7 Zodiac Signs That Are Known To Make The Best Partners

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Updated On: November 20, 2023
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Picking your life partner can be a tricky business. This is why you must factor in all possible parameters while making this decision, and that includes assessing the best zodiac matches for your own sign. Zodiac signs can tell a lot about a person and their character and can definitely help you in your hunt for picking your life partner.

Some zodiac signs get along extremely well since they often tend to be like-minded individuals. Without even realizing it, you might have become best friends with someone whose zodiac gets along great with yours. Similarly, the best zodiac couples can go the distance of an entire lifetime.

“Who is my perfect match, according to astrology?” If you find yourself asking this question when looking for a life partner, the answer may lie in going over the traits, strengths and weaknesses of different signs and weighing them vis-a-vis your own. We know that this can be a long, time-consuming process. That’s why we’ve done the legwork to help you ascertain which zodiac signs go well together.

5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Commit To Marriage

You can meet a Mr. or Miss Perfect, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is perfect for you to have a long-term relationship with. When you want to spend your life with someone, you’ve got to make sure you’re both compatible. If your fundamental values, personality traits and life views are aligned with each other’s, it’s safe to say you’ll do well as life partners.

But this is not about finding your right match (we will get to that some other time). This is about which zodiac signs are most likely to commit based on their general characteristics and temperaments. It doesn’t mean every one of these 5 zodiac signs makes perfect partners, but this is only a way to shed some light on which zodiac signs are most cut out to commit for marriage and which zodiac signs make the best spouses. PS: you’re still going to fight about the most common relationship problems anyway.

However, it’s important to note that while you’re looking for the best zodiac pairs for marriage or the signs that are most likely to commit, you mustn’t judge a person’s personality on the sole basis of their zodiac. Often, you’ll come across a materialistic Piscean and a timid Scorpio.

Nonetheless, a person’s zodiac can still give you a lot of information about their personality and what they’re like. Before we get to the question of “Who is my perfect match according to astrology?”, let’s take a look at which zodiac signs are most likely to commit to marriage. Here’s our pick of the top 5 (spoiler alert: some of them are the most liked zodiac signs!)

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1. Scorpio: They stand for loyalty

When it comes to loyalty, no sign can beat Scorpio. They don’t get along well with everyone, but when they do, they go to any extent to keep their commitment to their loved ones. They also make amazing life partners and friends because when they love someone, they stand by them forever.

They are the sun signs most likely to commit and thus the best zodiac matches if your sign aligns well with theirs. So if you’re looking for a long-lasting zodiac couple, you’ll be blessed to come across a Scorpio in your life. It’s not always about a romantic partnership with them either, Scorpios are capable of forming meaningful and beautiful friendships with those who matter to them.

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2. Cancer: They want commitment

Cancerians thrive best when they feel “at home”. Their hearts are full of warmth and they are witty. They desire to be in a committed relationship with a desire to feel grounded with a special someone and feel secure in the partnership. Traditionally, Cancerians make the best spouses and the perfect partner to have a family with.

People in this zodiac sign are likely to have long-term relationships. So, if you’ve been wondering which zodiac sign is the best partner, you have your answer. Time to start looking for hot Cancerians to hit on, we say.

3. Libra: A lifetime of fun

If you crave a romantic partnership with the right amount of fun, then you can definitely try your luck with Librans. Even though they are generally indecisive in nature, this trait doesn’t interfere with their sense of commitment when they have found “the one”. This means they might take longer to choose their life partner, but when they do, it’s forever.

So if you’ve been asking yourself something like, “Which zodiac sign makes the best husband?” and wanting someone who is spontaneous, but also carefully considers each decision at the same time (leading to a lot of spontaneous yet meticulously thought out surprises), you don’t have to look any further than Librans.

4. Pisces: Amicable life partners

Want to know which is the best male zodiac sign to marry? Or which female zodiac sign makes the best life partners? Turn your attention to the quintessential hopeless romantics, the Pisceans — the most loveable people of all.

They don’t like confrontations and have a soft outlook on life, which makes them the most amicable kind of life partner. They desire stability and security in relationships, and they are the kind you can rely on to always offer you a shoulder to cry on. They are also one of the most well-liked zodiac signs, due to their creative and humorous nature.

If you’re looking for the most beautiful zodiac couples with a flair for creativity and a sense of aesthetics about them, we’re pretty sure a Piscean is almost always going to be a part of such a dynamic. When a Piscean feels something, they do so with all their heart. They’re not the kinds who can get involved in casual flings.

5. Gemini: Loves beyond logic

Geminis are emotional and kind of self-involved, but they also make great life partners because when they love, they do so beyond all logic and rationality. That’s why they make the cut among the best zodiac matches. This also makes them vulnerable to many wrong life choices, but when they find the right one, Geminis make the most amazing, fun, interesting and trustworthy life partners.

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What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible?

What is zodiac sign compatibility? This refers to how well two people from different zodiacs gel with each other and what their chances are of making a successful couple. Now that we know what zodiac signs make the best partners, let’s get to the question that’s been on your mind: “Who is my perfect match according to astrology?”

Usually, the happiest zodiac couples are the ones that complement each other well. For example, the idealistic nature of Librans can be contrasted well by the steadfast nature of a Taurus. Find out which signs are most compatible with each other and make the best couples. Here are a few of the zodiacs that are as good as made for each other:


1. Libra and Cancer

Despite being air and water signs respectively, these two signs tend to be highly compatible with each other. A Cancerian brings calm stability to the otherwise hyper Libran. The Libran brings the joy and sparks that a Cancerian might otherwise miss in their calm lives.

Despite their differences, these two zodiacs come together to make a really wholesome duo that constantly complements each other. They push each other forward and add to each other’s qualities. As one of the best-matched zodiac couples, their sexual chemistry is often said to be off the charts as well.

They’re capable of sharing intimate thoughts and emotions with each other. For these reasons, they make the best zodiac matches for one another. If they ever do face any problems, it might be because of the different ways in which these signs communicate.

2. Capricorn and Taurus

If you’re a Capricorn looking for an answer to which zodiac sign is the best partner for you, your quest may lead you to a Taurian. These are both earth signs, so needless to say, they get along well together. Capricorns are said to be ambitious, disciplined, practical but also sensitive.

Taureans are intelligent, dependable, hardworking and persistent. When these two signs come together they make the ultimate power couple. They drive each other toward their goals and push each other’s limits (but in the best way possible).

Their distinct yet similar personalities make them one of the best zodiac couples out there. The Capricorn gives the Taurean the ability to dream, and the steadfast and hardworking nature of the Taurus native gives the Capricorn enough belief to achieve the things they have dreamt up.

Since these two signs are also extremely practical in their approach, they end up being one of the most long-lasting zodiac couples as well. Usually, both these signs are looking for a long-term commitment and their mature nature makes them capable of sustaining such a relationship as well.

So if you’re looking for the best zodiac pairs for marriage, look no further than this pair. In all likelihood, either of these signs are pretty capable of having a long and healthy relationship with someone. Take for example, Michelle Obama, who is a Capricorn. We all know how her marriage is going. And George Clooney (Taurus), who despite being almost two decades older than his wife Amal, sustains a fantastic relationship with her.

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3. Aquarius and Aries

Air and fire are known to get along splendidly. Aquarians are known to be independent, open-minded and freedom-seeking. These qualities are very attractive to an Aries person who is uncomplicated to the core. They love the colors that an Aquarian brings to the relationship.

Not only will their sexual chemistry seem like the final pieces of the puzzle meeting each other, but their intellectual intimacy will be off the charts too. The creative personality of the Aquarius can often surprise the Aries, resulting in a relationship that pushes each other to explore their intellectual boundaries. When it comes to compatibility, this is definitely one of the best matched zodiac couples.

However, sometimes it is possible that Aries might get frustrated by the Aquarian’s unwillingness to discuss things on an emotional front. Even so, Aries is the best male zodiac sign for Aquarian women to marry. So, if you’ve been asking yourself anything along the lines of, “Which zodiac sign makes the best husband?”, well, now you have your answer.

4. Pisces and Scorpio

Being water signs, a relationship between a Pisces and a Scorpio fuses together like two rivers into an ocean. These signs complement each other to no end. The staunch loyalty and honesty of a Scorpio supplements the empathetic nature and emotional sensitivity of a Piscean.

Since they’re both water signs, they get along extremely well together. They appear to be amongst the happiest zodiac couples out there, and the emotional intimacy they share is probably the strongest of all the other couples. If you’re looking for an empathetic and kind relationship, the Pisces and the Scorpio dynamic often turns out to be one of the most beautiful zodiac couples.

A Scorpion will love and believe in the Piscean and provide them with positive reinforcement when they need it. All you Pisceans and Scorpios losing sleep over “Who is my perfect match according to astrology”, look no further. Find each other, and revel in the joy of a blissful and positive partnership.

What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible
Best zodiac matches, according to astrology

5. Leo and Sagittarius

When we talk about zodiac sign compatibility, these signs are sure to come up. Leo and Sagittarius make the perfect blazing match. They are both fire signs, and their love is full of warmth and understanding. They understand each other to such an extent that they almost never get jealous or insecure.

This couple displays utmost love and trust for one another, and a strong compatibility with each other. Though it might seem like they don’t have much in common, the love they share for each other and the intense feeling of security they develop will be more than enough to make them one of the best zodiac pairs for marriage.

6. Gemini and Libra

These signs are highly compatible because they are so alike. They are air signs, so any relationship between the two of them is very fresh. They are both outgoing people, so wherever this couple goes, the party goes with them. They get along splendidly with each other and many others. If you are a Libra or a Gemini looking for someone to complement your fun side, you will find them in each other.

7. Virgo and Cancer

Virgo is an earthly zodiac sign, while Cancer is a water zodiac. Virgos can be a little shy, so Cancerians are perfect for them. They help Virgos break out of their shells by making them comfortable and giving them all the love and care that they need. These two zodiacs share a very loving and nurturing relationship. They cherish each other to no end.

Since neither of these signs are afraid of new challenges, they support each other when things may rough. As one of the best zodiac pairs for marriage, a union between Virgo and Cancer always results in a very mature and healthy relationship.

These zodiac signs have their own quirks, but these same traits make them better suited to being the perfect life partner when they find their most compatible significant other. That being said, this list is not definitive, because each individual has a different past that shapes how they deal with commitment and loyalty. But if you believe in astrology, then you must try your luck with these best zodiac matches to see if you can find a partner you can share an instant yet lasting chemistry with.

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