10 Reasons Why Scorpio Men Make The Best Husbands

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Updated On: February 21, 2024
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Adventure seeker in bed, as curious as a cat, extremely passionate and emotional – the amazing list of Scorpio husband traits just keeps going on. Scorpio men are usually ‘in it to win it’. Oh, Scorpio, the most powerful zodiac sign of all! Either they are the best of the best or the worst of the worst. If you’ve been around Scorpio men, you’d know they’ve quite a reputation to maintain. The mystery that surrounds Scorpio men makes them hard to ignore and it’s not uncommon to be attracted to them.

Now, we know that the task of finding the right husband for yourself can be a daunting endeavor to undertake. But if you’re aware of the traits you’re interested in, you’d know who makes a good match for you. And if your future partner is a Scorpio, we can easily track down the characteristics of a Scorpio man as a husband to ease your predicament.

Are Scorpio men dominant? What’s the experience of getting married to a Scorpio alpha male? Is it true that it can be a bit tricky to get through the mysterious shell of a Scorpio husband? My friend, you have come just to the right place to find all your answers. We are here today to tell you what can you expect from a Scorpio man as a husband and why Scorpio men make the best husbands. Let’s get started right away!

10 Reasons why Scorpio men make the best husbands 

Scorpio men are strong, intense, and observant. If you are someone with a little traditional mindset who still roots for the good old lifetime commitments, a Scorpio husband will be your best fit. Are Scorpio men romantic? You bet they are, in fact, they are a sea of romance, filled with loyalty and honesty.

It’s your lucky day if you are a Pisces woman wondering if you’d make the best match for Scorpio man. The free-flowing and patient nature of a Pisces woman gels perfectly with the stubbornness of a Scorpio husband and they are indeed one of the best zodiac pairs for marriage. It’s a match made in heaven! On the other hand, Taurus, being highly contradictory, makes the best match for Scorpio man if you believe opposites truly attract. Now, without any further ado, let’s get into the real discussion of why Scorpio men make the best husband and we have 10 solid reasons to prove it to you:

1. Scorpio men are intense in nature

Out of the 12 zodiac signs, Scorpio men are the best when it comes to exhibiting the emotions of vehement affection. They exude alpha male energy and women often find themselves attracted to them like a moth to a flame. Scorpio men in love will often have their singular, passionate, and laser-like focus on you.

If it ever feels like your Scorpio partner is lacking in words to express their affection for you, that is because mystery is in their inherent nature. Sometimes he might shy away from actually telling you about his intense feelings and thoughts but you are always at the back of his mind. The tough exterior is more like a false display to protect his soft corners from the world.

2. Scorpio husbands are loyal

Are Scorpio men faithful? Yes. When loyalty is that one quality that you look for in a husband, Scorpios are your best shot. Let me tell you, faithful just happens to be a Scorpio man’s middle name. Once they have committed to you, they’ll do absolutely everything to stay true to you. They are what you call ‘a one-woman man’ once they have decided to seal the deal.

A Scorpio man as a husband stick to the traditional romance and long-term relationships instead of relying on one-night stands. But as loyal as they are, they’d demand 100% from you as well. The minute you double-cross him, all his faithfulness toward you will disappear. Your dishonesty might stir up a hornet’s nest, or worse, they will want to seek out vengeance.

Scorpio husbands are loyal
Scorpios are loyal partners

3. They are possessive

A little jealousy and possessiveness from your man can make you feel desirable. If anything, jealousy and possessiveness often lead a person to be more vocal about how they feel for you and how much they love and cherish you. On the other hand, a Scorpio husband refuses to accept how much you love them or care for them and often puts allegations that are not true. This nature roots back to their fear of things getting changed overnight. However, the green-eyed monster of jealousy is one small hitch in an otherwise perfect union.

As being a bit of a control freak is one of the Scorpio husband traits, they can easily get driven by the flare of jealousy. If they get the slightest hint that someone else is trying to pursue you, they might build restrictions for you. While some women find it charming and feel needed, it can be very taxing and suffocating for others.

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4. They are intuitive

If you are dating a Scorpio man, you already know about his intuitive side. This water sign has gravitas. They are great mind readers, patient listeners, and sagacious observers. So, you don’t always have to be very vocal about your wishes or feelings. Even before you share your sadness or realize it yourself, they will do everything in their power to cheer you up.

Actually, it’s a quality that can make your relationship extremely fulfilling and put you in danger at the same time. Whenever you are being dishonest to them or hiding something, they can sense your superficiality. And, trust me, you are not going to like the consequences coming your way.

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5. They are curious and logical

Their curiosity and logic are a double-edged sword. They are great at analyzing situations and then offering plausible solutions to your problems. So if you are with a Scorpio man, rest assured every time your life throws a curveball at you, they’ll be there to help you catch it.

Scorpio men don’t make a move in life without analyzing its outcomes. So, be sure they will take their sweet time to know your true self before surprising you with a proposal. But sometimes, their logic and curiosity make them hyper-focused on a problem to a point of annoying obsession. They’ll provoke fights and arguments to know your true feelings, which is the primary function of their curious nature.

6. They like to be in charge

As a Scorpio alpha male, your would-be husband will take charge of your life going beyond the basic relationship responsibilities. He just needs everything under his control, starting from picking a restaurant for date night to choosing the school for your children. He’ll most likely organize your calendar, your house, your wardrobe, pretty much everything. It bothers him if things are not done his way. Although, Scorpio men like to keep it subtle and not give the impression of a commanding figure in the household.

Women are multi-taskers and that can be tiring. So, sometimes it’s good to have a partner who’ll straighten things out for you. But their constant need to be in power can cause you to feel confined. In such situations, put your foot down and take the lead. Let him know that you’re an equal.

scorpio man as a husband

7. They are dominant in bed

Are Scorpio men dominant? Yes, they are domineering in the bedroom too, just as much in life. Being the most sexually driven sign, Scorpios are usually unrestrained when it comes to the passionate act of physical love. They have a high sex drive which works great for their partner who likes to feel wanted.

In fact, it is a woman’s forte to make him go crazy about you. Tell him how you like it, explore kinky poses and exciting sex toys all you want – but let him have the control and he will do everything in his power to make his woman happy in bed.

Most women are likely to prefer formidable and dominant men because it makes them feel safe. It’s one of the reasons women gravitate toward dominating Scorpio men. If a Scorpio man is into you and the feeling is mutual, then you can expect highly passionate love-making with him.

8. They are protective

It’s one of their admirable traits. They’ll stand up for their partner and never let anyone bully them or push them around. When a Scorpio man is in love with you, he’ll feel appointed with the duty to protect you from everything they possibly can and do not really care about their image while doing the same.

We have been talking about their controlling, dominant nature. But if you think about the reason behind such obsession with taking charge, you will find out it’s more about the concern for the safety of their woman. Remember when you asked, “Are Scorpio men romantic?” You can say that it’s one of their ways to display romantic love. They wish you to be happy and worry-free. This is definitely one of the reasons Scorpio men make the best husbands.

9. Scorpio men have a great memory

A Scorpio man has the memory of an elephant. They’ll remember the smallest details about you and are pretty good at recalling old memories. They’ll remember everything, right down to the exact words you spoke to them on January 22, 2015 along with the inflection in your voice. It’s all safe in their memory bank.

So, chances are they will use this trick whenever you get into a fight with your Scorpio husband. You cannot get away with lying about an old mess because they will remember every detail about that incident. As water is a pretty visual sign, Scorpios are amazing at painting a mental picture with their words. They can transport you to an altogether different zone while describing an event.

10. Scorpio men are caretakers

Because of their fierce independence and hatred to be dependent on anyone else, they take up the role of caretakers. They’ll want to protect you from the entire world but also want to nurture you and show you the right path that you need to take. They’ll help you grow and extend unconditional support to you if you want to have a career of your own or build up a business.

Before you ask “Are Scorpio men faithful?”, I think we have made it abundantly clear that they are the most soulful husband material. By nature, Scorpios are not very easy to get along with but at the end of the day, they just really love hard, hurt hard, and feel very deeply. If you understand them, then you can expect to have an eternally beautiful married life with a Scorpio man.

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  1. Umm, excuse me aren’t you forgetting scorpio and cancer pair? “Match thats made in heaven” Was so happy reading the entire article until I saw the intro.
    Being a zodiac enthusiast and a cancerian I can vouch for the fact that no one can ever be perfect than a caring, devoted, and loyal cancer to a loving, protective, and needy scorpio.

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