50 Double Date Ideas That Are Fun

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Updated On: March 29, 2024
fun double date ideas

There comes a point in a relationship when you and your partner need to spice things up. That’s when fun double date ideas come into the picture. For those not aware of the double date concept, it is fundamentally a date, but instead of a romantic night out with your partner, you invite another couple to join and you have the best time together. This tandem can prove to be successful and thrilling for all the parties involved. As they say, the more, the merrier.

A study found that connecting with another couple could rekindle your relationship and intensify love. It seems that these events ignite something new within you that fosters the development of your love. It’s also a win-win situation when you can see your pals and your significant other at the same time. In the article, we’ve done all the legwork for you and have come up with an elaborate list of double dating ideas that will blow your mind.

50 Double Date Ideas That Are Fun

According to another study conducted at the University of Maryland, on average, married couples have at least 5 couple friends whom they spend their time with. 40% of the interviewed couples rated these friendships as very important. So, now we’ve established that engaging with other like-minded couples is an integral part of most couples’ lives and one that can be beneficial for their relationship as well. Now let us help you make these moments memorable.

You can chat about romantic experiences, share problems, or just exchange stories. Whatever might be on your agenda, the aim is to enjoy yourself and be comfortable with the company. If you have never been on a double date before, you are in for a thrill because we have 50 fun double date ideas you do not want to miss. To make sure there is something for everyone here, we have divided them into:

  • Fun date ideas for a memorable double date
  • Outdoor double date ideas
  • At-home double date ideas
  • Exciting double date ideas
  • Unusual double date ideas
Are Double Dates fun?

Fun Date Ideas For A Memorable Double Date

Let us begin with the tried and tested ideas first. It is important that all the parties involved feel comfortable with each other. The whole point of a double date is to unwind from the monotony and let the new experience strengthen your relationship. These basic simple ideas will ensure that both couples smoothly slide into a comfort zone and then take it to crazier and more exciting future double dates.

1. A formal dinner affair

Let’s stick to the good old classics to get the ball rolling – dinner party, wine, laughter, and conversations! Talking and laughing over some great wine and delectable food is the key to forming a good bond. If both couples are foodies, then exploring new restaurants together could be a great bonding experience.

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2. A yoga class

Get in shape, rejuvenate, and enjoy a new form of fitness with your co-couple. Take up a yoga class with your double dates. Their presence will also keep you accountable and make sure you don’t skip the tougher days of couple’s yoga. Apart from yoga, you can also opt for Zumba, hula hooping, or whatever keeps you active and fit.

3. Try out a new cuisine

places to go for double dates
Talking and laughing over some great food is a fun double date idea

My most memorable double date was when I tried out a great Vietnamese restaurant in the city. Exploring new foods can bring out your fun, happy side. Try out new types of sushi or some outlandish desserts for an interesting double date with your foodie partner and friends. Having double-date partners who are as much into the food as you can be a very fulfilling experience. Visit places all around the city and cross off the items from your couple’s bucket list. Sounds like a super fun idea, doesn’t it?

4. A sultry salsa affair

A salsa dance class once a week can really work wonders for intimacy in your relationship! Put on those heels and twirl into the arms of your partner. An activity like this will bring you much closer to your loved one and ensure a wonderful time for both couples. Salsa not only helps you learn some great moves but can also keep you healthy and increase your stamina.

5. Enjoy a spa day

For some much-needed R&R, invest in a couple’s massage to take the edge off. A light day without much activity can also translate to a brilliant double date. You do not have to always be active and about. You are allowed to just kick your feet up and pamper yourself. The couple rooms at the spa are lovely. After a rejuvenating massage, when you sip on your green tea, the discussion can be as deep as the massage you just got.

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6. A pottery class

Pottery is messy but also deeply satisfying and calming. It is not a very challenging art and has room for everybody to enjoy. And who knows, as your fingers brush while shaping a beautiful mug, you may feel sparks flying like they haven’t in a long time. Unique and cute double date ideas like this will unleash your artsy side and create some muddy-licious memories.

7. Late-night munching

The most fun double dates I’ve had were the ones after 2 AM, spent in dimly lit diners while all of us gorged on milkshakes and fries. Reminds you of the whole gang from Riverdale, season 1, doesn’t it? Sharing stories in the booths of cute diners while eating comfort food translates into some genuinely happy times.

8. A Zumba class

Get your muscles moving and grooving to some energetic Zumba tunes. A light workout on your double date will keep you active and smiling throughout. Hanging out with another couple at your Zumba class will also keep you motivated. You won’t feel like skipping class then because you will have company and someone to hold you accountable.

9. Revel in your shared love for wine

A wine-tasting trip with a backdrop of the lush countryside and a mellow sky is a great idea for a couple to spend quality time together. From Merlot to Rosé, indulge in the fine notes or get drunk with your co-couple. Be it at home or at the bar, or while you are traveling, wine tasting can be something to look forward to on any occasion.

10. Watch stand-up comedy

Laugh away your worries and concerns by booking front-row seats to your favorite stand-up comic. Humor is a beautiful thing and it’s so much better when shared with other people. When you cannot think of any places to go on a double date, book tickets to a stand-up comedy show. You can also go for a humorous play.

11. Take a baking class together

How wonderful is it to learn how to bake desserts only to relish them all by yourselves? Baking is a truly fun activity and the end results are always more than worth it. Try cooking some love together by baking tarts and cheesecakes with your co-couple for an amazing double date night.

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Outdoor Double Date Ideas

Being outdoors is the best way to recharge and rejuvenate. A change of scenery, a gush of fresh air, and a beautiful sunny day will make you feel alive. Fun outdoor activities like hiking, picnics, camping, or participating in outdoor sporting events make for amazing new experiences. And when such experiences are shared with your partner and close friends, the memories establish a very strong bond between all the parties involved. So, take your double dates outdoors and make some beautiful memories together.

fun double date ideas
Make some beautiful memories together

12. Off to the beach

Everything becomes more romantic around water and that’s why a day at the beach is the perfect outdoor double date idea. Pack a picnic basket of simple snacks and champagne and head out to the beach with your double dates. Don’t forget to include some blankets on the beach.

It’s simply an excuse for you to snuggle up to your lover if it starts to get a bit chilly. Open the bottle of champagne and ask your partner for a dance while the sun sets in the background. If it’s not too overcast, this can be the ideal location to view the stars. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect summer date?

13. An outdoor picnic

You can never go wrong with a spread of delicious bread and some mimosas under the sun. Put on your hats, pack some heavy lunches, enjoy the lush greenery, and make beautiful memories. You can bring a scrabble board, break a bottle of wine, or go diving in a nearby lake.

For a bunch of foodie couples, barbecue picnics are perfectly suitable. In case you are not planning to cook dinner at the picnic, pack a few important things like a blanket, umbrella, napkins, utensils, and of course, a trash bag. Makes for one of the most romantic daytime double date ideas.

14. A drive to the countryside

On a gorgeous, sunny day, a drive out of the city can uplift your mood instantly. Some seclusion can do wonders for you all. You don’t have to drive with a particular destination in your mind. Just go out there and explore; you are sure to find some wonderful places to stop by on the way. You can book a secluded barn in the woods for the weekend. Take a little hike and discover a little spring flowing around the lap of the mountain. Embrace nature and it will never disappoint you.

15. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Embrace your social consciousness and love for animals, and spend an afternoon doing something that you care deeply about. If you know another couple who shares a similar interest in rescuing and fostering animals, invite them to a double date at an animal shelter and watch how this experience transforms you and your relationships.

An act of community service will keep your energies channeled in the right direction. It can also nurture deeper connections on the double date since you would be sharing something worthwhile. According to a study, double dates like these somehow fan the flames of your romantic passion.

16. Explore the sights of the city

We know everything about the city we live in but hardly explore and appreciate the culture that it offers. Independently or on a tour bus, take a ride around town with another couple to learn some fascinating things about its history.

The four of you can take a hop-on-hop-off bus together and have a great time going around your city. Why don’t you find an authentic guide or take a heritage walk? Or just find the most interesting places in the city and take a road trip around town? This way you get a productive, fun day with your favorite people, plus bag some interesting information about where you live.

17. Take an early morning hike

A long hike on a Sunday morning. Just the sound of it gets the blood rushing into your legs, doesn’t it? Exercising is great for the soul and even better when done with close friends. Just four people and the omnipresent nature. Pick a pleasant morning to set out on an adventurous hike.

Kill two birds with one stone by bonding with another couple and also finishing your workout for the day. Pick up the trails carefully and ensure the hike is long enough to enjoy the scenery and company as well. You can choose a hike that leads to a rock climbing spot, just to take it up a notch. Imagine, you take a scenic hike, then you go rock climbing to reach the final spot, and voila! An amazing view greets you with open arms. Rejuvenating, isn’t it?

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18. Play tennis on the weekends

Playing a sport of your choice could be another fun double date. It is a great way to spend some time with your couple friends over the weekend while also engaging in some physical activity. You will see many older couples on double dates at the court. Since the game can be played in pairs, it is the perfect way to bond. You can pair up with each other’s partners or with your own and see who is more competitive among the four of you. And then talk and laugh about it over a wholesome breakfast.

19. Go camping

To decompress from the pressures of deadlines and to-do lists, take some time off with your co-couple and spend a night under the stars, surrounded by nature. A bonfire and some s’mores will add to the fun and will be a fantastic weekend getaway. Hop on a sleeper van and go to a camping ground near you. This can also work out as a great date idea at home if you have a yard or a lawn.

20. Go to a water park

Waterslides are the ultimate way to enjoy a nice, summer day. Cute bathing suits and suntan lotions promise a beautiful summer date. You can play Marco-polo in the water or just enjoy the pool next to the bar and talk over some drinks. A swim-up bar by the pool can enhance your collective fun.

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21. Take your dogs to the park

A park is actually an underrated place for double dates. It is easy, accessible, and loads of fun! Even better, if you have pets and so do your friends. Run around with a frisbee or simply roll in the grass with the pooches, there is no better feeling than sharing these experiences with your favorite people. Playtime with your dog and a double date makes for the perfect combination.

22. Sledding and skiing

One of the great winter double date ideas is to go outdoors and enjoy what the season has to offer. To truly fall in love with the season, look for double date ideas that involve some activity – think sledding or skiing. Swish past life with some unforgettable snowy memories. You can explore winter date ideas for couples and tweak them into fun date nights for four.

23. Horseback riding

Horses are beautiful, magnificent animals, don’t you agree? Spending time with them can be the perfect way to spice up your double dates. You will always cherish the experience of horseback riding on a double date. You just need to find another couple who shares your love for horses or is at least open to the experience.

24. Go to a carnival

A city’s character is portrayed in the carnival it hosts. This is one of the easiest places to stir up some romance. Enjoy your double date games, the giant wheel, and the local foods of the city at a local carnival. Carnivals can also be romantic at night owing to the neon lights and the groovy music. Get up on a carousel or a giant wheel and have the time of your life. You can see the city from the top of a Ferris wheel and relive the days of your childhood with your best pals.

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25. Go kayaking

Nothing spells love like an evening out in a beautiful boat. With a scenic background and calming waves, this experience is one you will remember for years. With a life jacket, the right partner by your side, and a co-couple, this makes for a great Saturday morning plan too. You can check into a kayaking resort for the weekend and have an adventurous time together.

26. Take a hayride

A perfect autumn activity and one of the best daytime double date ideas, sit with your partner and co-dates to enjoy the weather and beauty of the season. A tractor or wagon is more romantic than you think. Riding through the farm can also be an opportunity for some fun pictures for the gram for the hopeless romantic in you and it makes for a memorable road trip. This could turn out to be a beautiful place to go on a double date and explore the serenity of nature.

27. Play a round of mini golf

Regular golf is a time-consuming activity. Not everyone wants to spend half their day waiting around for their turn unless they are really passionate. Mini golf, on the other hand, is a cute and shorter alternative that you can try as one of your fun double date ideas.

28. Go fishing

It is always cool to be in the wild and enjoy nature and its bounties. Take a small boat out and dig all the fishing fun with your double dates. A bonus: Dinner is sorted! Fishing teaches you patience and precision and if you love sitting with the fishing rod without a word passing among you, then you are bonding at a deeper level.

29. Lunch with a view

An enchanting lunch date can be super romantic. Find a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view and enjoy your meal under the sky with your favorite couple. Laughing over some champagne and a view of the city will make you love double dates and help you keep your relationship lively. This claim is based on a study done by the Society of Personality and Social Psychology.

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At-Home Double Date Ideas

For all the homebodies out there who love nothing more than the comfort of their homes, here are some interesting, cozy, and joyful double dating ideas. When you invite a couple over, it somewhere means that you guys are comfortable having them in your personal space. When a level of trust is established, activities like game nights, movie nights, etc. become super-fun. These at-home double date ideas will ensure that there is never a dull moment when you’re chilling with your friends:

30. Cook dinner together

cheap double date ideas
Cooking together can help you create a better bond

Whether it is a planned five-course dinner or throwing some burgers on the grill, cooking food is a primal activity, and if done correctly, is truly enjoyable. So run to the grocery store, find the right sauces and meat, and you have yourself a magical evening. Cooking on a double date is creative and amusing. You can pair up the other couple. While you both do the chopping and grinding, the other pair can toss up the delicacies.

31. Trivia night

A great way to build intimacy with your partner and with another couple is by playing team games. When you are running out of ideas, you can invite a couple you are close to for a dinner party. A trivia night on your couch sounds so cozy and exciting that you will certainly want to plan it over and over again. Not to mention all the people involved will learn something at the end of it.

Brush up on your Thomas Jefferson fun facts and get thinking. Movie trivia game is also a popular choice and can be a lot of fun. Also, you can team up and ask personal questions to test how much you know your partners. Who knows, you might score some bonus points in the game and then later in the bedroom by showing off how well you know your partner.

32. Board games night at home

Nothing defines fun like a game night. Board games can keep people engaged for hours if played right. Could you stop laughing after the Pictionary episode from Big Bang Theory? I know I couldn’t. Imagine having that kind of fun! From Scrabble to Risk to Dungeons and Dragons, there is something for everybody here.

It is one of the tried and tested at-home date night ideas and it won’t get boring for a moment. Have you ever tried the Charlie’s Angels board game? If not, save the idea for your future date game night.

33. A movie and some popcorn can never go wrong

One of the most reliable and cute double date ideas is a movie night. Pick a classic heart-touching movie like Sleepless in Seattle or a Marvel movie for the nerd in you. Add some popcorn and chips to the mix, and you are good to go. If you’re looking for engaging yet super cheap double date ideas, add this to the list. 

It can also be a sporting event like SuperBowl Sunday. Sports invigorate such emotions that there is no need for an ice-breaker. Cheering and cussing, the beers flowing, and the thrill of playful bets. Nothing more needs to be said!

34. Play some video games

To be truly energized and engaged, lose yourselves in a vigorous video game play-off on your double date. It can be as light as Just Dance on your WII or something more spirited on your Xbox. Find a common interest, lay out some snacks, and get competitive! It can be thrilling to play a video game together. During the pandemic, many people indulged in online role-playing games like World of Warcraft. Such video game experiences can be counted as fun virtual double dating ideas you can engage in from the comfort of your respective homes.

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35. Explore music together

Let us map out a beautiful evening for you and your couple friends. Go to an old record shop, pick up some old-school music records, and play them together at home. Couples dancing at home while reminiscing old tunes is what Friday nights are all about. If you can play the guitar or keyboards, have your own small gig and enjoy some foot-thumping music.

36. Binge on a heartwarming TV series

When you can’t leave the house and you’re wondering which one of the at-home date night ideas to go for, a marathon of your favorite sitcoms is just what the doctor ordered. Find a common genre and binge-watch a TV show. An ardent discussion about the characters, plot lines, and narrative inconsistencies is an awesome way to build friendships.

I’d recommend House Of Cards, or Modern Family if you need something lighter. You can always rewatch Friends if you can’t decide on what to watch. Add some fairy lights and a glass of wine and you have yourself the perfect cheap a perfect evening with your co-couples.

37. Karaoke night

Singing I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner or Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer will elevate your karaoke night fun. Pick out some fun tunes, and sing away your blues. You can hit a karaoke bar together or create a karaoke ambiance at home. It will be an intimate sing-along among just the four of you.

38. Play ‘Never have I ever’

I am sure you know this one. You can take it up a notch if you are really comfortable asking each other some of the most bizarre Never Have I Ever questions. While playing a game like this, you hardly realize when time slips away. Just don’t be too honest with your answers, or you might land in deep trouble. (Kidding!)

It’s one of those double date games that you can play over a video call too. Both couples can sit with a glass of wine on opposite sides of the screen and enjoy an hour or two of bliss.

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Exciting Double Date Ideas

Now that we are done with the sober date ideas, let’s introduce some craziness and excitement into this double dating equation. It is time we unleash the inner child and indulge in some hard-core fun. When you have established common interests with your couple date, and are comfortable enough to open up your inner child to them, that is when double dating becomes enlivening.

39. An intense game of paintball

If you and your couple friends are relatively competitive in nature, we have one of the best date ideas in mind — a paintball center! Paintball is a team sport that can really alert your senses and keep you thoroughly occupied. This double date idea will bore nobody and is a perfect team-building activity. To take things up a notch, you can team up against each other’s partners and deepen the bonhomie.

40. Never too old for arcade games and amusement parks

Who said arcade games are for teenagers? One of the most unexpected and exciting double date ideas is to spend the evening eating fries, shooting guns, racing cars, winning tiny teddy bears, and getting those polaroid couple photos clicked at an arcade. Or, going on those crazy rides at an amusement park and getting that adrenaline pumping.

You can go to a fair too if you want to relive your childhood days. To add an extra load of drama, visit the Renaissance fair. You will get to try out a lot of cool rides and activities like archery, crossbows, giant swing, darts, or the butterfly ride. It is indeed a perfect way to spend some quality time on a double date.

41. Hit the casino

For a jackpot of the night, you cannot go wrong with the casino. It is one of the most exciting places for double dates. A little drunk 2 AM gambling is one of the grandest benefits of adulthood. Put on your best attire and enjoy this night out with your partner and your favorite friends (couple) to the fullest. Don’t worry about ending up like The Hangover.

42. A bar and lots of dancing

I don’t think anybody refuses happy hour. Take those vodka shots and get moving on the dance floor. As two sexy couples in public, you can nail it with your killer moves and have a fabulous time with your dance partner. You can swap dance partners too or dance in a group and enjoy yourself together.

43. Shop together!

This one is for all shopaholics. A day spent at the mall can help you understand the tastes and shopping habits of another person. Try on fun outfits, buy some new furniture, and unleash consumerism in you. Guys might inevitably gravitate to the gadgets section and girls might keep browsing clothes. But folks, you are on a date. So keep your excitement low-key over the clothes, video games, and jewelry, and maybe buy a nice present for your partner.

44. Go bowling

A great recreational activity, bowling alleys have a lively charm for double date nights. With yummy snacks and super chill music, this could be a flawless, thrilling double date. Bowling is a perfect icebreaker for a first date too. You can actually spend hours at the bowling alley if everyone involved is having a great time.

45. Check out a jazz club

If you enjoy classy and fine music, jazz clubs are for you. Even if your co-dates don’t know much about jazz, you can host a double date as their initiation into this fine genre of music. A night out learning some good culture and history is something most people would enjoy. I know I would look forward to this plan on my next double date!

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46. Go to a hockey game

To enjoy a winter sporting event in all its glory, take your couple friends to a hockey game. Hockey is an enlivening sport that is truly a pleasure to watch. Put on your team jerseys and scream for your favorite players together. Not only hockey, but you can also have a double date watching a baseball game, a game of tennis, soccer, or any sport at all.

Unusual Double Date Ideas

Lastly, we’d like to suggest some unusual ideas. These are the risky ideas that can either be heroes or zeroes. Be careful with these. They can prove to be the most epic double date given that the four of you are equally interested in the activity or fall flat. Either way, they are worth a try.

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47. An escape room

Nothing spells an adrenaline rush like being locked up in a confusing room and having to search for clues to find your way out in only an hour. The escape room concept has revitalized going out for adults. Put your senses and faculties to work together and enjoy this fun game! You can create an escape room in your living room, basement, garage, and just about anywhere. You have to use a lot of imagination to create an escape room and that itself is always fun.

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48. Visiting an art gallery

On a more intellectual end of the spectrum, art galleries around the city can be considered great places to go on double dates. Discussing art, museum hopping, and appreciating artwork by some of the most famous painters can be a great way to foster intellectual intimacy in your relationship as well as bond with your friends on a cerebral level. Or you could find a small exhibition held by artists in your locality. It might be worth your while. If not, it’ll still add to memories that you’d cherish together forever.

49. Go to an indie movie screening

This is one of the most unexpected double date ideas. Independent film screenings are all the rage right now. Their unique approach will really get you and your co-couple talking about topics you might never get a chance to engage in otherwise. I once saw a Palestinian documentary that I could not stop discussing with my friends for days. If you are going on a double date with like-minded people, then catching up with some brilliant work of indie filmmakers will give you a reason to converse and also broaden your horizons.

50. Roller skating

For endless laughter and shouting at the top of your voice, going out roller skating is one of the best date ideas. It’s always nice to go back to relive your childhood days and share them with the people closest to you. Letting your partner see your inner child is one of the strongest signs you share a strong emotional connection with them, so live it up to the fullest, and give your co-couple a chance to do the same. Take a break from your suit-pant-briefcase schedules and loosen up a bit. As a matter of fact, indoor skiing or ice skating too are really fun things to do on a double date.

With that (phew), we have reached the end of our list of fun double date ideas. You can enjoy all these activities with more than one couple (though we hear three is a crowd) or just with your partner. If you are trying a double date for the first time, pick a neutral activity that does not make anyone uncomfortable, and try to have fun. And if you do end up having the best night of your life, don’t forget to thank us in your thoughts (wink).

This article has been updated in Oct 2022.


1. Is it good to double date in a relationship?

You can only double date when you are with a like-minded couple with a certain level of maturity. In that case, double dating can be good for a relationship.

2. What can two couples do together?

Two couples can chill together, either at home or outside. They can do fun activities like board games, explore museums and water parks, go for lunch dates – they can enjoy everything. A double-date relationship is a lot of fun.

3. What does double date mean?

It allows two like-minded couples to have some fun together at a restaurant, at the movies, on a weekend trip, or just at home over drinks and board games. Also, never go on a double date with the intention of swinging.

4. Is a double date a good idea for a first date?

It can be a good idea for a first date if you are feeling nervous and jittery and suffering from dating anxiety. Going on a double date can give you more confidence, especially if you are meeting for the first time after online dating.

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