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Here’s what midlife crisis taught me

Read on to find out some of the best ways to work out your mid-life crisis.
rishi and neetu singh

The forties are a time of reckoning. Most folks find perceptible changes in their bodies, discover that they are no longer youthful and are beginning to resemble their parents. Strands of silver have begun to appear in their thinning hair and unseemly bulges become evident. For some people these are disturbing signs while others take it in their stride and age gracefully. Here are some ways to work out your mid-life crisis.

1. Find new hobbies and interests

If you had married in your early twenties, most children would have turned adults and would have been employed and married. It can be a matter of great joy to enjoy the company of your grandchildren. However, it is important to focus on your own interests and develop them. Many people I know have plunged into the secrets of organic gardening and farming. Athletic men and women take to running marathons or learning yoga. And yet others learn to paint, embroider or crochet, skills they learnt as children but are now free to pursue in real earnest.

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  1. A mid life crisis is a time of serious change, and amidst the chaos and cacophony you can emerge a victor by changing yourself for the better

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