43 Romantic Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

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Updated On: January 25, 2024
Date night ideas for married couples

Every marriage goes through a phase when the once-blooming love starts to dry up, the butterflies fluttering in the stomach fly away, and the love-eyes emojis are replaced with neutral-toned texts. If that’s what you’re going through, we’re here to help you shake things up with these date night ideas for married couples.

Let’s ensure that your marriage stays true to the ‘happily ever after’ that you dreamed of. From crazy dates to wild and passionate nights, mushy stay-at-home dates to adventurous new experiences, this list of date night ideas for married couples has got everything that it can take to keep your marriage fresh and intimate!

If you are looking for some non-sexual activities for married couples to do together, we’ve got that covered too. Without delaying it further, let’s give you a sneak peek into what we’ve got for you.

43 Romantic Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

A romantic date night can liven up your love life when things start getting monotonous and predictable. Marriage often tends to lose its spark within a few years as the novel becomes the usual. Trust us when we say that you are not alone in this. There are many others sailing in the same boat. Reason enough for us to come up with romantic ideas for married couples to bring the fun back into marriage. So just sit back and read on.

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What’s a married life without some hot, steaming action between the sheets? Gear up for some passionate moves, and get into the mood with these hot date ideas coming your way.

1. Sketch your partner

Are you into sketching? You need not be a Leonardo da Vinci to paint your Mona Lisa — the idea is just to have some scintillating fun. All you have to do is find a muse in your partner and get going.

Pro Tip: Try nude and erotic sketching where you can redefine love while exploring the fluidity in human form.

2. Give each other a spa treatment

Turn masseuse for your partner, giving them a ‘hot’ massage, pun intended. Begin with setting up the ambience of a spa at home with fragrant candles, dim lights, soft music, and some fresh flowers to get you in the mood. Smother each other with love (and lust) as you ‘smack’ them with that body butter.

3. Play love games

Playing love games is a good idea for couples to reconnect. How about ending your Friday with a round of ‘Sexy Jenga’ or the dirtiest ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions? Play a sassy game of ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ and see the sparks flying.

4. Paint each other

We’ve all tried tattooing and face painting as kids, but now it’s time for you to try painting your spouse’s body. From tickling your partner with a paintbrush to getting flamboyantly intimate in the process, this will leave you two reddened with love.

5. Play stripping games

Strip Monopoly, Strip Poker, or Strip Jenga – you can play any game as long as you keep on stripping! What’s even a hot date idea for married couples if it doesn’t get both of you in the mood for some action? Get the spark back in a boring marriage with fun date night ideas like these.

6. Dance dirty

If gaming and painting are not your jam, you can come out clean with some dirty dancing. Belt out some sensuous, groovy tracks, show ‘em your moves, and floor them with your seduction skills! What’s best is that you can have this kind of date night very often to get the spark back in a boring marriage.

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7. Roleplay

You know how indispensable foreplay is in the bedroom, but did you know that roleplay is equally important? When things in the bedroom get dull, dish out those kinky costumes, and play out your fantasies. Or better still, go out on an actual date to the nearest pub as strangers and play out the whole wooing and chasing game. Phil and Claire from Modern Family knew what they were doing when they came up with this hot date idea for married couples.

8. Take a bubble bath

You probably did that yesterday, but for this date night idea at home, you have your spouse along with you in the bathtub too. Take a relaxing, long bubble bath together and soak in the love. Get some scented candles, a couple of bath bombs, sparkling wine, and some nice romantic music, and you’re in for the best date at home!

Pro Tip: Keep a few towels handy, in case things get too ‘slippery’ to handle, wink!

Activities For Married Couples To Do Together

Stop the boredom from seeping into your relationship with some interesting activities that you two can enjoy together. Engaging and entertaining couple activities can work wonders for your bond.

9. Take a dance class

Enroll yourself in a dance workshop for couples and get groovy with your spouse. Dance into their heart all over again, as you two try to tango, matching steps with each other. As you get up and close in an embrace while swaying to the songs, this activity will not only keep your marriage fresh but will bring you two closer to each other, literally and figuratively.

10. Write each other a love letter

Go all out with your expression of love for your partner, pen down your heartfelt feelings for each other, ‘with’ each other, the old-school way – writing love letters! Imagine sitting with your spouse, pouring your heart out on a fancy paper (maybe fragrant?), sheepishly sliding it into their hands, and seeing them read it right in front of you as a coy smile dangles on their lips – romantic and totally adorable.

11. Cook together

Coupling with each other is as much about cooking together as it is about ordering in. For now, ditch the itch to order in, because for your dinner date with husband, you are going to cook together. Get out of the bedroom to have some fun in the kitchen, rustling up dishes for each other and relishing them together later. This cooking camaraderie can help couples to reconnect as they spend quality time together.

Pro tip: Don’t shy away from smearing your SO with some chocolate sauce and then licking it off them, wink!

12. Go for a couple workout

A couple that eats together, burns calories together. And for once, we are not restricting burning calories to the bedroom. Not for the regular lovey-dovey couples, these couple workout sessions are meant for fitness freaks who hardly spend time with their partners. It is one of those date night ideas for married couples that allows them to follow their passion while enjoying the company of their person.

13. Turn into a tourist for a day

Your attempts to reignite a failing marriage are incomplete if you are not hanging out with your partner. Make your dates all about being with them – exploring new things, visiting new places, and engaging in new conversations. The next time you fall short of date night ideas, just go tripping. Visit the places you went to during your courtship, relive the memories, create some newer ones, and reignite the spark of love.

14. Read a book

For all the bookworms and the lovelorn-s in the house, this one’s for you. Set up this unique date night at home with your partner and see them asking for more! Simple, novel, and oh-so-romantic, it is one of the best activities for married couples to do together. Read out love sonnets to each other, a short love story, or any of your favorite authors, and time will fly by with both of you snuggled up in love.

15. Go hiking/trekking

If both of you enjoy being outdoors, then you should consider such date night ideas to rekindle a marriage. Besides, what can get better than rediscovering love in the lap of nature? Find a trail close to your place, join a trekking group, or go only as a couple to steal some cozy moments, and get set afoot. Adventurous, fun, and romantic, this one ticks all the right boxes.

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16. Attend a music festival/concert

One of the most exciting and entertaining date night ideas for married couples would be going to a concert of an artist you both love. You can pre-book your tickets or look out for bookings that open up last minute to hear your favorite band live. The music, the vibe, the euphoria, and the crowd, all will leave you spellbound.

Date Night Ideas For Married Couples At Home

Those who are wary of stepping out every other day to catch up on romance, can have an intimate time in the comfort of their homes. Here’s how you can plan a warm and comfy date night at home to spend some quality time with your SO.

17. Binge-watch series/movies

Okay, so this might be too mainstream but it is fun nonetheless. Grab a bowl of popcorn, sneak into your PJs, dim the lights, and binge on your favorite shows or movies. What makes this the best date night idea for married couples is that this gives you enough scope for being together – right from working on a watchlist and putting together snacks and munchies, to discussing the plot and your favorite characters in the end.

Pro tip: Opt for something from the genre of love and romance or erotica to get in the mood.

18. Talk them to sleep

Who said talking is not fun and romantic? They’ve probably never heard of pillow talks. You don’t really need to set this one up, but you can if you want to. Just pull out the cozy comforters, light up some candles with essential oils to help you relax, and unwind. The snug and intimate ambience will make you loosen up and talk your heart out. Fun, chirpy banter, deep serious conversations, philosophical thoughts, or simply a freewheeling chat can keep your marriage fresh and you two in love.

19. Game night

Perk up your marriage with such out-of-the-box date night ideas for married couples at home. Keep your date nights practical and doable, something that you’d love doing over and over again, much like a game night. Not only does it promise boisterous fun, but can be done as a double date as well.

20. Have a backyard picnic

A must-try date idea to bring the fun back into a marriage would be having a picnic in the backyard. Take out your picnic baskets and sun hats, pack your food, carry along a few games to play, and head out into your backyard!

Is it hard to keep the spark alive in a marriage?

21. Stargazing night

If there ever was one date night idea that was the most romantic, helping couples to reconnect, it has to be this one. Imagine what a surreal experience it would be to spend the night under the stars, snuggling with your partner by your side, spotting the constellations, and striking up soul-stirring conversations.

22. Play treasure hunt around the house

Another one straight out of the golden days of childhood, a treasure hunt is a great way to keep both of you on your toes, giggling with love, and laughing as you work your way around the house looking for clues and the ‘treasure’. Who knows you might find a treasure trove of love all over again.

Pro tip: Sneak in a couple of romantic gifts for your partner to surprise them with!

23. Have a costume party

How do you get the spark back in a boring marriage? By being silly together with your spouse, doing things you would otherwise never do in public! So for your next date night, do exactly that by throwing a costume party. Rummage through your wardrobe, take out the most bizarre clothes, and play an imaginary character. Weird and insane as it sounds, it is totally worth trying.

24. Take an online class

You can make a relationship work if you look for opportunities to bond with each other. Every moment spent together is a way forward. Even when you are acquiring a new skill, or picking up a new language, the joint effort will bring you closer to each other.

Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

It is a myth that you need to be Richie Rich to go out on frequent dates. While splurging on a lavish date once in a while does have the feel-good factor, there are a plethora of inexpensive date night ideas that won’t cost you a bomb.

25. Have a high-tea party

Who said inexpensive date night ideas can’t be fancy? It’s time to plan a high-tea party for a date night at home. Take out those snazzy teaware sets carefully stacked in your kitchen cupboards, brew some flavorful tea, bake a few muffins, cookies and shortbreads, and you’ll be in for an enviable high-tea date that would make Alice’s look like nothing.

26. Watch the sunset

Going for a sunset watch can be one of the most romantic date night ideas for married couples. Head to your nearest waterfront to catch the setting sun from the jetty. Look at the sailing boats, the chirping birds returning to their nests, revel in the gentle breeze, and let the deep conversations flow.

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27. Visit the local parks or gardens

Spending some quiet and quality time together in the lap of nature is one of the best inexpensive date night ideas for couples. Taking a stroll in your nearest park or garden, holding hands, immersed in engaging conversation, can help you two keep your marriage fresh.

Pro tip: Slather on some sunscreen before heading out. And, steal some private moments while you are at it.

28. Get sporty

For sports enthusiasts, a date can happen over a friendly match of their favorite sport. Football, rugby, badminton, volleyball, tennis, it can be anything as long as you two are game for it. Catch up over an energetic game and get the adrenaline rushing.

29. Go on a long drive

Unwind with your bae and go on a long drive. Let this date be as spontaneous as it can be. Just head out promptly without any planning, drive to any nearest town, check out the local markets for some window shopping, explore the touristy places, talk to the local people, and pick up their culture, the possibilities are endless. And all you need for this couple’s activity is your car and, of course, your love.

30. Ask each other questions

The best date night ideas for married couples are the ones that foster family bonding and understanding, giving you a sneak peek into each other’s heart, feelings, and desires. While having a sit-down dinner date with husband might be your favorite thing to do with him, try spending a night asking each other important questions.

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31. Fun in the sun/rain/snow

Seasons may come and go but love is something that prevails. Irrespective of where you live, you can make the most of the season to celebrate love. Go all out with your partner to enjoy the weather – head to the beach to soak in the sun, build a snowman in your backyard and throw snowballs at each other, or go bananas dancing in the rain.

32. Go birdwatching

Chitter-chatter of birds playing hide-and-seek in the trees is a treat for all the senses. The next time you are planning a weekend date with your spouse, get up early in the morning and hit the local park or botanical garden to spot birds of various species. Take some help from online guidebooks and know your native birds while you two lovebirds fall for each other, once again.

Date Night Ideas To Rekindle A Marriage

All it takes to overcome boredom in marriage is consistent effort. With commitment to each other and a will to rekindle the fire, you two can bring back the lost vigor in your relationship.

33. Karaoke night

What is there not to love about a karaoke night? They are musical, fun, and oh-so-silly! No matter your singing skills, sing your heart out with your bae. You can haunt nearby pubs that often have karaoke nights or download an app and have your own karaoke night in the comfort of your home.

34. Wine-tasting

Get tipsy while you taste the choicest of wines on this fun dinner date with husband. Take your pick from the gourmet restaurants around the town that offer wine-and-cheese tasting experiences. For the connoisseurs, there is so much to learn; while for the others, it is so much fun!

35. Renovate your home

Every home reflects its owner’s personality. Put a little effort on your next date night to redecorate your home and transform it into a gram-worthy place. Do up your home, play around with wall paints, and make a collage of your wedding pictures for that blank wall. When you work as a team, sparks are bound to fly.

36. Visit an amusement park

Relive your carefree childhood days on your dinner date with husband. Visit an amusement park, sit close to your love on the merry-go-round, scream your lungs out on roller coasters, and hold each other tight as you take a dip in the water rides. As you wrap the day up snacking on some childhood treats, don’t forget to indulge in a candyfloss. If this is not one of the best activities for married couples to do together, we don’t know what is!

37. Take out your old photo albums

Go over your long-cherished memories captured in pictures and relive those moments. How amazing it would be to pore over your old pictures and talk endlessly about the bygone days. Your first day at school, your childhood friends, your graduation ceremony, your first job, the day you two met for the first time, your dating experiences, your wedding, and more. Both of you will surely get to know each other better on this date night.

38. Have a dance off

Belt out some sick beats and dance like no one’s watching. It is certainly one of the most hassle-free and inexpensive date night ideas for couples. For people who are good at dancing, have a friendly dance competition showing off your moves. For those with two left feet, it will be a lot more fun – the goofier the moves, the merrier the date!

39. Volunteer together

Step forward to extend your support to a social cause that both of you strongly believe in. You will end up feeling good, and deeply in love with your partner. You can offer to volunteer at an NGO or a charity. Spend a day with the elderly, play along with and feed the orphaned little ones, or get groceries for the needy – there is so much you can do.

40. A formal dinner date with husband

Nothing beats the classic candle-lit dinner date with husband. The ambience, the music, the food, the vibe, everything about a formal dinner is love. Dress up in your best and put your best foot forward for an elegant sit-down dinner. The place can be your favorite restaurant or the newly opened gourmet place; the essence is to rediscover love.

41. Dine under the stars

Romantic, unique, and a perfect date night idea to chill with husband, you can have it any way you want. Whip up your favorite dishes or order in, put on those snazzy outfits, or unwind in your PJs, and sit under the twinkling stars. All the better if it is a full moon night. You are sure to have the time of your life!

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42. Catch a play or a standup comedy act

Theater and comedy are two things that everyone appreciates. Depending on your interests, you can spend the evening with each other appreciating art and performance. Watch a theatrical performance by a local troupe or a cast on tour, and you will be in for a fun night. Follow it up with gorging on your favorite cuisine while you two discuss the performances.

43. Snuggle up by a bonfire

Bonfires are the best winter date night ideas for married couples. Cozy, warm, and relaxing, bonfires exude a vibe of comfort. Sit snug with your partner, relishing s’mores and marshmallows along with a sip of hot chocolate, and just let the evening pass by. Conversational or silent, the night will be a memorable one with both of you close to each other.

Pro tip: Put on some soothing and lyrical romantic songs for that mush factor.

To reignite a failing marriage, you need to bring the fun back into marriage. Remember, all that you need is a little effort and a lot of love in your heart and things will get easier, bringing you closer to your partner. And whenever you feel stuck, you have this list of date night ideas for married couples at home to help you sail through.

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