How Do You Know if You’re in Love?

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Updated On: October 6, 2023
how do you know if you're in love

We all love being in love. The giddiness, the romance, the flirting of eyes – it’s all such a surreal experience each time it happens. But how do you know if you’re in love and what you feel is not some kind of trivial infatuation or fleeting excitement?

10 Signs That Prove You’re In Love

There are some ways to know if you’re in love and if the feelings that are overwhelming you are indeed true or not. Falling in love is an experience that brings with it abundant joy, a feeling of security, something to look forward to, and also a lot of other life lessons.

But how do you know if you’re in love? Well, we have a checklist for you. Here are 10 signs that prove you’re in paradise!

1. You think of them when you wake up

And indeed what a happy morning it becomes! If they are the first thing on your mind the moment that you pop out of bed, it can be said that love might be in the air. One of the ways to know if you’re in love is if they are on your mind constantly. Your day begins and ends with them.

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2. They become an extension of you

How do you know you’re in love? The thing about being in love is it makes you more than just partners or friends or confidantes. You feel like they have become an extension of you. You two are now a team – one that is unstoppable and always defends the other. One of the signs you’re in love is when it almost starts feeling like the person you love is a part of you.

Finding true love is about being tied in an unbreakable knot with the other person. Nobody can badmouth them to you or criticize them in any way. You feel one with them and anytime something or someone hurts them, you feel the sting as well.

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3. You are vulnerable with them

Weakness or showing any signs of vulnerability does not scare you anymore when you are in love. Earlier you might have felt the need to guard yourself and protect your feelings. Having a stoic outlook and never letting anyone know what you are really going through on the inside.

But when you are in love, all those walls crumble to dust as you and your insecurities run into the arms of the person you love. You know you can always be yourself with them and you feel at ease sharing the darkest parts of yourself with them.

ways to know you're in love
You can open up to them about anything

4. They are first on your mind when you are in a fix

From plumbing issues to losing that much-wanted promotion at work, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is the first person you want to tell your problems to, it could be one of the major signs you’re in love with them.

How do you know if you’re in love is about realizing how much you really need them every day. Every time you feel like things are crashing down, you just want to run over to them because you know that just being with them can instantly lift your spirits.

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5. You can talk to them for hours

Loving someone indeed means wanting to know every single thing about them. Each crevice, starting from their childhood memories to their likes and dislikes – you simply want to make it all yours. There is no boredom in the relationship or your conversation because you are just so fascinated and interested in everything that they tell you, be it their favorite food to their least favorite relative.

6. You critique them

But never in a hateful or callous way. You do it with abundant love and a desire to help them become the best version of themselves. Doling out tough love when needed is simply one of the ways to show someone you care. You feel a need to correct them and inform them, not because you think you are better than them but because you have their best interests at heart.

falling in love

7. You want to share happy moments with them

When you see beauty, you want to share it with them. How do you know you’re in love for sure? One tell-tale indicator is when you miss them during the good moments. It could be a song, a beautiful sunset or just a really lovely movie. If they are the first thing on your mind the moment you experience something good or out of the ordinary, it might be safe to say that you are deeply in love.

8. You want to cheer them up

If the person is feeling sad, is in low spirits or generally seems down, you will do everything to cheer up your girlfriend or boyfriend to make them happy again. Seeing them upset does unsettles you and it feels like your responsibility to make them feel at ease again.

Whether you bring them lunch, put on a movie for them or take them out for a walk – you are happier when you see them happy. As Robert Heinlein said, “Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”.

9. You imagine a future with them

Going on vacations with them, sharing hobbies, making new memories and growing old with them – if these things are on your mind, it is one of the signs you’re in love. If they are an integral part of your vision of the future, you are definitely struck by Cupid’s arrow!

10. There’s a pep in your step

If you’re asking yourself, “Is it love?” well try to notice what has changed in you. When you are all about loving someone, you do not even realize it but you become unusually optimistic as well. Every day seems like a new opportunity and the skies turn bluer for you. Hooray! It means you’re in love.

The answer to how do you know you’re in love lies in these little things that you might be so consumed in that you actually forget to notice. Cherish these moments because love always seems to make life a little better.

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