Affair and Cheating

How I went from an ordinary life to being a sugar baby

A woman who decided to be a sugar baby, a paid companion, in order to escape a tough domestic situation, does not feel guilty
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What is it like to be a Sugar Baby? This is my story

I am a Sugar Baby. I know, it’s not something you will approve of. You might scorn me. Or even call me names. But this is my reality. Now, if you don’t know what a sugar baby is, let me explain. It is when a rich man takes care of you financially in exchange for company and sex. No, it’s not prostitution. You have to give company. Talk to him. Travel with him. And party with him. In exchange you will have a lot of financial gains and gifts.

I was born in a lower middle-class family. By 22 I was working as a maths teacher in a private school in a small town of India. By 23 I was married to another teacher. He taught English in another school. He was 25 then. We moved into a one-bedroom apartment in a decent colony. By 25, I was a mother of a son. Then, it was mostly school and raising him. We lived a normal life. Ate at home. Went to places like Shimla or Manali once a year in the summer breaks.

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  1. This was such an interesting read! I think in such situations the trick is to Be able to detach your feelings from Sahil as much as you can. Since there’s never going to be in a real relationship. Maybe he treats you better than any man had ever done before. But you need to keep your boundaries intact. Don’t get carried away. Try to look for other jobs where you can be financially independent yourself!

  2. Until now I was not familiar with the concept of Sugar Baby. It got me into thinking the myriad of emotions the woman must have gone through before making a choice as this. Being a part of a society where once married , a woman is marked as the possession of the husband, it must have taken courage to discard the age old conversations and their threats. In a way it’s choosing yourself over the demands of the society and everyone has a right to do so, considering how difficult the system makes it for us to live a happy life.

  3. Brilliant!! Stupendo!! Excellent!! No words to describe the piece. Honestly, I knew nothing about sugar baby concept. But after reading this I found that this is so true and genuine. It is so much prevalent in our society. Gratitude for sharing this wonderful piece with us.

  4. This was the first time I ever came across such a topic. To be honest, I did not even know anything of a sugarbaby. But, this article was enough to make me get aware of the major scenario. The best part is here, the woman is not showing herself as a victim or some “Pavitr”. She is independent. She is free.

  5. A really nice piece, well written!

    And truly said, Being a sugar baby is often a misunderstood profession. Not everyone in our society will understand the concept of a sugar baby.

    Some glamorize it or demonize it, there are good experiences, bad experiences, and sometimes full-blown horror stories.

    I feel many men prize just being in the presence of a vibrant, attractive, interesting younger woman, the women gain something worth more than money by keeping company with these highly successful men.

  6. Our society is ruled by nonsensical prejudices, rules, and customs. Do we still have actually coined a name for a male for who does prostitution? Prostitution is associated with the female sex alone largely by the society. I really like this article, and how she says being a sugar baby is completely different from what the society calls as being a slut or a whore. Times are changing and I am pleased to read and know about such women who talks about such things, their different types of socially-unapproved professions!

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