Waiters share five of the most horrifying dates they’ve seen

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When you break-up in a restaurant

Most first dates start in a restaurant. And most last ones end in a restaurant too. Even if people around you might be oblivious to the drama, the wait-staff of the restaurant can often see and listen to everything that goes on.

If a couple is breaking up, the waitress is bound to get a whiff of that, something she might gab about with her girlfriends later. Though they may look botox-induced, emotionless service-people, they are programmed to receive every bit of drama with minimal expression on their faces. Here are some horrifying date tales that they shared with us.

1. When she poured coffee on his pants

“I worked in a pretty big shack restaurant in Auroville. We had a couple who used to frequently visit us. On one of the visits, this girl starts to interrogate the man as to where he was the last few days. The guy fumbles and points at me and says, “I was chilling here. Ask him.” I was serving coffee at that moment. The girl looks at me and asks me in my native tongue [I am Assamese]. The guy was not here. But I couldn’t tell her anything. She is pretty mad by now, she takes the coffee from me and splashes it on his pants. The coffee was freaking hot. The guy jumps up in pain. She takes off with his scooty keys. I had to drop the poor guy home.”

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2. When his date never turned up

“Once there came a guy who was decent looking. He came and waited for an hour. He was supposed to be on a date with a woman he met on Facebook. He was nervous and had a beer while waiting. He waited for an hour, calling the woman incessantly but never got an answer. He finally gave up, ordered food, ate by himself and asked for the bill. It was a fancy restaurant and I felt sorry for this guy and gave him a complimentary brownie. The guy was stood up but he had a big heart. He even tipped a generous amount.”

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3. When he couldn’t take her stories anymore

“I am not supposed to be judgemental but once we had a woman on a date who was obviously very rich and kept flashing her expensive phone and how much money she had. Basically, a rich daddy’s spoilt princess and the guy who was her date also perhaps realised it when she elaborately narrated her stay in Tokyo in the most expensive hotel. The guy was bored but was not rude. He even paid for the entire meal. After the bill was paid, she asked if he wanted to go bar hopping to which he replied, “I cannot listen to how rich you are anymore. Goodnight ma’am!” He tipped his imaginary hat and ran out of the door. He actually ran!”

4. When he drank too much on a date

“There came this couple in the place I worked. The man was finicky about what he would order. He didn’t order any food, just liquor. Soon enough, he gets tipsy and then proceeds to get drunk. She doesn’t mind at first. But when I went over to ask if they needed anything else, he looks up at me and asks me to ask the woman if she was ready to sleep with him tonight. The woman is pissed and embarrassed. The man is terribly drunk. I feel for the woman as I have been asked to sleep with a man just because we were on a date too. The woman did not finish her drink or her meal. She came over to me when the man was in the bathroom, paid for the bill and said, “Tell him that I am sorry,” and walked away. The man returned to the table and after finding out he has been left there, cried a lot (he was drunk). We called him a cab.”

5. When she announced that she was pregnant

“A guy was in with his girlfriend. The girlfriend told him she was pregnant. He was ecstatic and was on his knees to ask her to marry him. The girl then informs him that it was not his and that she is going for an abortion. I don’t know why the girl was pissed. The boy wanted to marry her anyway but turns out that she had slept with a distant cousin and that abortion was the only way out. The guy agreed and they had their dinner in utter silence. Got to be the weirdest thing I have witnessed as a waiter.”

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