Are You Inching Towards An Emotional Affair? It Could Be Destructive…

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emotional affair could prove to be more destructive

Some affairs start innocently like a harmless friendship. Probably with a person you see every day – like at work. Or someone you knew from college who has just moved into the city. An emotional affair doesn’t always have to be a full-blown sex scandal – they can be discreet, quiet. One goes through stages of emotional affairs to finally arrive on a full-fledged extramarital affair that you always thought would never happen.

The harmless friendship transgresses into something more and you refer to the person as a friend.

While some may not consider an emotional affair as bad as a sexual one, the effect it has on a relationship often becomes harder to get past than a sexual one. Because emotional infidelity is not based on just lust -it is more of an emotional dependency on anyone other than a partner.

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Emotional affair invests a lot on emotional intimacy outside of a committed relationship.

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Reasons For An Emotional Affair

People don’t get into an emotional affair just like that. There are reasons for which innocuous conversations between two people lead to emotional inter-dependency. It comes to a point when they get distressed if they cannot share their lives and this happens despite being in a committed relationship. The reasons for an emotional affair are mainly the following.

1. Dissatisfied with the primary relationship

Most emotional affairs have undertones of a dissatisfied primary relationship or marriage. Anger or dissatisfaction with your partner that are not addressed directly to your partner might result in you talking about the relationship to someone else. And that’s how you get closer to that person.

primary relationship

Dissatisfaction with partner Image Source

2. Seeking emotional validation

Dissatisfaction in the relationship often makes people seek validation somewhere else anyone who is understanding and doesn’t judge and lends a patient ear becomes the crutch they want to lean on.

3. Invalidating each other

Couples might often invalidate each other’s feelings, especially if there is a communication gap. Couples in a long-term relationship might not feel the need to communicate that often or make the effort to talk about feelings. That might result in a partner venting out to someone else apart from the partner.

communication gap between couple

No communication between couple Image Source

4. Better connectivity

Social media opens up avenues to talk about your issues without actually having to meet the person. Also, it’s easier to talk about sensitive topics over messaging. You won’t know when your “just talking” becomes an emotional support system for you.

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The 7 Stages Of An Emotional Affair

The stages of an emotional affair are subtle so it’s hard to separate one from the other. It starts innocently and ends up creating turmoil in your committed relationship. Here are the 7 stages of an emotional affair.

1. The benign friendship stage

The initial stages of an emotional affair are harmless and are seen so by both the parties. Probably a co-worker, a colleague or a dear old friend is the confidant. Soon the texts get more frequent and you have to share a lot of personal information about each other’s lives. The phrase “just friends” gets thrown around a lot and you like the energy “this friend” brings to your life.

Friendship stage of an emotional affair Image Source

The budding platonic relationship seems quite natural and you think it’s harmless because your primary relationship with your partner is secure and you love your partner.

Pretty darn harmless, right?

2.The more-than-just-friends stage

It’s hard to be specific about when your budding friendship started looking more and more like a page out of a John Green novel. The connection between you two are stronger now and you feel you have known each other for a long time.
You would not admit that something is going on between you two but deep inside you do know there is something.

This stage is where your primary relationship takes a backseat. You share more with this person than with your partner. You are not sleeping together or anything but the friendship starts to have an underlying sexual tension. There is some daydreaming involved (though you constantly think it’s nothing serious) where you think about this person a lot, playing out your sexual fantasies. This person is on your mind, sometimes even when you are with your partner.

Most importantly, you do not tell your partner about this friend and feel the need to hide messages and selfies you receive from this friend. All clear-cut signs of a budding emotional affair.

3. The cribbing stage

Emotional dependency has started building up Image Source

Specifically, cribbing about your relationship with this person becomes a norm. You have grown close enough to share what you are feeling about your primary relationship, cribbing about the inadequacies your partner has to this person and you don’t mind telling the person what you want your life to be like.

The energy that can be well placed to nurture your primary relationship is spent on finding the faults in the relationship. The conversations that you should be having with your committed partner are being had with this person. At this stage, the emotional dependency has started building up.

Importantly, you keep having secrets from your partner. The texts are kept more secret. A simple “Who are you texting so much?” from your partner makes you feel jumpy. The detachment from your partner becomes very evident.

You might still be playing cool because your emotional affair has not led to sexual indulgence. But you feel a sexual craving for this person, definitely much stronger than you feel for your partner.

4. The sexual stage

With you feeling dissatisfied in your relationship and having a friend to fall back on for emotional support, this emotional affair can shift to a sexual one very soon. Because you have such a strong bond, the sex that comes with it feels good. The longer it takes for sex, the stronger the bond becomes for the two of you.

Now, not all emotional affairs might come down to sex. Since sexual affair is often considered worse than an emotional affair, keeping the sex out of it might make you feel less guilty, less shady.

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5. The deciding-for-each-other stage

This is the most crucial stage since you end up making important decisions by consulting your “emotional” partner. It’s they who decides what dress suits you, whether you should change your job and if both of you are watching your diet it’s usually that kind of food that gets cooked at home. A sudden decision to party with friends might be turned down by you because you miss your “emotional partner” and they might be upset that you partied without them.

This stage does become exasperating for your committed partner because they fail to understand why you are behaving so weirdly and taking all decisions excluding them.

6. Disgusted with your home life

Sad woman at home Image Source

You are so much into your emotional partner that you hate your own home. Your family disgusts you and you feel you would be better off with your emotional partner. This is the stage when you go through the worst turmoil because you are finally unable to do the precarious balancing act between your commitment towards home and your affinity towards your emotional partner.

7. The final decision

An emotional affair can turn so serious that it could lead to a breakdown of a marriage. A classic example of that is what was shown in the film Lunch Box. They had not even seen each other but they connected so strongly through letters hidden in a lunchbox that the woman wanted to leave home and start a new life with this man who was way older to her.
Sometimes emotional affairs can also fizzle out. But unlike sexual relationships, emotional affairs are stronger and hence last much longer and have more serious consequences.

Saving The Relationship After An Emotional Affair

An emotional affair is turbulent. It can have a catastrophic impact on a relationship. There’s deep connection sometimes sexual chemistry, with someone who is not your partner. When this emotional affair sees the light, your partner has two ways: either leave you or work on the relationship.

Couple saving the relationship Image Source

Saving a relationship after an emotional affair will take active participation from both the partners. If you are the one who has been in an emotional affair with a third person, you know what it’s like to be guilt-ridden when your partner finds out. At this point, it might not even be up to you to decide the fate of the relationship.

But if your partner is one of those people who are willing to work for it and work on the relationship you are lucky. But if you are the one who feels you need some time to decide which road to take – whether to work for it or quit it – it’s time to reassess your relationship status.

Saving your relationship after an emotional affair will need time, dedication and a few golden rules to follow.

1. Cut off connection

You will have to cut off any connection with the person you were having an emotional connection with, no questions asked. It might hurt to say goodbye to this person, but to work on your relationship, this needs to be done.

2. Preparing your mindset

You have your partner to fall back on for emotional dependency. Prepare your mindset. If any aspect of the relationship is troubling you, your partner is the one who needs to know that. Vent all you want but to your partner.

3. Your partner needs to understand

Both talk to save the relationship Image Source

Now is a great time to talk about why you did what you did. If you were dissatisfied with your partner, felt inadequate or happy in the relationship, now is the time to talk to your partner about them. But your partner needs to know that unnecessary show of anger or resentment towards you won’t help the healing. Talking to a couples therapist might be a good way to start.

4. Talk about the person

You should talk about the person you were having an emotional affair with. As guilty as that would make you feel and as angry as it might make your partner feel, this is crucial. What are the things that drew you to this person for an emotional affair – was it his empathetic nature, was it his good looks or the fact that he was a good listener? Sort them out. Spell them out for your partner. These were the inadequacies that your partner has – work on them.

5. Don’t give up

Initially, you might feel that the relationship is doomed but all relationships go through roadblocks. So, it’s mandatory not to lose heart along the way. It’s possible to forge an even stronger relationship after an affair.

Do keep in mind an emotional affair can happen anytime but how you deal with it is up to you.

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