7 girls sum up their first time sex experience

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Tales of 7 cherries

Popping your cherry is a big deal. Here’s the story of seven girls who did it in their own way.

Is it in?

Piyali remembers her first time as a hormone driven teenager. Her then boyfriend was as inexperienced as she was. At that age, pornography gives you high expectation about sex. But for them it lasted about two minutes. Piyali remembers asking a few times, “Is it in?” before her boyfriend was done and out.

Been there done that

Moumita was saving herself up: not for marriage but for doing it with someone that she wouldn’t regret. She wanted her first time to be her partner’s first time too. So when she talked about it to her boyfriend, they decided that it’s time. But while doing it, Moumita could feel something was wrong and she urged her boyfriend to do it right. The answer she received shattered her, “Been there, done that.” Of course, they eventually broke up but she can never forgive him for what he has taken from her.

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She took care of me

Being a lesbian is not easy: You hate your body and doubt your life or that’s how Proma felt. She hated herself more when she started having periods. So, at the first scope of closeness, Proma was really scared. Her partner Mita came to her rescue. When they got a room alone and got intimate, Proma was scared.

“I have periods,” Proma said.

“Do you have it now?” asked Mita.

“No, but I do, each month,” as if trying to confess a sin.

“Well, that’s what makes you more beautiful.” said Mita, before she closed in for a kiss.

Proma will remember that afternoon for as long as she lives.

Rainy night on a college trip

Ruby was very excited about the college trip. Teachers called it an educational excursion, but in a co-ed college, students knew what that means. Ruby managed to land up working in the same project as her boyfriend Ranjan: which meant, spending unsupervised time together. On a particularly rainy night, the professors didn’t notice that they were in the same room for the whole of the afternoon together alone. They made the best of it by exploring one another. Years later, when they met at a friend’s wedding, they recalled the afternoon and laughed.

Because our friends were doing it

Peer pressure is not an easy thing to handle. Jhilmil understood that when she went to her first unchaperoned party. She and Hemant were forced into kissing by a stupid game of truth and dare. One thing led to another and before they knew it, they woke up beside each other the next morning. Jhilmil doesn’t complain, as she already had a huge crush on Hemant, but she never told him that he was her first.

Just Married

Shashi was a topper in statistical mathematics but that didn’t much help her love life. So she went into the marriage with only the knowledge she had from her friends. She didn’t consider it as a dependable R&D source. But she soon found out that she can depend on her husband Shekhar. On the first night they just talked and it was only on the third day of honeymoon that they had sex. It was beyond anything Shashi could imagine. It was a night long affair and they played on exploring each other till they both reached the crescendo, several times. Next day they woke up late and had a late brunch: Shashi could feel that she just can’t stop smiling.

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After a few drinks

Kajol went through a bad breakup. The main conflict was about getting sexual. She was tired of being forced to get intimate and saying no each time. So she ended up in a bar and gulped a few drinks: Slowly she started to realise that it is not that she doesn’t want to have sex, it’s just that she didn’t want it with her ex. That night she hooked up in the back alley of the bar with a stranger. It was wild, sensuous and unwarrantedly exciting. She never found out the guy’s name but she really doesn’t care.

Some incidents become important stories: first sex is surely one of them.

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