Affair and Cheating

Why did I have an affair?

Girl on Swings

Pinky swore to herself never to look at a man again. For the 100th time she chided herself, what had she done? How could she be so careless that some people got to know? And she figured that people were talking about her when she went out. The other day she was running on the treadmill and two girls started giggling, looking at her. She was eating dinner with her children and a man left a note, saying, “This is my number.”

“Why did I have to have an affair?” she kicked herself mentally.

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  1. I hate it when ladies behave such insane and try to Destroy someone else’s home just to satisfy their bloody emptiness . I hate such bitches . Try to catch a guy who is unmarried and not a committed one atleast . Grrrrrr

    1. So it’s fine if men do it??? What logic..!!! LOL.. Men are women who do this need to be taught a lesson.. not suggested to catch a single girl/guy and spoil their lives too…

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