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21 last minute gift ideas for your wife’s birthday

Surprises for your wife

You never forget anyone’s birthday and make it a point to give gifts to your relatives or close friends on their birthday. You feel you are a natural when it comes to picking up gifts for your loved ones. So this time you put in all efforts and plan to make your spouse’s birthday special. However, due to some mishap your plans get disrupted and the gifts fail to arrive on time. What will you do in such a situation? Do not panic, as this article is going to save you. (You can thank us later)

21 last minute gift ideas for your wife’s birthday

Gifts prepared in the last minute have to be of such unique character that your better half does not realise that these are prepared offhand. Hope the gift ideas given below can make your wife’s birthday noteworthy and memorable.

1. Win her heart with fragrance

Every woman is fond of good and sensuous fragrance; your wife will also be a part of this club. So why not buy a perfume to fill her special day with great aroma and love? It is the most convenient birthday gift option. Select from famous brands such as Burberry, Chanel, and Givenchy in order to leave a lasting impression on your wife. You could also explore Skinn by Titan.

2. Jewellery never fails to disappoint

Apart from perfumes, jewellery is another great last minute gift option for those husbands who are absolutely confused as to what to gift their wives. Whether your wife is fond of rings, earrings, or bracelets, brands like Tanishq, have a range of jewellery collections to woo your better half with. You could shop online with brands like Caratlane and Bluestone, too.

Give jewelry as a gift: Image source

3. Play the role of a chef

If you are someone who is confident in the kitchen, then go ahead and prepare a sumptuous and delicious meal for your wife on her birthday. Serve her favourite breakfast in the bed, and follow up with some cute love making morning session. Wives are usually very appreciative of such a gesture from their husbands.

4. A vacation to rekindle your love

The best thing about buying a vacation package for your partner’s birthday is that you both will get time to spend with each other and relive the past memories of your love. Just make sure you know which places your wife wanted to visit and then plan accordingly.

5. Offer to give her a massage

A relaxing massage from you would surely be a well-thought-out gift, especially if you know your wife is recently stressed and juggling a lot of responsibilities.

Giving massage wife
Try to give her comfort: Image source

6. Coupons or gift cards for the shopaholic

Most women like shopping. If your partner is one of them, then get hold of coupons and gift cards from boutiques, shops and online stores she loves and gift them to her.

7. Treat her like a queen on her birthday

This means you have to make sure that she does what she loves all day and does not get entangled in daily chores on her special day. Make her feel like a queen and pamper her as much as possible. Her day off will be the most sensible last minute gift for her.

8. Satisfy the photographer in her

Photography is your spouse’s favourite hobby? Even if it is not, you can instil the photography craze in her by gifting her Instax products such as camera, printer, accessories, etc.

9. Add a style quotient to her life with handbags and wallets

Gift trendy handbags and wallets to your better half from popular brands like Lavie, Caprese, Kara and so on and she is sure to forgive you for the last-minute gift choice.

10. Cosmetics to pamper your lady

Gifting cosmetics from well-known brands like Lakme, Elle 18, Revlon, L’Oreal, etc. to your spouse can be a flexible and convenient option for you, because these brands have a variety of products to choose from. Some of them even sell gift baskets with an assortment of make-up products.

11. Take her on an unforgettable date

If nothing comes into your mind at the last minute, then the wise move on your part would be to take her on an impressive and romantic date. Plan to do something that you both have never done together, so that the day becomes etched in her mind.

Dinner date
Take her on best dinner date

12. Gift her membership to different centres and clubs

This gift idea would be appropriate for those husbands whose wives have multiple hobbies and interests. Gifting her membership to centres and clubs which match her interests would be extremely thoughtful.

13. DIY gifts to surprise her with your creativity

It is true that at the last moment you will not have time to make something elaborate for your wife’s birthday, but then you can give it a try. Gather the required materials as soon as you can and create a gift for her. Some common DIY gifts would be a collage, jewellery box, gift basket containing her favourite products, photo frame and birthday card.
DIY gifts

14. Get something personalised for your wife

There are thousands of stores nowadays which provide personalised birthday gifts like mugs, posters, photo frames, cushions, watches, rings etc. At the last minute you can just visit these stores and buy anything worthwhile for her.

15. Sexy lingerie to help your wife flaunt her body

Why just stick to clichéd gifts like jewellery, perfumes, etc., when you can gift your wife something as different as sexy lingerie? This will give her the idea that you appreciate her body just as much as you love her and the gift will boost her self-confidence.

16. Books to give her company in her alone time

Books have their own little world and lessons to teach us. So gift classic books and novels to your partner, especially if she loves reading.

17. Soft toys for her tender heart

Show her that you love and cherish her by giving her soft toys. Pick soft toys which she can cuddle with when you are not around, so that she feels your presence with her at all times.

18. Home décor your wife wanted for a long time

Did your wife want some home décor for a very long time but you refused to buy it for her before? Then her birthday is the right time to surprise her with the décor she wanted.

19. Chocolates to please her sweet tooth

Nowadays multiple varieties of chocolates, whether white, dark or plain chocolate, are available in the market. Just pick her favourite Swiss chocolate or get a customised chocolate basket for her birthday.

Give her Chocolates: Image source

20. Flowers to blossom the love between the two of you

Read through the meaning of different flowers online and select a meaningful flower to gift a bouquet to your wife. Let her know the meaning behind the flower that you have chosen, to make the gift more significant.

21. Technology-related gifts can be a great idea

In this technological era, would it not be a great idea to give your wife technology-related gifts? For instance, HP laptops, Sony speakers, Apple smartphone, and so on can help your wife keep pace with the recent technology.

So there you go. Just follow your heart and select a gift you think will be useful and momentous for her. Remember that she is an important person in your life and her birthday is the best day to let her know that.

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