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When your partner loves you more than you love them

It might be utopic to except relationships to be well-balanced, but when in reality you don’t love your partner as much as they love you, it can be heart-breaking.
anushka and virat in at event

A relationship out of balance

Have you ever felt like you’re somehow giving more in a relationship than your partner? No relationship is completely balanced when it comes to love, however it’s an uncomfortable feeling when it strikes you that there could be an imbalance.

What if you’re the one who doesn’t reciprocate the amount of love your partner has for you? How do you reach this realisation?

Here are a few signs that might suggest that you love your partner less than they love you.

Not a positive feeling

This is not the kind of positive feeling when you find your partner’s behaviour cute or amusing. When your partner tells you I love you for the nth time in a day, loudly with a big kiss following the whole thing, and you just feel tired of the expression. You say I love you back, out of habit and you realise this.

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  1. My comment is not about the story. You don’t have a ‘Contact Us’ so I have to ask my question here. – Why do I keep getting and having to sign up/in that customize yourself box that covers the story? Because of that I lost all the things that were in my bell and now I can’t read my topics.

  2. your partner loving you more than you love him/her can be taken in a very positive manner, and all these negative trips down your mental state can be wiped off!

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