7 Non-Sexual Couple Things To Do Over A Weekend

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cycling is a great non-sexual thing to do over the weekend

Everything in a relationship need not be about sex. The same thing cannot be said about one-night stands. Though I have heard that rich old and lonely men and women pay for services that just involve holding and talking – now that is sweet. However, I find it very gratifying when young couples take time out of their bedrooms to spend quality time with each other doing non-sexual pastimes to keep engaged. It is a great way for discovering each other’s passion outside the bed and discover more about your partner’s personality, likes and dislikes. It is also a wonderful way to put time and distance between the actual sex-act and keep the fires burning in that department.

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7 Non-Sexual Couple Things To Do Over A Weekend

I spoke to some couples who shared their favourite things they do over a weekend to keep life fun and exciting, even though they are non-sexual activities.

1. Sporty weekends

Manoj and Mona love sports – so they have a club that caters to this need. If they are not sweating it out at the gym, then they do some laps in the pool and end it with a nice lunch and a nap back at home. Sometimes they play couples badminton or tennis and return home, healthy and satisfied. They have also met a few like-minded couples and increased their social circle.

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2. Couples massage

Sonali and Suresh are not inclined towards too much action over the weekend, after the long week of stressful work. They usually go for a Thai, or Swedish massage, and lounge around at the sauna. This relaxing pastime puts them in a calm frame of mind and most often results in productive discussions about the future or the family.

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3. Board games

Nilima and Nandan are fanatical about chess. They are so into it that they would stop only when the kids complain that they were getting bored. Then they would switch to Scrabble, Monopoly, or cards to include the kids, which would usually end with pillow fights about who cheated. It sometimes moves to playing carrom too.

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4. Picnics

Normally, men baulk at the idea of going shopping. For Kavita and Bharat, it’s a great way of spending a weekend. In fact, they would make a picnic out of it. They would begin with a buffet breakfast at Leela, then go to the nearest Art Gallery, and pick out the most affordable artwork for the home, skip lunch and spend time at Cubbon Park watching the kids play with the dogs, running around, having fun. Then they would stop for some chaat round the corner and some ice cream. What a day!

5. Movies

Bal and Ruhi are all about movies. So they believe in doing marathon rounds of movie watching. They are both linguistically gifted, so they rent movies in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil, foreign films, Netflix and so on. The only breaks they take are loo-breaks. And only to refill food or popcorn. The kids, cats and dogs also join them on the bed. It’s all very cosy and instills togetherness and bonding.

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6. Cook for your friends

My hubby hated eating out. He would rather invite all his friends over for lunch, so we would entertain at least 5 couples and their toddler kids at our place. We would cook almost everything, beer flowing, as also music, and kids running around. We’d cook till we had everything and then settle around the dining table. What fun! No better way than to spend the weekend, with friends, because the very next day we would continue the fun at another friend’s house for dinner, sometimes a barbecue!

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7. Gardening

Lily and Sam – my mother and father – spent 55 years of married life with their weekends engrossed in gardening a medium sized patch of land. They would start after breakfast on Saturday and finish only on Sunday evening, allowing for lunch and dinner breaks. I think that was the secret of their wonderful lovebird marriage. They would grow all the vegetables we needed for the family and all the excess harvest was sent to our neighbours. They also had a lovely flower garden, with all the necessary composting and soil nutrients being done by themselves. Later they diversified into poultry too.

Having hobbies that do not include getting drunk is the way to have a fun-filled weekend for couples with or without kids. Having a great set of outdoor and indoor activities is a way to keep the sex, when it does happen, super satisfying. It is a great way to expand your interests with your partner and find new ones, explore and enjoy! So go ahead and do these non-sexual things over the weekend and have a ball.

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