How To Make Up For Forgetting Your Anniversary – 8 Ways To Do It

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Updated On: December 22, 2023
forgotten your anniversary?
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“How to make up for forgetting your anniversary?” We are sure with this question we have got your attention. Because there are times the most diligent, caring, affectionate men and even women, can forget their anniversary.

Is it okay to forget your anniversary? Not really. But in case you do, it is not a crime either. Forgetting important dates is not something you should do frequently, then it will inevitably take a toll on the relationship. But in case it has slipped your mind, you should apologize for forgetting anniversaries, birthdays or even dates that are special to the two of you.

You could be asking, “How can I remember my anniversary?” It’s not that hard. Put a reminder in your smart phone, on your laptop or just pay in advance for the flowers to arrive on your anniversary morning as a reminder for you to wish your partner and make further plans.

But despite all this if the slip happens it is possible to make up for forgetting your anniversary. We will tell you how.

8 Ways To Make Up For Forgetting Your Anniversary

Despite all his efforts to not forget, it has happened. Your husband forgot your wedding anniversary and came home late from work. All the time you were thinking he was planning to spring a surprise on you. But when he arrived home you realised it was nothing like that, he had plain forgotten it.

Of course, you were livid. Your husband looked on sheepishly as you shed tears and ranted. But what did he do then? Did he apologise?

While tendering an apology is the first step to make up after forgetting your anniversary there are some more steps you need to take to make the situation right.

1. Don’t let the distance grow

Anniversaries are milestones to remember your commitment to each other. And if you are forgetting these important dates then it is no good for your relationship.

Anniversary is a time to take stock of where you’ve reached as a couple and forgetting that, though common, can be a sign of a distance that has been created between both of you. In order to not let the distance grow more, making sure that you get on top of the situation is important.

Your first step should be to make up immediately. Maybe take your partner out for a late night dinner or even just go out for ice cream in your pyjamas. But the fact that you made the effort is important.

2. Apologise sincerely

The first and most important step is to apologise. This has to be a heartfelt apology and just slipping it in into a conversation will not do. It may seem like a small goof-up, but if you apologise sincerely, with words that express your regret, it will be the most apt thing you could give your partner.

Apologies are awkward and difficult and our ego tends to play down our mistakes in handling those. This is why we must mean them when we deliver them. Your partner should not get the feeling that you’re saying sorry just to get past the problem. An apology is never a solution, but it is an opening to the solution.

Now we come to the real deal. Things that you can do to make up for the goof-up and reassure your lover.

how to make up after forgetting your anniversary
Your apology should be sincere

3. Make it up in the bedroom

Do I have to mention this specifically? Don’t we all try to apologise by working extra hard in the bedroom when we stumble?

As clichéd as this may sound, having amazing sex, pleasing your partner even more than usual is the most common thing that people do when they are trying to make it up to their partners. There must be something to the cliché if it is the most common and popular method, isn’t it? So work extra hard, my people. Put in your best moves. Make sure your partner knows how sorry you are.

4. Say it with jewellery

Another cliché which might as well be called a classic! There’s a reason jewellery remains a popular form of apology. Humans have liked shiny things since they discovered them aeons ago and they work perfectly.

Nothing says sorry like a diamond, they say. And unlike all the Bollywood and Hollywood schmucks, don’t ask your friend or assistant to pick out the jewellery. Go to the shop yourself. Put in the effort. This is how you can make up after forgetting your anniversary.

Relationship Advice
Relationship Advice

5. A series of small gifts

If you can’t afford jewellery or don’t want to do the clichéd thing, might I suggest something more intimate? A series of small but meaningful gifts might be the way to your lover’s heart.

If you give them a day at a time and give them for the number of years you’ve been together, it might be even better. For example, if you forgot the 5th anniversary, give five gifts over the course of five days.

It can be their favourite meal, passes to their favourite concert, a book they would like, a trip that you can take together. It has to be something personal and meaningful.

you should apologise with a gift
Give your partner a meaningful gift

6. A trip for two

Taking your partner on a getaway, whether short or small, might be one way to go ahead when trying to make it up to them. A couples’ holiday gives you both time to just be together and brings the focus back to the relationship and not the million other things that day-to-day life throws at us.

Going even on a small road trip could be an option. The idea is to make time away from your usual life, just for the two of you. If you have kids, find a friend who I’ll babysit them. Just get some alone time away from the crowd.

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7. Make the next one grander

If you have read the book The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, the author of The Notebook, you will know what I’m talking about. As ridiculously over the top and romanticised as the story might be, there’s a leaf to be taken out of that book.

The whole book is written about this topic of forgetting the anniversary and making up for it. So read the book. And if you can’t or don’t want to, remember this. If you make the next anniversary a grander, more important occasion for each other, you will be able to wipe that memory off your partner’s mind.

8. Plan a surprise

A great way to make up for forgetting your anniversary is to plan a surprise. This can be done any time of the year. All you need to do is plan a bit.

Take them to the car showroom and gift them the keys to the car they had been always wanting. Or gift that 60 inch smart TV they had been always wanting.

Get your friends and family around and organise a surprise party or redecorate the house when they are away on a business trip.

Not completely but just a little. Make sure you plan a big party or a surprise that they’ll not be able to forget. Buying flowers and gifts is okay, but that’s only part of the whole deal. Make an occasion out of the next anniversary.

But in the end the most important question to ask yourself is how can I remember my anniversary? Also, this should go without saying, but the first thing you must do is to set reminders for the rest of anniversaries for the next few decades. We live in the age of the smartphone. Let Google Calendar help you out.

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