10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

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Updated On: October 18, 2023
signs your relationship will last forever

You and I, forever. This idea of a happily-ever-after forms the foundation of every meaningful relationship. You might even see early signs of a good relationship and be hopeful that they are the one for you. Yet, forever isn’t promised to any couple. As time passes by, relationships go through all sorts of upheavals and ups and downs, that can shake the very foundation on which the relationship was built.

Signs your relationship will last forever are often hidden in the way you tackles these changes and choose to be with each other, every day, no matter the circumstances. Don’t view the glass as half empty or half full when it comes to your relationship. It all boils down to the two of you at the end of the day.

10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

How do you know if your relationship will last forever? It is only natural to ponder over this question if you’ve been caught in the vicious circle of finding love and then dealing with heartbreak shortly after. How do you then believe that your next relationship will last a lifetime? How do you believe this promise of forever kind of love? And most important, what makes a relationship last forever?

Well, there is no secret formula for keeping a relationship forever. However, there are certain traits that set a lasting relationship apart from perishable ones. Here are 10 signs your relationship will last forever:

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1. You have seen each other’s worst shades

…And still love and value each other. Are there times when you are throwing a tantrum for no good reason? Or his preoccupation with work has made him temporarily absent from the relationship? If you stick around and learn to live with each other’s not so pleasant traits and habits, you have what it takes for keeping a relationship forever.

You love each other even when it’s hard to love yourself. That is what makes your love truly unique and wholehearted. To be with someone even after you have seen the worst of them, is to ignore their flaws and continue loving them for who they are. This is indeed one of the signs of a long lasting relationship since you two are already comfortable with each other’s weaknesses.

early signs of a good relationship
One of the early signs of a good relationship is knowing each other in and out

2. You are on the same wavelength

You complete each other’s sentences without even thinking. Likewise, you share financial responsibilities and shoulder the weight of each other’s chores without keeping track of who did most of the work. Some days you might put in more effort and on other days, he carries all the responsibilities without you having to ask him.

If that rings true for you, chances are your relationship will last a lifetime and that you are incredibly lucky to be with this person. You might have small disagreements here and there, but when it comes to the big picture – you two are aligned perfectly. With such early signs of a good relationship, you know you can rely on the person for a lifetime.

3. You make long-term plans 

He may not have popped the question yet. You both may not have said the M word yet or even taken the first big step toward long-term commitment by moving in together, but if you figure in each other’s distant plans it is among the signs your relationship will last forever.

How do you know if a relationship is long term in the first place? Well it depends on whether they talk about you in their future plans or not. From planning your next holiday a year from now to factoring in the other person in big career decision, when all your life plans involved each other you can rest assured you have both found ‘the one’.

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4. You can spend time apart

There is no place for insecurities or jealousy in the relationship. You are comfortable with spending quality time apart without letting the distance cause unnecessary trouble. On the contrary, you encourage each other to take that solo trip or plan a weekend getaway with friends.

A relationship where people feel secure and like themselves, is definitely one of the signs your relationship will last forever. Because you two are individually capable of being self aware and honest, you let the other person dance to their own songs. You know each other enough, you trust each other enough. Aren’t those just the signs you will be together forever?

5. You’re brutally honest with each other

You are in that stable, secure relationship where you both can let your guard down and be yourself in front of each other. That’s not all, you don’t hesitate in being brutally honest about your opinions of the other person’s choice. From the color of his shirt to that shady friend, your career moves and his financial planning, there is a truly no-holds-barred approach in the relationship.

This also brings with the surety that you’ve always got each other’s back. These are definitely signs your relationship will go the distance considering that you two love each other enough to openly give some tough love to one another.

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6. You are never insecure about each other’s love

Insecurity can really break a relationship if it goes overboard. A few bouts of it here and there are understandable but a constant pang of insecurity can make your relationship really go downhill. But if you two are comfortable like that and don’t worry about feeling insecure, keep that going! It is one of the signs of a long lasting relationship.

signs your relationship will go the distance
You are never insecure about each other’s love

His friendship with women and you hanging out with your boy buddies is a non-issue. A key ingredient to keeping a relationship forever is a complete sense of security that leaves no room for second-guessing each other’s intentions. You love each other, and the world around you sees it enough that neither of you feels the need to compete for the other’s attention.

7. There is no pettiness in the relationship

Of course, you both fight. Every couple does, it is only natural. Does not mean that it can still not be one of the signs your relationship will last forever. What matters is that once the fight is resolved, the issue is done and dusted. There is no pettiness or residual resentment in the relationship. You don’t rake up past issues or complaints in a new fight.

How do you know if your relationship will last forever? When a couple learns to let the past bury its dead, it’s an indicator that a relationship will last a lifetime. When you’ve got that there isn’t any cause for concern about the future of your relationship.

8. You talk about the past

That nasty break-up. That ex you couldn’t get over for a long time. The flings and rebound relationships. You know of every skeleton in each other’s closet and choose to love your partner, not despite but with all of this baggage. You’re not only at ease with their past but also help them make peace with it.

How do you know if a relationship is long term? When you know every single thing about them and instead of using it against them, you use it to understand them better. That is love, indeed. It is a rare quality in a relationship and one that definitely brings the promise of forever with it.

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9. There is strong communication

couple goals

You talk. About anything and everything under the sun. From your loftiest dreams to biggest fears, from tiny details about your day to issues in the relationship, no topic is off the table. You can both sit together and discuss the trickiest emotions without getting triggered at all.

If a relationship has that kind of strong communication, it is among the top signs that your relationship can last and you should not let it go.

10. You don’t struggle with intimacy

Sex isn’t the be-all and end-all of a romantic relationship but it is undeniably a key component. If you feel a burning passion for each other (every now and then, if not always) and focus on ensuring mutual pleasure in bed, you have a vital secret of keeping a relationship forever.

How do you know if a relationship is long term? If you two are physically satisfied with each other and the sexual compatibility is mind blowing, consider yourselves lucky! Good sex is essential to any good relationship.

If what you share with your partner checks a majority of these boxes, pat yourselves on the back for building a relationship will last a lifetime. There might be a few bumps along the way, that is only natural. But you do have most of it figured out. If you see such signs your relationship will go the distance, it’s you and him, forever.

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