What Men Notice About Women On Their First Date

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Updated On: December 7, 2023

What men notice about women? This is a question that’s always on the mind of women and they want to put their best foot forward when they meet a man. You might put on the best make-up and the perfect high heels but there some things that men would notice about you immediately that you probably don’t even know.

The attention span of men might be short-lived but when out on his first date with a woman he takes mental note of every part of the lady (in a sexual or non-sexual way). There are things that guys notice in the first 6 seconds of their meeting with you and you need to know that. Unlike what we think, these men may not always be just ogling at our breasts and mentally writing love poems about our eyes. There are some simple things that attracts a man to a woman first and we tell you all the little things the guys notice.

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15 Things Men Notice About Women On The First Date

Men reveal the things they notice in a woman they meet for the first time. It could be first date after meeting online  or it could be a first date just like that but within those first 6 seconds, be assured, there are things about you that registers in his eyes quickly.

Even if you are dating a shy guy there will be some things he will inevitably notice about you. What are those things that men notice about women. We list 15.

1. Your dental hygiene

“I notice the teeth. I don’t care if it’s placed wrongly but they gotta be clean. I don’t want to know what she had for dinner last night,” a guy tells us honestly.

Yellow teeth, nicotine stained teeth or a smelly mouth are an instant put off.

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2. What are you wearing?

Your dress counts, in fact it’s your dressing sense that counts. You could be in a simple shirt and a pair of jeans or in a long coat during winter but how comfortable you are in it really matters.

You could love it simple or could like to really dress up but your man notices how you are carrying it off.

3. Are you out to impress?

If you are trying too hard to impress then you could be going wrong. Ignoring the man you are attracted to is a game that men enjoy and watch out for.

They notice if you are polite but reticent and don’t like it if you are over eager.

4. Your conversation skills

Your conversation skills
Your conversation skills

“I went out with a woman and we had a nice time altogether. But in between the chat, she felt very uncomfortable with the silence and I could feel it. I am the kind who can be a chatterbox but I intentionally stopped talking to see if she could continue the conversation. She couldn’t or didn’t want to. Maybe she was nervous. But what I notice about a woman is how she can keep up with the conversation.

“I also notice if we have a connection good enough to communicate through silence, because not many can be comfortable with silence,” said Ewan Rett, a web designer.

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5. What does she want to know?

Within seconds a man gets to know what really you are interested in. Whether you want to know about the books he reads or the cars he owns he will know from the questions you ask. 

What exactly are you looking for. This is what a man notices about a woman in the first meeting.

6. Your intelligence level

Your intelligence level
Your intelligence level

“I notice how long before she can see through my bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I just want to check how gullible she is and if she is actually falling for any nonsense story I tell her or if she calls me out to cut me off on my nonsensical story. I like my woman smart and a bit cynical,” said Ewan.

Intelligent women would tread into a conversation carefully and not take everything at face value.

7. Your hair

It could be long, cropped, tied tightly or falling on the shoulders, be assured men notice a woman’s hair within 6 seconds of meeting her.

Let us tell you too much of colour and blow dry are often  turn off for some men.

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8. Your manners

We all know bad manners are the red flags that tell us a lot about a person. Your manners are the first thing a guy notices about you.

“I notice how she talks to the waiter/waitress. If she smiles when the waiter takes the order and he brings the food; you know, manners. I like how she treats those who are working for her,” said Rhett, an advertising professional.

9. Your body language

You could be thinking what body part men notice first but it is your body language that they look at more intently. So refrain from making those body language mistakes.

They also look for body language signs of attraction. But don’t ever think your fluttering eyelids would turn them on. This is indeed something men notice about women.

10. Are you a high maintenance girl?

You could be thinking that your Gucci bag and  you Prada sunglasses make you really look chic on a date but a guy might be noticing that to fathom how much of a high maintenance girlfriend you would be.

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Brands can scare off a guy more than make them get attracted to you. Be aware of that.

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11. Are you attentive?

Or you keep talking about yourself? Some people have the tendency to keep talking about themselves and that is when they could be perceived as a selfish girlfriend possibility by a man.

But if you are good listener and attentive to what the other person is saying, that’s something a man notices about a woman. You can be sure of that.

12. Your smile

Your smile
Your smile

He will always notice if you have a fake smile or a genuine one. Spontaneity is what a man notices about a woman and if you are trying to put on an act be sure you will get caught.

Smile warmly and be yourself.

13. Are you in his league?

In the way you talk, in the way you walk and in the way you flaunt your brands he will try to assess if you are in his league. If you are a girl out of his league then he might think twice before dating you.

Remember, being in the same league is important for men but there are some who don’t mind wooing a girl out of their league.

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14. Your hands

Your hands
Your hands

Yes he notices your hands. For starters no matter how much make-up you have on, your hands give away your real age. He also checks out your varnished nails to see how much work you are used to doing in the kitchen.

Yes to put it bluntly he looks at your hands to fathom if you are the dainty one or you are used to household chores.

15. Your derriere

What body part do guys notice first? You might be thinking the obvious but you will be surprised to know more than your front he is more interested in your back.

It’s your shapely derriere he notices more than anything else.

Now you know what men notice about women. There are small things that guys notice about you instantly. Men are attracted to women when they like what they see.

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