6 must-have lingerie for every married woman

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Updated On: July 13, 2023
lingerie for every married woman

If you want to bring a little spice in your sex life then slip into these sexy little things and watch your husband going bonkers for you. As a bonus, sensual lingerie makes you feel sexier and more confident too. Pick your favourite!

1.  Be the maroon goddess

maroon lingerie for the maroon goddess
Maroon lingerie

It’s vintage, it’s gorgeous and perfect lingerie for your bridal trousseau. Put a robe on and let the game begin!

2. Come, let’s play!

Feeling a little hot down there? Slip into this transparent two-piece and watch your husband’s jaw come unhinged.

3. Delicate like a plum

Not going out on a Saturday doesn’t mean you have to be in your pyjamas. Wear this fine satin nightdress with heels and get kinky with him.

satin dress for a kinky night
Satin lingerie

4. Turn on the heat!

It’s just perfect to unleash the horny side of your inner goddess! Wear it with confidence and nothing else, and make your husband’s pulse race.

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5. Just be you

Then there are days when all we want to do is tie the hair up and messy and slip into something pretty and comfortable. It’s perfect lingerie to get all cosy and snugly with your partner after a long and hard weeknight.

Blood red lingerie
Blood red lingerie

6. Lace all the way

Men love lace and we love them to love us in lace. Let this sensual little thing flatter your body and watch your man go crazy with the peep show as you move around in this.

So load up the wine, spray a nice perfume and just chill out!

Tell us about your favourite lingerie. Write to us in the comments section below.

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