8 Smart tips for men to buy lingerie for her

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Confused as to what to gift your wife, girlfriend or better-half on the upcoming anniversary or birthday or special occasion? While we do have compiled an excellent list of last minute gift options for women, it is only natural to get confused. If you are thinking of gifting her lingerie – that would be the most appropriate gift ever. But given how hard is it to buy your woman a bra, much unlike how easy it is to take it off, we give you 8 tips to confidently shop for lingerie for your girl.

Why men fear buying lingerie for their significant other?

A majority of husbands or boyfriends avoid buying and gifting lingerie for their partners, because they feel that it is really difficult to shop for it. Well, with so many specs and sizes, it sure is confusing. Men fear that they might end up purchasing something that gives a wrong message to their wives or girlfriends. It might also happen that the styles and preferences of the partner might be completely different from the preferences of the man.

And yes, size and how revealing the lingerie is, is the other prime concern. In addition, men think that they might end up looking like perverts if they are found lingering in the women’s undergarments section. However, lingerie tops the list of intimate gifts for a woman, and even if you get the wrong size or fit, she will surely appreciate you for the effort.

8 smart tips to buy her lingerie

If you have won over the feelings of doubt and have the motivation behind buying lingerie for your loved one, then this article is going to be your guide. While you need to walk past that door by yourself, and also bear some stares of fellow ladies in the store, we will help you decode the probable questions you might be asked, and the preparations to answer them. Whenever you feel doubtful and consider giving up. remember how intimate a present like lingerie is.

Buying her lingerie will make her feel wanted and make her realise that you appreciate her body. The gift will be precious to her, as it will boost her self-esteem and give her an opportunity to feel sexy. It will surely be a compliment to her and flattering for your partner if she receives sexy lingerie from you as a gift. Follow these 8 convenient tips and you are sure to overcome the fear of buying the wrong underwear, bra, hosiery, corset, etc.

1. Learn about different lingerie before shopping for it

The first and foremost step that you must take is to learn about different women’s lingerie, like baby doll, camisole, dressing gown, robe, petticoat, etc. Go through online articles about them so that once equipped with this knowledge you can purchase the lingerie smartly and thoughtfully.

Learn about different lingerie before shopping for it
Learn about different lingerie before shopping for it

2. Get acquainted with the likes and dislikes of your partner

Likes and dislikes that your wife/girlfriend has in relation to bras, panties and other lingerie is something that you must know as the closest person to her. Most married women already own these pieces so you can have a clear idea. Keeping her preferences in mind, you can try to buy something unique for her. However, ensure that the picked lingerie complements her personality. Think carefully as to what she prefers. In case you have no clue about it, go through her lingerie section when she is not around to know what style of lingerie she favours.

You can even talk to her about her choices so that you do not disappoint her with the lingerie you pick for her. All these efforts will make your shopping experience better.

3. Give special attention to the size of lingerie

Knowing the size of your woman’s lingerie should be topmost priority, because without the correct size, you cannot expect to buy the perfect everyday essentials for her. You can check the labels of the lingerie she wears to know her size and note it down for reference when you go to shop.

A photo of your partner can also be of help when you are looking for the right lingerie size for her. Despite such methods if you fail to know her size, you can always go and ask her. Remember, opting for something that highlights her assets and pampers her body is really essential.

4. Be ready to spend a lot for flawless lingerie

When you choose to shop for lingerie, it is important that you are ready to spend a lot. Lingerie is made out of luxurious and comfortable fabrics and exhibits the use of cutting-edge technology and designs. Therefore lingerie is extremely costly. Obviously, if you go for cheap lingerie, it will not last long and might badly affect your partner’s skin. So select high-quality lingerie, even if it is costly. What you can do is set an appropriate budget and then search for suitable lingerie.

Ready to spend a lot for flawless lingerie
Ready to spend a lot for flawless lingerie

5. Keep in mind the occasion for which you are buying the lingerie

Whether it is for her birthday, your wedding anniversary or just a simple night out – you have to keep in mind the occasion for which you are planning to buy the lingerie for your partner. This will help narrow down the choices, because there is special lingerie for each and every occasion.

For instance, for nights out women prefer nightgowns which are comfortable and relaxing. On the other hand, women will surely favour lacy and appealing undergarments as wedding anniversary gifts to seduce you.

6. Quality and brand should be given equal priority

Always opt for branded lingerie, because that will give an assurance of the quality and durability of the piece of lingerie. Do the research and find out which brands are popular among women. Expensive lingerie does not mean that it will be of good quality. So touch and feel the material to see whether it feels smooth on the skin. If it seems rough, then avoid buying such lingerie.

Do not even think of buying the following:

  • Lingerie that is crotch less or cup less
  • Lingerie made of polyester, vinyl, PVC, glitter, feathers, stones, etc.

7. Places to shop from

Places to shop from
Places to shop from

If you are aware of the local lingerie stores which your wife/girlfriend visits, then you can consider yourself a lucky person. You can just visit the stores and take the assistance of the salesperson to pick the best available lingerie option. The shops usually contain details regarding the types and styles of lingerie your partner prefers or the salesperson might know your wife’s choices.

However, if you prefer shopping online, then you can visit the numerous online lingerie stores and buy what you like the most. Online shopping for lingerie is a wise move, because you can access a wide collection of lingerie, you can get superb quality of lingerie at reasonable prices or discounts, and you can shop for hot lingerie without being embarrassed.

8. Pick something simple yet classy

You might be excited to buy lingerie for your partner. But you must not go overboard, and control your emotions. You must buy something that is simple yet will look classy on your better half. Always invest in something that can be worn satisfactorily and comfortably.

Obviously buying lingerie will get you out of your comfort zone. But then think about how it would actually set the ball rolling in your relationship in a thrilling and fun way. Happy shopping, guys!

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