18 Simple Tricks To Get A Girl’s Attention

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It’s totally understandable why you need some help in this area. Most guys make the mistake of either coming on too strong or being too subtle in their attempts to get noticed. Now I don’t want a girl to think you’re creepy or invisible, so here are 18 simple tricks to get a girl’s attention.

With this selection of time-tested ideas that have worked well on a woman, a.k.a. yours truly, you’re truly spoilt for choice. So, go ahead and cherry-pick the ones you’re the most comfortable with. By the end of this read, you’ll have figured out how to be a real charmer!

18 Simple Tricks To Get A Girl’s Attention

My father always says that we don’t have to “get” attention, we have to “earn” it. What he means is that we need to show people why we’re worth their time. And as always, dad has hit the mark. Contrary to popular belief, getting a cute girl’s attention is not that complicated. Girls don’t need much to go on.

They pretty much want to be around a good person. So, this guide is going to do some sneaky self-improvement for you too. Especially if you’re trying to get a girl’s attention without talking to her, you need to know how to carry yourself to attract attention. You’ve always wanted to be the man everyone turns their head around to take a double-take at, didn’t you?

And if you’re trying to get a girl’s attention on social media, you need to up your Insta game. You can’t be posting the same old boring selfies on your story and expect her to reply to them. The more interesting your social media presence seems, the better your chances. PS: If you’re trying to get her attention by sliding into her DMs, make sure you don’t come on too strong.

You’re in very good hands with me, and I will teach you how to strike the balance when you’re trying to woo a girl. Let’s answer your question, “How to get a girl’s attention?”

1. Confidence is the key to most locks

This is one of the oldest tricks in the bag to make a girl think about you. If you approach her feeling doubtful yourself, she’ll sense it. Before she knows you’re worth it, you have to know it yourself. And most guys tend to underestimate themselves; she’s probably not out of your league and you’re way more attractive than you think. So hold your head high and approach her on equal footing. Confidence is the simplest trick to get a girl’s attention.

2. Hygiene and manners go a LONG way

I literally cannot emphasize this enough. A good shower and a groomed beard make so much of a difference. It’s true what they say – you have to dress for the part you want. If you’re wondering how to get a girl’s attention, go to your barber now! One of the first things I notice about a man is the neatness in his appearance; shabby hair, bad breath, dirty ears, uncut nails, and wrinkled clothes are big no-nos.

Making sure you follow all the men’s grooming tips can literally do half the work for you on a first date. What’s equally important is being kind and polite. I don’t mean be nice to her only, be sweet to everyone around you. Psychologist Scott Kaufman notes that kindness is attractive.

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3. Begin with friendship

Most girls are tired of guys trying to get into their pants in the first go. In the words of my friend, Janice, “If a guy doesn’t know my last name, my occupation, and at least one of my hobbies, he shouldn’t be trying to get me to sleep with him.” And she isn’t wrong, just get to know the girl better before you ask her out. This will also help you assess whether you guys are compatible or not.

People who were friends before they dated tend to make better couples. Become her friend, and before you know it you’ll ask, “Are we dating?” You can get a girl’s attention online with simple, friendly conversations. As long as you don’t make her worry that the words “send nudes” are coming her way whenever she sees ‘typing’ in the chatbox, you’ll have attention and interest in equal measure.

So if you want to get a girl’s attention while chatting, make sure you make a genuine attempt at trying to get to know this person. And if you’re not too interested in getting to know who she is, what are you doing trying to win her attention anyway?

4. Share a secret with her

This is a no-brainer. Build trust and intimacy with the girl you like. Confidentiality is always a great way of strengthening relationships. Create a safe space with her by sharing a secret. I don’t mean making things up or forcefully telling her a sob story. Put your trust in her by being vulnerable with her. You can make a girl think about you by having exclusive conversations with her.

5. Activate the comedian within, make her laugh

Awaken your inner Chandler Bing and get cracking on those jokes (pun intended). A study conducted at the University of Kansas revealed that women perceive humor as a sign of intelligence. If you want to get attention from a girl on Instagram, make sure all the stories you upload are always top-notch.

The memes you pick should be the funniest in the business, or you could just go ahead and upload a few humorous pictures of yourself. You’ve got an edge if you’re a funny man because she’ll be attracted to your mind. You can get the attention of a girl on WhatsApp with a goofy pick-up line, or an adorably lame pun. An all-time favorite of mine is: Girl, are you French? Because Madamn!

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6. Do. Not. Be. Clingy

Here’s a rookie mistake you should avoid at all costs. If you want to get a cute girl’s attention, stay aloof. Not in a juvenile, hard-to-get way, but just with less desperation. Have a life of your own, and don’t obsess over her. When you’re trying to get a girl’s attention online, don’t sit and stare at your phone, waiting for her to reply. Act like you normally would.

Being clingy can sabotage a relationship. Texting every hour, asking her whereabouts constantly, or calling three times in a row are poor choices. Similarly, if you’re trying to get a woman to respond while online dating, double texting generally isn’t going to help you too much. You’re only going to come off as desperate, and it might just end up working against you.

get a girl's attention online
Maintain a healthy distance, please!

7. Check-in on her

Simple questions like “How was your day?” are sure-shot ways to make a girl think about you. They show your sensitive side and prove that you’re a listener. You care about the details of her day, and nothing could be sweeter. What should I text a girl to get her attention, you ask? How about asking whether she ate or wishing her goodnight?

If she is willing to share more, you’ve got a chance to get to know her better. If you’re trying to get a girl’s attention on social media, you must make sure your attempts to check in on her don’t come across as being clingy. As you’ll find out the hard way, that can ruin things for you.

8. Ask for a small favor

Let me introduce you to something called the “foot-in-the-door technique”. It basically means that people are more willing to grant a larger request after having done you a smaller favor beforehand. Ask her if you can borrow a pen, and then follow it up with a request for her phone number. It’s ridiculously sly, but what can I say? It works. Smaller requests before bigger ones are your answer to how to get a girl’s attention.

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9. Get comfortable physically (but only if she consents)

Crossing the “touch barrier” is a wonderful way to grab her attention but it can go horribly wrong if you end up making her uncomfortable. Hand holding, bear hugs, or friendly shoving increase familiarity and comfort between two individuals. They’re wonderful ways of getting a cute girl’s attention. But be sure to take her consent before you go around springing hugs.

10. Get her attention by giving her attention

Eric Overby very wisely said, “What holds your heart, holds your attention. What holds your attention, holds your time.” The best answer to how to get a girl’s attention is being present with her. So, how do you give her attention? Don’t get distracted by silly things, don’t leave the conversation midway. Be attentive and conscious of the time you spend with her. You can get a girl’s attention online by having a meaningful conversation where you are fully present!

In the age of social media, it’s even easier to give her attention. If you want to get attention from a girl on Instagram, it can be as easy as replying to her stories. However, make sure your reply isn’t lame like everyone else. If you send across a fire emoji to the selfie she uploaded, she’s just going to like the message and forget about it. But if you say something like, “Is that West Park? I love that place! Did you check out the water show in the middle?”, it’ll invite a conversation.

11. Exhibit emotional maturity – It’s a rare gem

In a nutshell, don’t be petty. If she hasn’t texted you for a while or not returned your call, don’t get angry. Try to cultivate a sense of understanding. Give her the space she wants while simultaneously lending an ear to her troubles. What should you text a girl to get her attention? Thoughtful things like, “Hey, I know you’ve had a rough day, but I’m here if you need me.”

Don’t be afraid of sharing your experiences too. Showcasing vulnerability will bring you both closer. So if you’re looking to get a girl’s attention while chatting, it’s important to understand when you need to just listen. If she’s telling you about something that’s bothering her, try not to offer a solution until she asks for help. Sometimes, listening can improve your relationship.

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12. Act on your promises

Or as my Sociology professor would say, “Walk the talk!” Don’t just make empty promises that you’ll cook for her, or take her out to dinner. Follow up on them! It could be as simple as going for a drive. Procrastination or forgetfulness are indicators of an uncaring attitude.

If you want to figure out how to get a girl’s attention, be a man of your word. You can make a girl think about you by being mindful of your promises. Did you tell her you can get her that French press you wanted, but have forgotten about it? Make sure you remember the promises you make to her, it’s going to make you look like the most attentive and caring guy in the world.

13. Let your body do the talking

For ages, body language is valuable and has been the gateway to our thoughts. You can convey your interest and get a cute girl’s attention by nailing a few postures and body language tricks. Firstly, maintain eye contact. Look her directly in the eye and hold her gaze when you’re conversing.

Lean toward her (just a little) and smile often. Stay relaxed and don’t cross your arms or legs. A ‘closed off’ body language looks defensive. Be open and cool when you’re around her. Without even knowing it, your body language can give out all the right signals.

Of all the ways to get a girl’s attention, doing it through your body language can be the most reciprocal kind as well. If you lean in just a little bit, and you see her moving her body toward you as if to say that she’s only focusing on you, you know you’re doing something right.

14. She’s your equal, treat her like one

How to get a girl’s attention? Don’t treat her like a baby. You aren’t her parent or her bodyguard, and you should treat her like an equal. Don’t try and censor her behavior, or anything really…And did I mention, no mansplaining, please? Women don’t appreciate being told what to do. They will respect you if you respect their individuality.

You can make a girl think about you by admiring her qualities and the person she is. If you’re one of those guys who is trying to hit on women at the gym, don’t go guns-blazing, telling her what’s wrong with her form. All that’s going to do is make it seem like you’re being condescending. You can always get her attention by saying something nice to her, or by complimenting her workout instead.

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15. Look approachable, please!

A stone-faced look is such a turn-off. You aren’t expected to smile all the time but just look pleasant, you know? Be the kind of inviting person whom people feel comfortable talking to. Some people give a cold vibe, others a warm one. Fun Fact: women prefer the latter.

In my sister’s (hilarious) opinion, women should check whether dogs bark at their date when they pass by. If yes, then steer clear of that man. Dogs love everyone, come on. If you’re struggling with getting a woman to respond while online dating, maybe your profile isn’t as nice as you thought.

Show it to a couple of friends and seek their opinion, or ask yourself, does it scream out that you’re someone a girl would want to talk to? Does your profile give enough info for conversation starters? The best online dating profile isn’t too hard to make. Just go ahead and put up a picture with a dog. Everyone loves dogs.

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16. Drop ‘em compliments

If you want to get the attention of a girl on WhatsApp, sweet compliments to give her are the most tried-and-tested recipe. A little flirting, and a cute saucy line can always make a girl blush. You both can take it up a notch eventually and get a little dirtier with your texts. I’ve found that this approach to getting a girl’s attention online is very easy and fool-proof.

However, make sure you don’t become hypersexual from the get-go. Try to start off with very generic and kind compliments, like, “You looked great today!” Or even better, compliment her personality, “You’re so funny, every time I think of that thing you said I crack a smile.” Of all the ways to get a girl’s attention, paying her thoughtful compliments that go beyond her makeup and outfits will do wonders for you.

17. Be passionate and ambitious

A man in control of his own life, or rather a man with a plan, is super attractive. Know where you’re going in life and have a passion for something. It could be business, art, music, whatever! It’s always wonderful to see ambition and talent; they show real maturity. I once went on a date with a stockbroker who, I kid you not, had a five-year plan for himself. The sort of passion he had for his job just blew my mind. (Caleb, if you’re reading this, hi!)

So, if you’re trying to get a girl’s attention without talking to her, being confident in your own skin and having ambition can help you. The signs of a confident man are impossible to ignore. If you work in the same place as her, go ahead and knock the socks off your colleagues with your killer presentation.

18. Get to know her BFFs

If you meet her friend circle, be affable and sweet. You might not know it but the opinions of her besties make a lot of difference. You should not be asking HOW to get a girl’s attention, but rather from WHERE to get her attention.

Through her friends. That’s your route in! If her friends approve, then you have the most important green signal you need. However, make sure her friends don’t think you’re trying to flirt with them. On your quest to get her attention, don’t damage your chances by making things awkward with the people closest to her. Word travels extremely fast.

Now that we’ve explored all the different tricks to get a girl’s attention, you are armed for battle. We wish you luck on your journey and hope you will be successful. Come back to us for more relationship advice any hour of the day, any day of the week. Adios!

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