Why It Is Important to Make Your Woman Happy in Bed

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Updated On: November 9, 2023
how to make your woman happy in bed

Sex forms the cardinal fabric of every man-woman relationship and so its importance in a couple’s life can never be overemphasised. You should know how to make your woman happy in bed and that will help you strengthen your relationship.

Why is it important to please your woman sexually?

This is a shout out to all the men to reiterate that keeping your woman happy in bed is not only important but healthy too. A woman blossoms differently once she’s sexually satiated and fulfilled. She becomes more herself and gives more of herself in a relationship if you make sure that she’s having a great time in bed.

Remember, you aim to please.

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Here are a few powerful reasons to keep your girl happy between the sheets.

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The big O

Orgasm is very crucial to make her feel good, keep her happy, easing all pains she feels down below. It helps her get rid of stress and makes her feel supercharged. Never underestimate the power of joy and happiness you can give a woman by helping her orgasm. It’s important to know how to make your wife happy in bed.

Boosts your ego as a man

It is a no-brainer that a man who makes his woman happy, inside the bedroom and outside it, feels great because he knows for sure that she is happier ‘coz of him. It is a big kick for your male ego. Hearing his woman moan with pleasure and satisfaction is a big turn-on for a man and feeds his ego immensely. It also assures him about his ability to satisfy a woman in bed.

Proof that you are good

Spice it up

Apart from massaging your ego, satisfying your woman every night gives you the assurance that you are doing it just right in bed.

To know if you are doing well or not, pay attention to her body language. Most women don’t like talking about their wants in bed, because of conditioning and fear of judgement.

Every time you do something, notice how her body reacts to it. If she is pulling away, then you need to move on to the next trick. Otherwise, you are doing well.

Talking to her about what she likes and what she doesn’t like in bed can make her open up her body and mind and can help you find better ways to give her more pleasure and make sex more exciting and fulfilling for her.

Breeds fidelity in the relationship

Infidelity and cheating have become common like having a cold these days and one of the reasons is dull and predictable sex. You can save yourself from misery and an expensive divorce settlement by ensuring that your woman is happy every time you make love to her.

Satisfying your woman on a daily basis will ensure that she remains loyal to you and wouldn’t look outside the relationship to satisfy herself and be unfaithful.

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Triggers togetherness

Have you noticed that the need to cuddle gets stronger after getting that big O? This is because after a climax the body releases the cuddle or bonding hormone called oxytocin.

It takes over your system and makes you feel extra cuddly and touchy. At the same time, it makes both of you feel more connected to each other. Cuddling her after a fulfilling round of sex makes her feel more loved and makes her feel that sex is much more than getting those juices out.

Makes you feel powerful

The ultimate barometer of your manliness comes from your woman who screams your name for pleasure and begs you for more, and not from how many guys you have bullied or fought in high school.

Making your woman orgasm puts back the man in the word ‘manhood’. Sure, there are other things that make you feel like a man, but to be able to satisfy your woman during every sex session is a way of indirectly telling her who is in control – in a good, sexy way. Making your girl happy in bed makes you happy too.

To bring out her wild side

Another reason to please her sexually is that you want her to go all out in bed and to experience the animal side of her. Obviously, it’s not going to be easy if you don’t give her what she wants and it will inhibit her sexually.

Pleasing her will make sure that she never holds herself back and gives her best, always.

Moreover, making her experience multiple orgasms will ensure that she lets her porn star out.

Tons of articles and studies have been written about women having a hard time getting that big O, on multiple orgasms and how many women fake an orgasm, too. All this makes female orgasm even more intriguing. So watching her get a real one ultimately can be very amazing, exciting and very special for you as her man.

Getting back what you give

When you please a woman, she will go out all the way to please you as well.  Women love giving back, as long as you also give them something they will never forget. Think in terms of fulfilling each other’s sexual fantasies and role-playing – it all boils down to reciprocating. Make your woman happy in bed and she will make you happier.

Showing you care

This is the most potent way to show her that her happiness matters to you. Satisfying her needs in bed validates how good you are. However, it doesn’t end there. It’s also about making her happy and giving her the treatment that befits a queen.

Allowing her to experience orgasm regularly is an organic and inexpensive way of making her happy. Unlike buying her expensive jewellery, flowers or eating at fancy restaurants, her orgasm is easily accessible and readily available, and most importantly, will keep both of you happier together, too.

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