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The top 5 irritants in a married man’s world

What are the five top reasons married men get irritated?

It takes two to tango, they say. What are the reasons behind resentments between couples? What women want is often discussed. But what is it that men want? What irritates them in a relationship? Sex is a hidden reason behind most disagreements among couples. And dissatisfaction with sex lives is a less discussed reason in urban India for marital discord, confirms Kolkata based Dr Rima Mukherji, a practicing psychiatrist with almost 2 decades of experience. Here are the top 5 factors that irritate men-

1. Wife’s relations with in-laws and extended family: An important reason why resentment comes into relationships from husbands or men is when they expect wives to treat their extended family with respect and work towards maintaining relationships. When the wives refuse to comply or adjust, it leads to discord.

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