Rebound relationship stages

The 5 Stages Of A Rebound Relationship

A rebound relationship can simply be defined as a relationship that happens very quickly after a breakup. In such relationships, a person tries to nurture the same feelings that they had for their ex. This starts very well initially, but because the feelings are forced, artificial and superficial, gradually a rebound relationship phases out. Most …

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Love story of amrita, prita & imroz

The Unusual Love Story of Amrita Pritam and Imroz

Their love conquered all, giving them courage to defy societal norms when live-in was unheard of in India, to transcend physical attraction and experience the divinity of love, and make art about each other in life & death. Journalist and blogger Nawaid Anjum recounts a beautiful real life love story.

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Love among the onions

They met at catering college, learning to chop onions and debone chicken and yet there was romance…

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