10 things to do with your girl gang today!

No matter how much in love you are or how perfect your relationship with your partner is, there are some things which are more fun with your friends. Here are 10 things you can do with your women friends which you cannot with your husband/lover/partner!

1. Speak of your latest crush (If you and your spouse share that thing where you tell each other about your crushes, you definitely can’t share the degree and enthusiasm with which you feel the attraction, right?)

2. Bitch about that gorgeous woman in your group, that your husband secretly eyes! Tear her to pieces with your friend! Your friend agrees with everything, adding her two bits and how heavenly that is to your ears!

She always ends with, “She may have the legs, but not your flat tummy!”

3. Get silly drunk and talk total nonsense. When you remember your faux pas they will shrug it off as nothing! Your spouse, on the other hand, will remind you to what degree you were embarrassing, at least for the next 1 month or till you remind him of his!

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4. Bitch about your partner’s father/mother/sister/aunt/uncle etc. Heaven forbid you do this with your spouse, you will have a heavier slew waiting for you about your kin! If not right then…coming soon!#

Bitch about your partner's friends and family
Bitch about your partner’s friends and family

5. Complain, complain and complain to hear the magic words, “It must be tough for you.” Try complaining to your partner and you will get solutions and the line, “I solved your issue, right? Now go get them tiger!” Yes John Gray you were right! When we complain, all we need is a sympathetic ear not solutions!

6. With friends you can gorge when you are sad, gorge when you are celebrating, gorge just because….and not be judged even when you have polished off that second helping of peri-peri fries. Caution: if you finish those fries in front of your hubby and God forbid complain later about how no clothes fit you… You get it, right?

7. Do a meditation course together and on your way out speak of that ‘woman’ who may have a slim waist but how her ‘bold’ dressing makes her look slu*** more than classy.

Do a meditation course together
Do a meditation course together

Your friend treats your comment with as much significance as the deep meditation that you guys just did.
8. Your friends will pitch in with their man-hours. The doctor’s visit becomes a social one with coffee later. They babysit when that emergency meeting has come up. They will send food (khichadi) when Cook takes that day off and you are on a diet! Most importantly they will wait for you to get that perfect dress and come to the 60th shop if need be.

9. You can bitch about your kids to them and not feel bad (because they have reminded you of things you had missed about your kids and got to know while your friend was bitching about hers!)

gorge and have fun
Gorge and have fun

10. When no one ‘likes’ your Facebook post, you can tell them to and they will add their precious ‘like’! When you feel worthless, low and devoid of any potential whatsoever they will remind you of how awesome you are and then they convince you of it. You put the phone down saying, “Hell yeah! Why’d I ever doubt myself? Yes, they are your biggest fans as you are of theirs!

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