5 messages we send our ex when drunk

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In these times of digital accessibility, and a night of drinks galore, we have had our share of drunk-texting our exes. It’s rarely pretty. With an alcohol hazed brain and tunnel vision, nothing good ever came out of sending messages to our exes. We spill out some skeleton in the closet to them and are up regretting the next morning. These are the classic messages people send when they’re drunk.

1. “I miss you so much”:

This might be true, might not be. This is very personal and puts you in a vulnerable place. Missing someone brings out the truth that they still hold importance in your life (and for your ex, you might not hold that kind of importance). A drunk person saying they miss someone when they cannot write full sentences on their own just shows how susceptible they are to their ex’s charm. 

2. “Did you ever even love me?”

Solely to bring out the guilt in your ex, this one is sent when you want some closure on your own. You might know why you were dumped, but still your drunk state fails to fathom that things have happened for a reason. You know it’s time to move on but the last strands keep pulling you back. And the six shots of Glenfiddich didn’t help either.

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3. “How are you doing?”

You expected a reply that said “Going fine, just missing you” but instead you got the monosyllabic “Good” or even worse, no reply. Your ex knows that his well-being is not something you are interested in. So, now you are drunk out of your wits, sitting with your smartphone and drowning his reply in another glass of whiskey. We have all been there.

4. “Remember when we skipped college and went to the lake and you taught me how to swim?”

This long message might be teeming with typos cause your head-eye-hand coordination gets kind of bad when you are drunk. This message tries to rehash the past, pointing on all the good times you’ve had with your ex and how those memories are the only happy memories for you now, on a Saturday night, surrounded by people who are as wasted as you are.

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5. “You can go f*** yourself, I have moved on”

Not everyone puts themselves in a vulnerable place when they are drunk. A few, just a handful, are pissed at how things have ended. Though they might not have a mouthful to say about it, their angry self comes forth in ugly ways when they are drunk. Unlike the morons who send messages to their exes filled with heart emojis, the rest go all abusive on them. Their messages are mostly teeming with the ‘F’ word and other not so kind words that they picked up in their teen years.

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