You don’t miss your ex, you just miss being in love

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Updated On: March 20, 2024
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Love is our highest and most natural state. Love is our most cardinal need as a human – to be wanted, to be desired, to be longed for, to pine for someone, to desire someone. And when relationships break and we are left with only ourselves and our shadows, what we miss the most is that feeling of being in love.

You miss someone to talk to and share your heart and soul.

You miss that feeling of wind beneath your wings ‘coz someone loves you

You miss someone whispering sweet nothings into your ears

You miss smiling in the middle of work for some memory has knocked at your door.

You miss the long, warm hugs.

You miss the warmth of a body next to you in bed

You miss how you were held when you felt low and lonely

You miss the way someone smiled at you

You miss having a hand to hold

You miss having lips to kiss

You miss when you believed this love would last forever; you miss that

The naked truth is, you just miss love.

Missing love
The truth is you just miss love

You miss the peaks you achieved and how high you felt when you were in love. You miss being not scared to face any storm in your life, and being fearless because you were loved. You miss being so engrossed and wrapped in someone’s life that you did not have to worry or get anxious of your own life – because your life was connected to and melded with another life.

You miss that feeling of warmth and feeling safe with someone.

You miss the life you had and how everything in your life revolved around someone else’s life.

But do not mistake all this missing and loneliness and the empty feeling for the absence of your ex.

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He’s not that guy

You do not know that person anymore – the one you were in love with. He is gone from your life, your dreams and thoughts now. He is not the man you now know – what he likes, what he wears, what makes him smile, what are his life’s aspirations or dreams – you know zilch about him. He is gone.
This black hole, this void that you feel is just the absence of this feeling of love, of being comfortable in your skin with another being; of not being afraid to hide and of letting your demons out without the fear of being judged. You miss having someone to fall back on, you miss having someone to trust; you miss having unconditional faith in someone, someone to adore and laugh with till you crack up.

He's not that guy
You miss love. Not him

You pine for love

You long to feel needed and wanted.

You yearn to be adored.

And it’s perfectly natural to want to be in love again. Just don’t mistake that longing for missing someone from your past. Don’t mistake that void, for not having your ex anymore.

You miss love. Not him.

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