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Updated On: July 13, 2023
how men show love
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Love is love, but how we experience and express that all-consuming emotion is deeply individual. Men, women and non-binary folks show love in different and unique ways. For some men to show their love is often difficult as they struggle with vulnerability.

As a result, women sometimes miss the subtlety of how men show love. We misconstrue it as a lack of attention. But ladies, it takes a lot of effort for men to express their vulnerability and go all the way to make big romantic gestures. Instead they like to leave simple clues for us.

We’re not talking about all men here – there are definitely those who are more obvious in their signs of flirting, more upfront about expressing their feelings. But, a lot of men take a more tacit route. It takes time for them to open up and give you grand gestures of romantic confessions. Rather, they wait a while and then reveal their truest feelings in different ways. How do men show love? Let’s find out.

How Do Men Express Their Love?

A lot of men are quite introverted when it comes to expressions of love. Whether you are indeed dating an introvert or not, there are some common factors in how men show love. We know that they love us but they’re not always the greatest at showing us in the obvious ways that we enjoy so much. But that doesn’t mean that these men don’t think the world of us or that they are not hopelessly and irrevocably in love with us.

In your everyday life, there are lots of moments when the love of your guy is your only driving force. But, their expressions are more subtle than the fairy tales made us believe. Yes, Hollywood romances and fairy tales have spoiled us far too much and given us some mighty unrealistic expectations.

It’s up to us to control our soaring expectations from our boyfriends and husbands. When a man loves you, he shows you in ways that you might not always pick up on. Here are a few ways how men show love.

1.  He listens to you

I mean, really listens to you. His eyes don’t drift to the TV remote, he doesn’t pretend to absorb, because when he loves his woman, he listens to her. This is because he cares about what you have to say, what is bothering you or he simply enjoys the process of getting to know you.

When your man is a good listener, know that he is devoted to you and to your relationship. That is, unless he is too tired to concentrate and participate in the conversation, so give him that benefit of the doubt too sometimes.

when a man loves you he listens to you
Listening to you intently is one of the ways he shows his love

2. He fights with you

This may seem strange, but when a man really loves a woman he talks about the things that are not working in favor of the relationship. He argues with you to make it better, he tries to fix what is broken instead of walking out on you.

In all relationships, a decent amount of relationship arguments are actually a sign that the relationship is on the right track. Fighting a normal amount is actually healthy because it shows that one is putting in the work to validate and make their expectations known.

3. He fights for you

Men don’t fight for a fling or someone they consider a casual passer-by in their relationships. How do men show love? When he truly loves you he will stick up for you to the entire world. He will fight on your behalf as it will come only as a natural reflex to him.

Whether the barista is being snarky at you, or something goes awry at with your family at Thanksgiving dinner, know that when he loves you, he will always be by your side and fighting for you. How men show love lies in these tiny details and actions.

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4. He is proud of you

Men let their defenses down and let go of their ego for love. When you achieve something – little things or something extraordinary – a man deeply in love expresses his pride for you. One of the secret signs a man loves you is when he is elated at hearing about your successes.

This is because he believes in you and your abilities and wants to watch you seize all opportunities that come your way. From finally mastering that cheesecake recipe to getting a promotion at work, being just as happy as you are, is one of the important ways he shows his love for you.

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5.  He changes his mind for you

This is a big deal for men as they are usually more stubborn than women and like to have things their own way. So ladies, if he is really sacrificing his own needs so you can have what you want – he is a keeper.

How do guys express their love when they are falling for a woman? When a man is into you, watch how he is willing to change his mind and his plans for you. If he skips on watching the Lakers game at the pub with his friends so he can spend time with you at home, this is a huge tell of how men show love.

But ladies, before you get all giddy and mushy inside, it’s important not to take this for granted and push him too much. Acknowledge his love for you and return the gesture. Because when a man loves, you, he needs to be loved right back too.

Let us know in the comments your experience of the same. How do husbands express their love or is there a certain body language of a man secretly in love with you? How does your man show you that he cares? Spill the beans, sis!


1. How do guys express their feelings?

Sometimes, not in the most obvious ways. When guys are truly falling for someone, they can be a little more shy than we think. He might not flat out ask you out or buy you something fancy. He may show it in the little things that he cares for you. He might remember all your favorite movies, bring you pizza on a rainy day, listen to you when you’re ranting and be by your side whenever you need him.

2. How do you know if a man is secretly in love with you?

There is a difference in the body language of a man secretly in love with you. He will always focus on you, look into your eyes more deeply, he will touch you dotingly every now and and will smile at you adoringly.

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