Every Couple Does These Clichéd Things When In Love

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Updated On: August 3, 2023
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Love is the purest feeling in the world. It makes your heart skip a beat when you look at your partner. Love is not only the feeling but the various moments attached to it that makes it even more exciting. Calling each other with pet names, exchanging sweet nothings, gazing at each other with nothing but love, merrymaking to romantic songs (after all which couple doesn’t want to be Baby and Johnny from ‘Dirty Dancing’). Sounding all cheesy and sugary. Am I right!? Well, this is what we call love cliché and we are about to find out some more. There are some cliché things that couples do in love and these are adorable.

5 Cliché Things Couples Do In Love

It is a given when a couple is in love they would end up doing certain things and we call these cliché relationship things. You know what you are doing has been done to death by couples in love but you cannot help but do these romantic things. So here are the Top 5 clichés that couples do when they are in love.

1.  The social network ritual

Declaring your love on Facebook is a big YES! Couples tend to post everything about their love life on social media. They post photos of every little insignificant thing they do. They tag each other on love posts. And when one of the partners is away then a ‘missing you’ selfie is mandatory. What’s love without some PDA on social media! But there is no denying the fact that this now one of the most clichéd ways of showing love.

2. Monthly anniversary celebration

Monthly anniversary celebration
Monthly anniversary celebration

This usually happens when love blossoms for the first time. This is a tradition that the couples follow. They rejoice their love for each other every month by celebrating monthly anniversary… or should we say Manniversery? This is a love cliché a couple ends up indulging in but this frenzy of monthly anniversary celebration does die down when a couple settles down in the relationship.

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3. Wearing matching T-Shirts

We might go, “Gosh! No,” but that’s the best way to express cheesy love, or what!? Matching T-Shirts with a quote that complete each other is a thing that the couples have. Presently some new matching stuff is in trends like matching phone cases and home screen. And if you’re adventurous, talk about matching tattoos. #CoupleGoals

4. Netflix and chill

Weekends are the best time for couples to unwind. After a long week of meetings, deadlines, conferences, etc. the best way a couple can hangout is with some popcorn and Netflix. Just the perfect way of celebrating togetherness. This could be a cliché romantic thing to do but couples of all age groups just love cuddling up in front of Netflix.

Netflix and chill
Couples of all age groups just love cuddling up in front of Netflix

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5. Sharing is caring

Couples have a habit of sharing everything. Sharing food is a must. Like sharing ice-cream from one cone, consuming a single unit of coconut water by adding two straws. Yes, that is sweet. Not all couples but the clichéd ones of course spoon feed each other in restaurants. It might be cringe-worthy for others to watch but it is a sweet gesture of love for them. Similarly, sharing outfits is another thing they do. (But that is mostly done by the girl who wears her boyfriend’s shirt). This could be a cliché romantic thing to do but we cannot help but say it’s always so so cute if the gal is wearing the guy’s dress.

Sharing is caring
Sharing is caring

Yes, love clichés get annoying when they are used in films and novels. They seem overdramatic and corny. However, once you fall in love, you realize how true love clichés can be a natural way to celebrate love and to maintain the spark between the lovebirds.

How many of these have you done with your partner? Let us know in the comments section.

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