Best Netflix Series And Shows For Couples

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Updated On: August 17, 2023
best netflix series for couples

The phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ didn’t just originate for nothing. Netflix offers you the conglomeration of THE best television shows in a single site. So if you and your romantic partner want to get under the blanket, drink some beer and binge-watch something, here’s a list of best Netflix series for couples that you should definitely try today!

5 Best Netflix Series for Couples

If you are looking for cute things to do with your boyfriend at home, we know that lying on the couch and putting on a TV show tops that list. Add some blankets and comfort food to that, and you are good to go for date night at home. Here is our list of best Netflix Series for Couples whether it’s a rainy day or you just need a simple indulgence.

1.  Stranger Things

Don’t let the bicycle-riding, 11-year-old boys fool you into thinking this is a kids’ show. No matter what your (or your partner’s) favorite genre is, Stranger Things will keep you hooked on to the screen for ‘just one more episode’. It’s eeriness combined with the sci-fi element makes this show totally binge-worthy! You might even finish the first season in a night.

netflix series for couples Stranger things
Stranger Things

2.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A cop comedy-drama, with inter-office comic moments, Brooklyn Nine-Nine offers you and your partner carefree mirth. One of the hot series for couples to watch on Netflix, there is occasional healthy flirting and sexual encounters between the characters that keep it light and fun. All in all, if you and your partner are into comedy, you can count on the cops of Nine-Nine for a dose of laughter.

series for couples to watch on netflix - Brooklyn nine
Brooklyn Nine Nine

3.  Narcos

Why? Because it is a brilliantly made docu-drama of the Columbian drug war that depicts and showcases Columbian drug cartels, their rise and fall. You and your partner can opt this for the truth of the drug war, the bloodshed and the cocking guns. Por favour, te encantara !

best shows on netflix for couples - Narcos

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4.  You, Me, Her

Watch this mainly because this show involves a married couple and an escort (college going woman escort). Both you and your boo can enjoy the flirty, very utopian scenarios and cinematographically poetic sex scenes with some crazy sex positions.

This show features couple drama, lesbian lovemaking on the roof, a fresh outlook and a modern twist at the end. Truly one of the best Netflix series for couples on date night, do not miss this one!

couple goals

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5.  Sherlock

Okay, so if you haven’t already watched Sherlock like a million times, you and your significant other can sit up straight and ogle Benedict Cumberbatch as the drama, mystery and murder unfold.

Also, hold your breath for Andrew Scott’s version of Jim Moriarty. This is one of the best shows on Netflix for couples who like lots of drama and mystery.

Sherlock holmes
Sherlock Holmes

So don’t wait. Sign up for Netflix, grab your favorite popcorn (or beer) and spend another weekend binge-watching. It cannot get any better than that!


1. What are good shows on Netflix for couples?

There are really so many to choose from. You can opt for lighthearted shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine or more serious ones such as The Crown or Sherlock.

2. What should I watch on Netflix with my boyfriend?

There is no dearth of options when it comes to Tv shows you can watch with your boyfriend. We recommend Stranger Things, Dark and Lovesick.

3. What is a good mini series to watch on Netflix?

A fun mini series to watch would be Crashing but a more serious one that you can try is Ratched.

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