Struggles and Scars

He was heartbroken and took to drugs and drinks. Here’s what happened after his addiction started taking a toll on him

When his girlfriend broke up with him, he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. Would he ever be able to recover?
sad man lying on the table with the glass of alcohol

(Names changed to protect identities)
This is the true story of Ankit, who fought adversity and overcame addictions of the worst kind.

His life seemed like a dream come true

Ankit was a young ambitious boy of 24 when he came to the big bad city of Mumbai. He had just completed his MBA degree and gotten a job during the campus recruitment. He was now part of a big financial conglomerate and had started climbing the corporate ladder. The newfound independence and glittering life of the city was exciting for this small-town boy and he loved every minute of it.

Then he met Akanksha and his life changed. She was everything he had dreamed of, beautiful, smart, witty and compassionate. The attraction soon changed to love. He wanted to get married, but she hesitated. She was from a different caste and knew the furore this news would cause. But Ankit told her they would convince her parents, love would withstand all.

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