9 Things To Do To Make a Man Stay Madly In Love With You

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Updated On: July 18, 2022
how to keep a man in love with you forever

Ah, the question we all fail to ask. There are a thousand different instructions about how to land the person of your dreams, but we forget that falling in love is just the beginning of the whole journey. It’s like getting into that one university you really wanted to, but nobody tells you what to do once you’re in it. In exactly the same way, it’s not easy to sustain a relationship and make a man or woman stay madly in love with you.

Love is not just about falling for each other. Love is the staying that comes after the fall. It is the constant choice that people make when they are together day in, day out. And while there’s no real recipe for keeping someone with you (which sounds a lot like imprisoning someone, to be honest), there are things you can do to make sure your relationship remains a loving space.

While there are traits that men find irresistible in women, similarly there are traits that make her heart melt. We tell you the secrets of staying madly in love, so that you don’t end up doing the wrong things or pushing your partner away by compromising their personal space.

Ways To Keep Him In Love With You Forever

Should you suddenly start supporting his favorite sports team with him? Should you tag along to all his boys’ night out? Will doing that thing he likes in bed be enough to make him stay madly in love with you? All these might sound superficial, but it’s possible you might’ve ended up really considering any of these as the answer to “how to keep a man in love with you forever”.

Unfortunately, he’ll call your bluff the minute you start supporting the wrong team by accident. The boys will all hate your presence on the boys’ night, and that sexual position might keep him around for a while, but not forever. Though it may seem like a difficult problem, figuring out “how to keep a man in love with you” is not rocket science.

Men and women communicate love in different ways. So before you end up barging in on his precious “me time”, take a look at these secrets to staying in love. Once you’re through, you’ll realize it’s not as difficult as you might’ve made it out to be.

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1. Say those three words

Yes, I mean the confession of love. This is so obvious, yet its importance cannot be overstated. In the happenings of day-to-day life, people tend to forget to tell each other that they love each other. Considering that’s what got them there in the first place, it’s kind of important it be mentioned.

Like a mantra, it’s something that can keep things alive. I don’t mean to suggest that you should repeat it until its meaning goes away, but at the end of the day, tell your man that they are loved. It will act as a reminder for both of you.

2. Confidence is a turn-on

Someone who is knowledgeable about the world has opinions about it and isn’t afraid to communicate them. This is one of the most charming things one can be. Yes, figuring out how to keep a man in love with you forever is as simple as being confident, having a strong personality, and offering something intellectually.

If you’re a woman like that, who is interested in what’s happening and isn’t afraid to voice your opinions, your confidence is a huge turn-on for most men. They love to see their partners talk passionately about things. And those who are orthodox and condescending in such scenarios deserve no place in your relationship. If you are wondering how to make him want you, then this could be it.

3. Take a page out of Thelma and Louise’s book

Thelma and Louise is a story about two women who commit crimes and end up (spoiler alert) taking their lives together instead of getting caught by the cops. I’m not asking you to drive off a cliff together, but the idea that you’ll have his back is something that is so important to men I’m surprised it’s not that well known yet.

The feeling that you’ll ride into battle with him if that is all it requires. When he feels that you’re someone he can build an empire with, it’s something that’ll make him want to spend the rest of his time with you. The secret to staying in love in any relationship is support. When your man knows you have his back at any given moment, he’s going to make sure he gives you his all too.

how to keep a man in love with you: support him
When you support him, he’ll stick around

4. How are the kids?

This one applies to both genders and people who want to have kids in the future. How you are around kids, how fast they take a liking to you, are litmus tests most people in a relationship want the results of. Many people will get the ,”this one’s a keeper”, kind of feeling towards their partners if they are charming with kids.

So unless you and your beau are people who don’t see yourselves having children, you might want to work on this. If you’re already great with kids, then you’re already winning in this particular field.

5. Emotional capacity

Men are not illogical beings who don’t understand emotions. That is a myth. They are, however, culturally conditioned to display fewer emotions than women. This is very important relationship advice for women. They are told that showing your emotions is a weakness, which leads some of them to struggle with expressing their emotions.

Toxic masculinity is a horrible thing, and this is just one of the things that it teaches men. What does that have to do with the question at hand, you may ask?

Well, because of their fear of emotions, their ability to understand and respect them is skewed. Therefore, if you’re under the impression that an emotional soliloquy is going to make them see the light, you might have to wait a long time.

If you are someone who is extremely emotionally expressive, you need to gauge if your partner can understand it or not. Otherwise, you’ll only find frustration and miscommunication waiting for you. It may take time, but if you try to speak his language or get him to speak yours, you might have the best communication with each other, and that is the foundation of a lasting relationship.

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6. Simple gestures go a long way

Bring him his favorite snack or cook him his favorite meal. Men love it when you remember their favorite food. People, in general, love it. You could do the same to all your close ones. Also, just stock up on his favorite things if you’re living apart. When he visits and sees those things, it’s not just a thing he likes that he gets. He also sees that you noticed and cared enough to buy it for him.

Simple acts of showing affection will reassure him of your love for him. He will fall madly in love with you all over again. He may not say it out loud every time, because expressing your emotions is lame (toxic masculinity is a pain in the arse!), but he will notice it.

7. Praise him in front of your friends

One way of showing him that you’ve got his back is to praise him in front of your friends. A simple, “Guys, my boyfriend did the sweetest thing yesterday”, will not only make him blush, but also make all your girlfriends jealous. Two birds, one stone.

And not just your friends, you could do it in front of his friends too. While guys like to appear all macho in front of their friends (again, toxic toxic toxic masculinity!), you can probably make a compliment on how funny your beau is or how he’s always hitting the gym. His guy friends won’t make fun of him for it, and you’ve figured out how to keep a man in love with you.

 8. Defend him

Speaking of praising him, if you see their friends or parents casually dismissing him or saying something snarky, defend him in front of everyone. You don’t have to have a knockdown fistfight, but even disagreeing with someone can be a statement in such a case.

A simple disagreement without ever raising your voice will get the point across. If need be, take a firmer stance. You having your man’s back is something that is important for them, and it’ll make him fall madly in love with you.

9. Accept the adopted family

If you and your man decide to make things official, and I don’t mean announcing on Instagram that you’re in a relationship, I mean getting married or moving in, then you might have to make peace with his friends’ circle. If he sees you trying to separate him from his friends, he’s going to react badly and it’ll always be a point of contention.

You don’t have to spend your time with them all the time, but you have to make peace with the fact that they will be around. If you actually manage to befriend them, then this won’t be a problem, but otherwise, both partners need to adjust to each other’s groups.

However, if you know some of his friends are inherently bad for him, it’s okay to tell him why you think he shouldn’t be with them. Don’t push the subject too hard, though. The next time his friend doesn’t return the money they owe him, he’ll realize it himself.

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Most of the things mentioned here aren’t gender-specific. People might fall in mysterious ways, as the song says, but the gendered experience isn’t always poles apart. The way they might express their emotions usually changes according to societal conditioning, but the basics of love are common. Mutual respect, having each other’s back, and honesty will make anyone stay in a relationship and be madly in love.


1. What makes a man fall madly in love with a woman?

Knowing she has his back, knowing that she’s going to support him on all his ventures, and just telling him that she loves him, is enough for a man to fall madly in love with his woman.

2. How can you make a man want you?

If you want to make a man want you, all you have to do is be sensitive to his needs and wants. Be appreciative of his gestures, be kind to him and compliment him, give him an appropriate amount of attention while still respecting his personal space. If you’re looking to seduce a man, however, it isn’t all too hard.

3. How do I keep him wanting more?

By simply supporting him, telling him how much you care about him, and being there for him, you’ll solidify your position in his life.

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