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Why every girl needs a guy best friend


Ladies, it’s wonderful to have a best friend in your partner. But life gets so much more fun and a tad easier if you have a guy BFF. Not the needy, creepy dudes who pretend to be your BFF and secretly moans about being in the so-called ‘friend-zone’. We are talking about real guy BFFs who we hardly thank enough to make our life so much more awesome. Here’s what makes them so great to hang around with.

1. A guy BFF is less dramatic than over-excited girlfriends


Shahrukh and alia
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2. He brings out your inner-dude

Varun and alia
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3. He is NEVER going to gossip about you

4. A guy BFF is your go-to person when you feel like swearing your heart out

deepika and ranbir
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5. He is your 24*7 tech guy

Alia and shahrukh
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6. You can share all those dirty jokes with them and not feel embarrassed about it

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7. He helps you understand the male brain better

shah-allia smiling
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8. He gives you sincere compliments and never holds back on the criticism

alia and shahrukh thinking
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9. A guy BFF is your personal Google on best porn sites, alcohol and sports updates

alia and arjun
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10. He is not going to judge you for playing Honey Singh songs

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What’s your guy BFF like? Write to us in the comments section below.

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