What men notice about women on their first date

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The attention span of men might be short-lived but when out on his first date with a woman he takes mental note of every part of the lady (in a sexual or non-sexual way). Unlike what we think, these men may not always be just ogling at our breasts and mentally writing love poems about our eyes.
Men reveal the things they notice in a woman they meet for the first time.

1. Teeth

“I notice the teeth. I don’t care if it’s placed wrongly but they gotta be clean. I don’t want to know what she had for dinner last night.”

Yeah, it’s a matter of dental hygiene.

girl showing teeth

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2. Conversation skills

“I went out with a woman and we had a nice time altogether. But in between the chat, she felt very uncomfortable with the silence and I could feel it. I am the kind who can be a chatterbox but I intentionally stopped talking to see if she could continue the conversation. She couldn’t or didn’t want to. Maybe she was nervous. But what I notice about a woman is how she can keep up with the conversation. I also notice if we have a connection good enough to communicate through silence, because not many can be comfortable with silence.”

silence in conversation

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3. Intelligence

“I notice how long before she can see through my bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I just want to check how gullible she is and if she is actually falling for any nonsense story I tell her or if she calls me out to cut me off on my nonsensical story. I like my woman smart and a bit cynical.”

wonderwoman meme

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4. Hair

“Her hair. I definitely notice how shiny, how luscious her hair is. A woman with good hair is a big turn on for me.”

hair flip

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5. Manners

“I notice how she talks to the waiter/waitress. If she smiles when the waiter takes the order and he brings the food; you know, manners. I like how she treats those who are working for her.”

6. Ass

“Call me shallow, but I notice the way her ass is and how it sways when she walks. Any straight man who says he doesn’t check out her ass is a big fat liar.”

hillary duff

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