys. The choice is yours, the pleasure is mutual. Couples in LDR won’t miss out on the love and lust that a relationship entails, thanks to such steamy, action-packed online dates.

9. Go out for a walk

With Zoom, you can always think of outdoing yourself by introducing variations in your dates. We understand that being in LDR deprives you of those hand-held long walks and casual strolls. But your partner can still accompany you for a walk, thanks to these Zoom dates for couples. Simply start a Zoom call with your loved one and head out for a walk. It can be a local park or any other interesting place that you like.

You can walk around to show your partner your favorite haunt in the city, point out different things around and talk, explore newer places, and get to know each other’s city better. If you are feeling too adventurous, you can even plan a little scavenger hunt to play.

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10. Try a dance trend

This one has got to be the most fun Zoom date idea. With the boom in social media platforms, there has been quite a surge in the trending culture. Be it a viral prank, a trending challenge, a dance step, or a transformation clip, such short videos have made their way to popularity with the masses. Trying any of these trending hacks or dance steps along with your love could be one of the most fun things to do as a couple. Learn a new dance trend, try your hand at viral challenges, shoot a video, revel in the moment, make lots of memories, and cherish the bond.

Online dates like these can be simple – pick up any of the trending songs, figure out the choreography, and get on a Zoom call with your partner. Amaze your love interest by showing off some phenomenal steps or laugh over some silly goofing around. It will sure be fun as you two topple over trying to master the steps.

11. Play a few drinking games

Get the date night going with a few party games. These Zoom virtual date ideas are all about endless revelry, fun, and, of course, bonding well. Set up a Zoom date with your partner, or better still, have a double date. Kickstart a boisterous night with drinking games like ‘Never have I ever’, ‘Most likely’, or ‘Two truths and a lie’ and see it getting more and more maddening with every drink gulped down. Take a cue from these Never Have I Ever questions for couples to get the ball rolling.

These drinking games work well as Zoom first dates too, to break down the awkwardness. Online games have been done to death. For once, try these activities that are sure to bring a couple closer, helping them understand and know each other better. Discover some unknown facts and truths about your partner and know them inside out with such fun games.

12. Get inside (and then out of) an escape room

We all know how fun escape rooms are. We’ve played them with our friends and family and enjoyed them a lot. Now is the time to enjoy one such escape sesh with your partner as our next Zoom dinner date idea suggests. Up your virtual date night ideas game with an escape room. When we have nowhere else to go, we bring a virtual escape room into our living rooms!

If you have a flair for challenges and games, then this one’s for you. Unravel the mysteries at the exact same time and find your way out along with your partner. Engaging, entertaining, and enthusiastic, this date night idea will sure impress your love with its ingenuity. Play it in groups when having a group date, or enjoy it between the two of you, the choice and the fun is all yours.

13. Stargaze through the night

You two must have been talking each other to sleep in your relationship. Try stargazing till either of you doze off on one of your romantic nights. The fact that you two are living under the same sky, gazing at the same stars, makes it all the more romantic.

Head to your deck or terrace, pull out a cozy comforter, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and start your starry and dreamy affair for the night. See if you can point and gaze at the constellations, and engage in some questions for a heart-to-heart conversation. It really is idyllic and romantic to look at the same stars as your beloved, no matter what the distance is.

14. Go for a prim and proper date

We can’t deny or overlook the charm that a fancy date exudes. No matter how fun our other Zoom virtual date ideas are, there is still that charisma and lure of a fancy date night that can never be equaled. And there is no reason that couples in LDR should miss out on this vibe. Experience the similar glamor and magnificence of an extravagant night brimming with romance, but over a Zoom call with your love.

Put on your snazziest outfits and look your best because dressing up with nowhere to go can be fun. Grab a bottle of Scotch, play some jazz, and get on the Zoom call. Surprise you love with your/their favorite food delivered at their doorstep which you can relish together virtually. It sure is an excellent Zoom date idea for couples.

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15. Acquire a new skill

Learn a new skill with your bae even if you are miles apart. Experience newer things in each other’s company and pick up a new skill/hobby on the go. It is one of the best activities for couples to do together and bond over. With hundreds of classes and workshops being available online, you can sign up for any depending on your interests. Ever thought of taking a virtual cooking class? Or a hula hoop class? Now is the time! There are so many things to learn and have fun — all virtual, with your partner.

Even better would be to gift a masterclass to your partner and join them on their learning adventure. Strengthen your bond and fall back in love with your spouse while learning painting, dancing, singing, photography, or anything else that you fancy.

16. Bond over a trivia night

The most fun and simple way to connect with your significant other. Irrespective of the stage of your relationship, you can enjoy and bond over a trivia night. Make space for this fun game in your list of dating dos, and once you check it off your list, be ready to fall in love with your soulmate all over again.

You can use any random trivia-generating website where you can note down your answers, select a few questions, and then have them revealed at the end. The one with the most correct answers wins the game. But eventually, it is only love that emerges victorious.

17. Turn mixologist for the night

We’ve all dreamt of becoming a mixologist, showing off some cool moves, and churning out cooler cocktails. Now is the time to become one in reality. But on a date that is on, you guessed it, Zoom. This is a really cool idea where you can don the hat of a mixologist with your boo and try your hands at making concoctions. You can take inspiration from any of the cocktail recipes available online and go hic, hic, hurray! As for the day after, we’ve got you covered on that too. Follow some of the best tips doled out by our experts to avoid the hangover and have a smooth morning.

For once, ditch your PJs and dress smartly for your snazzy date (you won’t regret impressing your better half with your killer looks). Guide each other through the cocktail recipes, enjoy, and vibe over the drinks you created.

On dating tips and more

18. Play quiz master to each other

We all have many questions pertaining to our soulmates. But how often do we ask them? Well, hardly ever, isn’t it? With these Zoom first date ideas, you can do exactly that. Get on a Zoom video chat with your partner to ask them some fun, flirty, romantic, or even outrageously weird questions. This will help you get a better insight into your partner in a light-hearted manner.

Go all lovey-dovey with our list of 100 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend/partner or go dirty with a set of truth or dare questions. You can ask a few flirty date questions to tease your special person.

19. Try delivery roulette

Dates are not fun if they don’t end with a nice, hearty dinner. This Valentine’s Zoom date idea covers exactly that – a good sit-down dinner which you can both eat together virtually. The only twist is both of you will order a take-away dinner for each other. So, it’s like a surprise meal where you have no idea what you’ll be eating for your dinner. Interesting, exciting, and absolutely fun to do.

What’s better? You can even support a small business while enjoying a meal with your love. Embark with your SO on a food adventure with new cuisine and newer dishes, all the while staying in your comfort zone, aka your bedroom.

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20. Virtual wine and cheese tasting experience

All the wine connoisseurs, rejoice! This long-distance Zoom date idea is just what the love doctor prescribes for you. We all fancy going for a wine-tasting experience with our bae. Bring this dream to life with a virtual wine tasting and cheese pairing experience.

There are two routes to this one – both you and your mate pick up a variety of wine to taste together or you can opt for a curated virtual wine tasting session. You can book a courier package as per your choice, have them delivered at home, and raise a toast to each other over the Zoom date. The best thing is that neither of you needs to worry about drinking and driving!

21. Have a picnic in your backyard

When you can’t head outdoors for a picnic, you bring the picnic to your backyard. Or your terrace. Or your lawn. Brownie points if the weather is pleasantly sunny. Put together all the picnic essentials, throw in a rug, an umbrella, bring your hats out, and call your lover over for a picnic, virtually.

While both of you soak in the sun, you can connect over this simple and seemingly humble long-distance Zoom date idea for couples. Make sure you keep your picnic food and beverages coordinated to be really able to share the experience with each other.

Key Pointers

  • Going on frequent dates and putting in some effort can ensure a happy and healthy relationship
  • Plan unique online game nights and virtual sessions doing your partner’s favorite things together to make them feel special and important
  • Virtual dates are a great way of showing your affection and love for your partner even if you are separated by physical distance
  • Couples in long-distance relationships can spend quality time together in fun and interesting ways that promise much more than the ordinary video chats

With this, we bring our list of Zoom virtual date ideas to an end. But the fun doesn’t end here. These ideas have got you covered, so you ace matters of the heart like a pro. Feel closer to each other with these quirky dates, no matter the physical distance. Your date nights are guaranteed to be varied and exciting, keeping both of you in love with each other for years to come.

This article has been updated in January 2023.

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