10 Outfits For First Date – What To Wear On A First Date [Expert Advice]

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Outfits To Wear On Your First Date
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Going out on your first date is always a special occasion. You would always want to look your best, be it in your clothes, in your makeup or accessories. That’s why I have listed some cute outfits for the first date that would make you the absolute head turner.  

What to wear on a first date for a drink? What should be a plus-size casual date outfit or a coffee date outfit? What are the best first date outfits for summer? How much you wished, you had someone to advise you on all these things… Well, I am here to help you look your best. I have ideas for 10 outfits for all you ladies and also ideas on how you can put them together along with accessories, makeup, and create stunning looks.

From casual date outfits to the winter first-date look to how to rock a date night outfit in a pair of jeans, I have put it all together. Let’s take a look at some first-date outfits women swear by.

What To Wear On A First Date? 10 Outfit Ideas

Figuring out first-date outfits is always exciting. You think of all the possibilities and all the looks you can put together based on the season, the time of the day, etc. to decide what you want to wear. Wear something that makes you feel good. If you don’t like your outfit or your shoes or your hair, you’re not going to have a good time.

The last thing you want on a first date is for it to be obvious that you’re uncomfortable. A nice outfit for a first date is one small way of showing someone that you care about them and are willing to invest in their time as well as yours.

It’s your big night! You’ve been dreaming of this moment for months, but now that the date is here, you’re not sure what to wear. Should you dress up? Dress down? Wear jeans? The right outfit can play a major role in whether or not the date is a success. Let me help you find the best outfit for a first date.

1. The classic look

best outfit for a first date

Summer is all about wearing something light, breezy and colorful. Let’s start with a very basic look which, however, is an absolute classic. And perhaps the best outfit for first date. A white linen shirt/top/tunic paired with a pair of indigo or light blue denim. Beige/tan pumps. Light jewelry like pearl studs and maybe a sleek ring.

Use minimal eye makeup, maybe just an eye-liner. A very nude look is something that I am talking about. A lip gloss in the shades of dark beige will look very nice. Don’t forget to spray a good fragrance with some floral accents. Beige or a tan tote bag to carry everything you need.

If you have short hair you can let it loose, otherwise, you can have gelled back hair in a bun. Sunglasses in shades of brown (frame) is a must. This is one of the first date outfits guys love and the moment you walk in they feel comfortable around you. This is an ideal coffee date outfit.

2. Try something dressy

first date outfit ideas

For this look, I would recommend a draped dress. A little above the ankle, bias-cut, in hues of yellow peach and pink with floral prints or maybe a kaftan dress teamed up with a pair of laced-up Roman sandals.

These pairs will give you the feeling of being free and light, your feet won’t feel cooped up. These are great first-date outfits for summer and look really lovely as spring date outfits as well. Just throw in the right first date conversation in the mix, you are all set to sweep your date off their feet.

Carry a tan tote to complete this trendy outfit for first date. As for your hair, let it loose – both literally as well as figuratively. You can build up this look by wearing chandelier earpieces. For makeup, again I would recommend something light as I think the nude makeup rocks and doesn’t take the importance away from your outfit. Use matte deep beige for your lips.

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3. First-date outfit for dinner

first date outfits women

For this look – I took it for granted that it will be an evening look – I want to suggest a claret or a wine red knee length, a sleeveless dress in linen with black accents around the neckline and armhole. Team the dress up with a choker in black stone set in black metal. This is ideal to wear on a first date to dinner or is a great casual night-out outfit.

Keep your hair open, create a smokey look for your eyes and marsala lips. Black pointed stilettos and a black clutch complete your ensemble. While such first date outfit ideas will go a long way in making that favorable first impression, how things progress after that is up to you. So, be mindful of the things you should never do on a first date.

4. Casual spring date look

cute outfits to wear on a first date

A black floor-length draped georgette dress with a low plunging draped neckline and high side slits can make for cute outfits to wear on a first date. Hair can be done in a messy style bun. For jewelry pieces, use a pair of statement-making antique long earpieces.

Nothing around the neck. An oxidized bracelet with some black crystals/stones embedded in them. Stilettos for sure and an antique metal clutch. Work the eyes with Kohl and use red lipstick. A fragrance with a subtle hint of rose would start the evening on the right note.

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5. Wear bright colors in the rain

best outfit for a first date

Monsoons are always dark, dull, and wet, and somewhat of a style dampener. If you think you cannot dress to impress during this season, you are wrong. The trick is to wear something which is practical as well as aesthetically beautiful. Light clothes, dramatic makeup, and heavy accessories can create all the impact.

I think a hue like rust will brighten up the gloom. An off-shoulder jumpsuit will create the required amount of drama. Teamed up with a comfortable snuff pair of wedges will add the right amount of casualness to the whole look.

Hair tied up in a top knot with a pair of gold and pearl chandelier earrings. A long gold chain interspersed with pearls twisted a couple of times as the neckpiece. Dull gold makeup with beige lips would make the date memorable. Overall, it is among the few truly cute outfits to wear on a first date.

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6. The dramatic shirt dress

first date plus size date outfit

I love the shirt dress and it ranks high on first date outfit ideas. In the space of adding drama, the next look would be an ombre dyed shirt dress. A linen shirt dress dyed to perfection in the shades of bright mustard to light gray with accents of blood red.

Highlight the dress with jewelry in gold and ruby small ear studs, so the rubies sparkle just the right amount out of the gold base. Hair to be kept loose. It’s best to keep the makeup more natural, with just the lips highlighted in ruby red. A small clutch in red leather and red leather stilettos to bring it all together.

7. Wear a raw silk dress and bolero in winter

first date outfit ideas

Winter is a season of romance, togetherness and therefore, you have to dress the part. I am all for a striking bolero to accentuate your look. A midnight blue raw silk shirt dress with a plunging neckline teamed up with a gray bolero jacket or a shrug made out of raw silk with contrasting silk lining can work wonders.

Only silver jewelry will do to accentuate this outfit. So a pair of sapphire studs with a silver base earpiece will go very well. A silver watch will also go very well completing the look. Hair gelled back in a ponytail will give a very sleek and elegant look. Light eye shadow in blue and eyes highlighted by blue eye-liner.

Lips accentuated with lip gloss. A gray silk clutch and a pair of black high-heel pumps will complete the look. A sweet fragrance with hints of mint that will add some freshness to the evening. Your outfit looks complete for your first date in winter.

8. Trendy in a trouser

first date outfits women

We’ve had enough of dresses, now let’s have fun with trousers and tops. They too make a great outfit for first date. A fitted black shirt with pinstripe detailing teamed up with a pair of wide-legged light woolen trousers. Pointed heels with satin upper, adding the soft attributes to the otherwise powerful dressing.

Small diamond studs on both the ears, a light diamond neckpiece, and a ring encrusted with tiny diamonds to complete the look. Light makeup with Kohl rimmed eyes, red lipstick, and a red leather small clutch.

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9. Look stunning in a corset

cute outfits to wear on a first date

A corset will be the highlight of this look, adding the right amount of oomph to the look. Not many people will think of a corset as an outfit for first date, but trust me it can be a bold and stunning statement. So for this look I would recommend a raw silk embroidered corset teamed up with a pair of black flared trousers.

Instead of a jacket, use a black Pashmina stole to use as a cover while outdoors and then remove it when indoors and showcase the stunningly crafted corset. Team it up with a red pair of pointed heels. Light blush-on on the cheeks, red lips (gloss), and light black eyes. A black clutch in an oval shape, which exudes style and class. Hair should be in a messy ponytail. Finish this stunning first-date look with a pair of gold and pearl earpieces.

10. Full-length mustard dress for a first date

cute outfits for first date

A full-length, sleeveless, A-line mustard dress that is pinched at the waist. A deep U-shaped neckline both in the front and at the back. Crafted out of heavy blended silk with a beautiful fall and drape. A short black cropped jacket with a Chinese collar with mustard accents along the front opening will complement the dress perfectly. Light golden thread work done on the collar and down the front, highlighted with crystals.

Hair tied up in a top knot with golden and black chandelier statement earpieces is an ideal first-date outfit for a dinner date. Golden and black choker neckpieces and golden stilettos. Make-up should be done in hues of light gold complimenting the dress. Light golden pink lips. Finish this exclusive look with a clutch with golden thread work.

Well, that’s all the inputs I had to share with all of you. Hopefully, you now have better clarity on what should be the outfit for first date. So, deck up and bowl over the man of your dreams. Enjoy your date!


1. What are the best outfits for the first date?

Are you going for a coffee date or a dinner date? Or are you just going out for a round of drinks? You should dress up according to the kind of date you are going to. Accordingly, you could choose casual chic or go for a more dressy option.

2. What is the best casual outfit to wear on a first date?

For me, it is a white shirt paired with jeans. You could also opt for a white top or tunic. This is a classic casual outfit that could never go wrong.

3. What’s a great first date outfit for dinner?

You can go for a knee-length, sleeveless red dress, a kaftan, or even opt for formal trousers and team it with a black shirt. For the winters a raw-silk dress teamed with a bolero can be ideal.

4. What’s a nice summery outfit for a first date?

You can opt for a floral dress or a smart shirt dress in light colors. When it rains the off-shoulder jumpsuit in a bold color can be a great style statement on a first date. You can try the corset or a mustard dress as well.

5. What’s a good plus-size casual date outfit?

Wear what makes you comfortable. Be it a floral dress, trousers, or a shirt dress, everything looks good on plus-size women. Just wear it with confidence and you will surely floor your date.

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