55 Best Ice Breaker Questions For Dating

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Updated On: December 20, 2023
Ice Breaker Questions For Dating
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Modern dating REALLY doesn’t give us much time to make an impression. I can safely say that you have one text to get your match’s attention on Tinder or Bumble. If you’re approaching someone in person, they’ll entertain you for a minute, tops. So how do you break the ice, and make it click in one go?

Here are 55 best ice breaker questions that’ll up your dating game instantly. Questions are an excellent way of initiating conversation because they leave the ball in the other person’s court. Without further ado; here we go!

55 Best Ice Breaker Questions For Dating

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Considering the short window that dating apps provide, the first text you send is the most important. And a common question most people ask is how to get it right in one line? Well, worry no more. Our list over here has come to your rescue. It is my responsibility that you make no virtual dating mistakes. And that the next conversation you have online is a long one.

The amount of effort that’s gone into compiling these ice breaker conversation starters for dating is crazy. Recollections from friends, personal experience, and some good old fashioned expert advice have resulted in this sparkling collection.

A word of advice before you scroll down; don’t go overboard with usage. Pick a question to break the ice and text another only if it comes up organically. Nine times out of ten, one question is sufficient to get the conversation going. Now that I’m done talking, please proceed to the 55 best ice breaker questions for dating!

1. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’ve always found that the daily routine of a person, especially their sleep cycle tends to reveal a lot about their personality. Research has shown that night owls tend to be more creative, adventurous and impulsive, while early birds are more productive, organised and active.

You can always use this question to understand what sort of person you’re talking to. This is actually quality of great ice breaker questions for dating — you could figure out whether you’re dating a workaholic, or a creative genius. Believe me, it comes in handy.

2. If you had to give a TED Talk right now, what would it be on?

Now here’s a good ice breaker question for online dating. This question will reveal one of their areas of interest. What can she talk about with absolutely no preparation?

It’ll reveal one of her passions, or lead to a light-hearted conversation on a funny note. Either way, it’s a super interesting zone to tap into.

3. In your idea of heaven, what is the background music?

This is a really cute way of getting to know someone’s music taste and their powers of imagination. This question will certainly grab their attention and buy you some more time to make an impression. You should keep your answer ready for the same as well. It’ll be something they’ll want to know.

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4. When and why was the last time you got really angry?

There’s two things this question does. Firstly, a lot can be gathered about a person by looking at what makes them angry and how they express that anger. You’ll find out if there are any red flags here.

And secondly, this ice breaker question for dating sites has two parts to it. It is asking her to narrate a story and guaranteeing an interesting and long conversation.

5. What’s an unpopular opinion you secretly agree with?

This is bound to yield interesting answers (as all first date icebreaker questions do). For instance, I secretly agree with the opinion that pineapple on pizza is pretty good. Maybe your match has a few quirks of her own. Discovering weird habits, or funky opinions is a great way to strengthen your bond with them!

6. If you had to date a fictional character, who would it be?

For me, it would be Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars. This is one of the best ice breaker questions for dating because it’s easy to follow up on. The conversation will run smoothly.

But you might want to first check if her profile suggests she’s a reader. Springing this question on someone who’s not into books will terminate any chances of a date immediately.

7. What’s a product you buy more than others do?

Here’s what I love the most about this question; it’s so intimate and personal in a funny way. You can move from friends to lovers by having this kind of conversation.

It’s a great ice breaker question to ask a girl because it will put a smile on her face. She’ll reluctantly admit that she buys way too many cans of air freshener. Or something similar. I don’t buy air freshener, let’s move on.

8. Vanilla or chocolate?

Simple questions never go wrong. You can agree or disagree with her preference out of the two, and engage in a good-natured debate.

Similar questions are coffee or tea? Summer or winter? Sweet or spicy? Beaches or mountains? The possibilities are endless with this ice breaker question for dating.

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9. What’s the wildest story of you and your best friend?

Like I’ve said before, stories ensure longer conversations. My close friend Melissa’s Hinge date used this line to strike up a conversation. One thing led to another and they ended up chatting for three hours! This is exactly how you make online dating work.

And as a rule, girls love talking about their best friends. If you want to keep her interested, be attentive in the bff area. What do you think so far about our break the ice questions on a date?

10. Would you rather take a trip to outer space, or in the deep seas?

Questions like these give a free reign to people’s imagination. And they come as a surprise because no one thinks this is what their online match will ask them. This one is certainly one of the most interesting ice breaker questions for dating apps.

These unpredictable questions are something I like to call ‘text-poppers’. They’re exactly like party poppers and will take your match aback!

11. What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy?

One minute you think you’re talking to a cute guy, and the next he reveals he likes vanilla ice-cream and ketchup. (Hashtag true story) Only goes to show how unpredictable people are. This funny ice breaker question for dating will make sure you and your match share a laugh.

12. If you had four adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be?

Whenever someone asks me to describe myself, I get confused. There are so many adjectives to choose from! I bet this question will make her put her thinking cap on and keep the conversation going.

And once she texts you back, you can pick one of the adjectives as a line of conversation. If you’re asked to describe yourself in return, use unconventional ones like ‘spunky’ or ‘debonair’.

13. What is something that should be criminalized although it isn’t?

People talking loudly on their mobiles in public, or taking their socks off during long flights. How about entitled people yelling at waiters or cashiers? Or people wanting to ‘talk to the manager’? The list is endless.

If you want a funny way to start the conversation, voila! This is one of the most ideal ice breaker questions for dating apps because you both can bond over things that annoy you. One of the purest bonds there is.

14. Which of the 9 planets is your favorite?

Another text-popper! Questions like these really make you ponder over strange subjects, but they make for unique conversations. Discussing planets can be a really offbeat start to a dating chat.

Which planet is her favorite, and why? Which one does she not like? What are her thoughts about outer space? All these are just a few ideas for follow-up questions.

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15. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw?

Awwww Harry Potter. Could there be a more adorable note to begin talking on? This question deliberately mentions just Gryffindor and Ravenclaw so you have more material to talk about later. (*wink wink*)

Nerding out on a fantasy series is too cute to handle. It’s an easy way to be romantic, you see. Discuss your favorite characters, or scenes, and talk about what you would have wanted to be different in the series. Definitely one of the top ice breaker questions to ask a girl!

ice breakers for dating sites
Get her grinning with some cute questions!

16. What is the most nonsensical item you own?

If you think you are prepared for the answers to this question, boy are you wrong. There are girls out there with the weirdest things in their closets. My cousin owns a keychain which is a racoon’s tail. This question will instantly break the ice with its sheer absurdity. Take the answers in stride and get ready for a comical chat.

17. If you had a kingdom of your own, what would it be called?

Such a sneaky way of calling her a Queen, I love it. It’s a great ice breaker question for online dating because it begins the chat on a breezy note. Coming on too strong is a rookie mistake; don’t ask her about her deepest fears before you know her favorite color!

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18. Which dish do you cook best?

Here’s a hack. Once she replies with a dish, you can text, “What a coincidence, I love that! I’d like it even more if you’d cook it for me someday.” It’s super smooth and you’ll have her blushing on the other end.

This question strikes the right balance between personal and friendly. You’ll know a sweet detail about her without seeming overtly interested.

19. Who was your first crush?

Aren’t first crush stories the cutest? You were in school and you liked that popular classmate. But you never told her you liked her. Did you blush around her or write cringe-worthy diary entries?

All these are wonderful memories to chat about. You’ll even send her on a trip down the memory lane. What a sweet ice breaker question to ask a girl, just aww.

20. What’s a language you wish you spoke?

A common misconception about good ice breaker questions for dating is that they need to be out of the box. This is a complete myth! If you want to know how to get dates on Tinder, just remember that your question simply needs to show interest in a detail about her life.

It could be literally anything. And haven’t we all at some point wanted to learn a new language? Find the little things that are common and use them to talk your heart out!

21. What should be free, but isn’t?

Paying for things you love becomes an expensive affair over time. For instance, I’m a bookworm. And you won’t believe how much paperbacks cost. If I had it my way, all books would be free. This is an excellent question, because it will tell you what she likes doing with her time.

22. If you were a cake, which flavor would you be?

If you’re feeling peppy, you can even present her with four options: Red Velvet, Dutch Truffle, Pumpkin Spice or Chocolate. It’s a superb ice breaker question for dating sites! And let me give you a tip to talk to a girl, conversations that begin with food seldom go wrong. Who wouldn’t be happy thinking of cake?

23. Which popular icon really gets on your nerves?

Come on now, let’s not kid each other. Each one of us is annoyed by a pop icon everybody else loves. We just keep our controversial opinions to ourselves. However, good ice breaker questions for online dating give you the perfect opportunity to voice your thoughts.

You can joke around with your match that you’re willing to keep her secret, and will even trade her for one. Knowing each other’s pet peeves is a pretty good start to a conversation. It builds an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness.

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24. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

Ahhhhh, the good stuff. Suspicion is built into us, and we are usually doubtful of many things. Conspiracy theories are something everyone subscribes to, albeit secretly.

This is one of the top ice breaker questions for dating because it can lead to a late-night conversation full of aliens, faked moon landings, missing people, and so much more.

25. If you ever got arrested, what would it be for?

Now this is a question that will reveal her crazy and spirited side. The answers to this one are usually witty, and I’d advise you to pick this if you’re a clever comic too. This ice breaker can surely set the stage for a battle of wits!

26. What is the lamest joke you’ve laughed at?

Hands down, my favorite question. I’m a girl who enjoys puns and wisecracks. Even if a joke is poor, it can be a fun place to start. Once she tells you a lame joke, one-up her with a poorer one. This is the beauty of break the ice questions on a date.

The ridiculousness of it all will get things clicking as you banter with your date! And need I remind you that women are attracted to men who’re funny. Humor has always been a sign of intelligence.

27. What’s a job you wish existed?

Love the novelty of this ice breaker question for dating. I’d be very interested in a guy if he asked me this. And you won’t be able to predict the answer to this one. Your conversation will be completely natural and spontaneous.

But if she asks you to answer this question too, have a few make-believe jobs up your sleeve. Like a dream-maker, or a sky-painter…

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28. What’s your worst drunken misadventure?

This question has generated the wildest stories in human history. A friend’s Tinder match once claimed to have cooked, eaten and thrown up a three-course meal in her neighbor’s house. Unbelievable.

Steel yourself for a whacky tale which will be sure to lead to a fascinating conversation. This line will make sure you are not a dry texter. A few of these ice breaker questions for dating really take the cake.

funny ice breaker questions for dating apps
We’ve got the best ice breaker questions for dating apps!

29. Which fashion trend do you not understand?

Keeping up with all these fads is a tiring job. And to be honest, most of them don’t even make sense. Some of the ripped jeans out there have practically no fabric!  Get real with your dating app match and talk about the mutual frustration over new fashion. (You can talk about literally anything by virtue of these ice breaker questions to ask a girl).

30. What is your favorite song to dance to?

Such a genuinely likeable question. It gives a very ‘nice guy’ impression. In a world where a lot of guys are trying to send dirty texts at the first go, this sweet and innocent ice breaker question for dating will leave a lasting impression. And again, it’s a glimpse into her music taste.

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31. Would you rather live in a cave or on top of a tree?

Absurdity at its best. At first, she’ll be like, “What?!” But then she’ll think, “Hmmm, interesting.” Since nothing is new under the sun, and most lines have been used (and overused), sheer nonsense does the trick by grabbing attention.

It could be anything silly and irrational! Would you rather have yellow hair or green teeth? Would you rather pet a grizzly bear or adopt a hyena? The whimsicality of great ice breaker questions for dating makes them attractive.

32. If you had to rename the White House, what would be your choice?

Naming and renaming things is such a fun activity. It gets people excited for no reason. I got this quirky question from my nephew who made me think really hard about the answer. This ultimate funny online dating question can lead to a pleasing conversation for sure.

33. What is a common stereotype about your job?

This can be a very interesting game to play. She could tell you about her job stereotypes and you can guess what she does for a living. Then switch places! Having honest and pleasurable conversations can make your day. Get her to laugh and you’ll have yourself a thoroughly good conversation – all because of these fabulous ice breaker questions to ask a girl.

34. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

Ick. Food horror stories are the worst. But they are also amusing to talk about in retrospect. Who hasn’t tried ‘experimenting’ with cuisine and ended up with an upset stomach?

But there’s a stealth attraction logic behind asking questions like this. When we usually approach a dating match, we’re tentative. Things are a little formal, and ice breaker questions for dating like this one can break awkward barriers.

35. Which movie scene do you want to recreate?

If you’re looking for simplistic and good ice breaker questions for online dating, you’ve arrived at the right place. This question is an improvement to the usual, What’s your favorite movie? It’s really creative in how it asks her to describe a fantasy. And movies are a safe territory, you can never go wrong with them. Films are always fun to chat about because everyone can contribute to the conversation.

36. If you had to outlaw a food item, what would it be?

As a thumb rule, questions that make us dwell on things we’ve never really considered before, work like a charm. There is a technique in psychology that promotes compliance, and it is called ‘pique’.

If your request is unusual, people are more likely to agree with it. Apply pique to ice breaker dating questions and you’re bound to be the man every woman wants.

37. What are the most profound words of advice you’ve ever been given?

Looking for first date icebreaker questions? This one is more on the weighty side, but in a good way. It carries a sweet note of interest and asks a genuine question without beating around the bush. How often are we asked wholesome questions like these? And the advice that’s changed her life might just help you too!

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38. Who is your go-to person in life?

Expressing an interest in the people around your match can be a splendid ice breaker question for dating. Everyone loves talking about that one person who they love the most. Questions like these can connect you both emotionally in a shorter span of time.

39. What’s something you wish your job description didn’t include?

Most people, on being asked this question, will say that they’ve been waiting to answer it their whole lives. Because there’s a teeny part of our job that frustrates us and makes us roll our eyes. Good way to strike up a conversation? I think so. (Keep reading for more break the ice questions on a date).

40. On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoyed are you by ice breaker questions?

Take a moment and appreciate the cleverness of this question. Just look at how smooth it is. If you’re a guy who hates clichés and wants to do something unusual, this is the perfect pick for you.

You’ll put a smile on her face while simultaneously stunning her with this intelligent ice breaker question for dating. And who doesn’t love confidence in a man? Gems like these are rare to come by.

41. What is something you’re a nerd about?

There seems to be a stereotype that people can only be nerds about books, gaming or tech. This is completely false! You can nerd out about ANYTHING. Sports, fashion, cooking, politics – you name it.

Let her tell you what she’s passionate about and explore the geeky side of her personality. People are really adorable when they talk about their areas of interest once you pose such good ice breaker questions for online dating.

42. If you could change your nationality, what would you switch it to?

dating tips

Wow this question could have so many answers. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d want to belong to every single nationality there is. This is a very rich and culture-based ice breaker question for dating to ask a girl. It also has scope for follow up questions that can buy you some (much-needed) time.

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43. What’s your guilty pleasure online?

A compilation video of people embarrassing themselves in public? Cliché tiktoks? Clips of animals causing people to trip? Bad shopping sites that sell unnecessary items? Name your vice.

The conversation that will follow after this ice breaker question for dating will be equal parts hilarious and equal parts shocking. Get ready to be surprised by some of the weird things people like online.

44. Who’s a historical figure you have a lot of questions for?

This text-popper will hit your dating site match like a bolt. She’ll probably be thinking about historical figures on Tinder for the very first time. Who knew Ben Franklin would feature on Bumble? Your ice breaker will be a story she’ll tell her friends!

45. If someone gave you a million dollars to get a duck tattooed on your arm, would you do it?

Ummmm, kooky question alert. This is so weirdly specific; why a duck? Why a million dollars? I think a person will have more questions after reading this question.

And that’s exactly why they’ll text you back. This ice breaker question for dating is one of the most innovative (and sneaky) ones out there; a Tinder opener that won’t go wrong.

46. What’s #3 on your bucket list?

If you ever want to show interest, focus on the details. Instead of asking about her bucket list in general, ask about what’s third. It makes a marked difference. You’ll come across as a guy who’s attentive and curious; a combination that’s endearing. No wonder this is one of the best first date icebreaker questions.

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47. If you had to watch a show on loop for eternity, which would it be?

Is it just me, or is everyone more inclined to series and sitcoms over movies nowadays? A discussion on shows can go on for a very long time because there are so many of them. Maybe you and your match have some common ground about the shows you like. Find a similarity and chat, chat, chat!

48. What’s the most ridiculous thing you believed as a child?

The best answers come up to this question. We become nostalgic about our childhood, when we used to believe in silly things. This is one of the cutest ice breaker questions for dating apps. Making a girl laugh over old memories is a really good way to gel initially.

49. If you were allowed to kick someone, who would that be?

The devil within us awakes at importune moments. At some point of time, we just wish we could express our anger and bash up people. What if, (*evil laughter*) you had this opportunity? Your match will grin with delight when you ask her this wonderful hypothetical. I think this is one of the finest ice breaker questions to ask a girl.

50. Would you rather break the ice with a pickaxe or a hammer?

SMARTY PANTS ALERT. In the sea of ice breaker questions for dating, this one is a giant wave. It also requires the receiver to be smart enough to get it. If you’ve come across a witty, brainy woman’s profile, go right ahead and ask this funny Tinder question.

51. How do you like your coffee?

Coffee is such an important part of the day, and I for one, need mine to be just right. Getting to know someone’s coffee preference is a step closer to knowing them closely.

And after she tells you how she likes her coffee, you can suggest a place you know that makes it perfectly. Is a coffee date on the cards? Use this ice breaker question for dating to find out.

52. If you were to become a flower, which one would you choose?

I’m all for this dreamy question. It’s a very delightful and simple query that girls don’t get asked very often. You should keep your own answer ready as well because she’ll want to continue the conversation for sure. Simplicity is a hallmark of great ice breaker questions for dating.

53. What’s your spirit animal?

Don’t know about you and your match, but my spirit animal is a panda. I’m a fan of this ice breaker question for dating apps because it’s too real. Once someone tells you their spirit animal, you get a pretty fair idea about what they’re like.

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54. What’s something you recently read that resonated with you?

Ice breaker questions for dating like this one are very intelligent and sophisticated. They reflect a lot of maturity on your part.
The conversation that takes place after a question like this, is generally on the serious or deep side. You should begin on this note if you’re looking for commitment, and not casual dating.

55. What’s the last picture on your camera roll?

This question might come across as intriguing, or as too upfront. Since it can swing both ways, it’s up to you to decide whether your match will be a sport about it or not. It does have immense potential for conversation.

Here we come to an end! Hope these 55 ice breaker questions for dating were worth your while. May your online dating conversations be long and meaningful. Be sure to come back to us at Bonobology for more dating tips — we’re more than happy to help!

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