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how to know if you have a crush on someone

How To Know If You Have A Crush On Someone – 17 Signs

Maybe you’re confused about the way you feel. Or maybe you want somebody to confirm it for you. I’ve curated this fantabulous list on how to know if you have a crush on someone. These signs will be your guiding light as you unravel the true nature of your feelings.

stealth attraction

The 7 Techniques Of Stealth Attraction To Use NOW

Subtlety is an art few have mastered. Most men, when picking up a date, go for obvious methods of approach. A strong pick-up line, or the usual can I have your number? Standing out amidst this mad scramble of gents is a tough task. But here are 7 techniques of stealth attraction that will guarantee success without you needing to do much show and tell. 

apology language

5 Apology Languages: Guide For Choosing The Best One

Taking accountability is a large part of making any relationship work. It is a wise person who says sorry when they have erred. But why is it that our apologies don’t get through to our partners sometimes? Why do we fail to complete a task as simple as saying “I’m sorry”? Nine times out of ten, the answer lies in our apology language. Our goal is to acquaint you with the five apology languages, namely: expressing regret, accepting responsibility, making restitution, genuinely repenting, and requesting forgiveness.

examples of breakup letters

20 Free Examples Of Breakup Letters And Tips

Ending things in person can be too confrontational and intense, while breaking up over a call or text is plain old rude. A nice way out can be found in the middle of these two by writing a breakup letter. Here are 20 free examples of breakup letters and tips to help you resolve the conundrums of a breakup.

ice breaker questions for dating

55 Best Ice Breaker Questions For Dating

Modern dating REALLY doesn’t give us much time to make an impression. Here are 55 best ice breaker questions that’ll up your dating game instantly. Questions are an excellent way of initiating conversation because they leave the ball in the other person’s court.

get a girl's attention

18 Simple Tricks To Get A Girl’s Attention

Most guys make the mistake of either coming on too strong or being too subtle in their attempts to get noticed. Now I don’t want a girl to think you’re creepy or invisible, so here are 18 simple tricks to get a girl’s attention.